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❤️ this eatery that serves a simple & comforting bowl of ban mian, located near my workplace! It comes with an array of ingredients including crunchy ikan bills, fried shallots, garlic slices, savoury minced meat, soft-boiled egg and a bowl of soup on the side. A great option during cool weather (like today!) as the place can be uncomfortably warm on sweltering days.

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salted egg corn ($13.90)
stir fry leetuce ($11.90)
szechuan braised pork ($15.90)
yanzhou fried rice ($11.90)

can easily feed two people😳😳 noodles were chewy and vv flavourful!

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Lovely as always, the naibai doesn't disrupt from the flavours, but too big to mesh perfectly

Pistachio was good, strong and the flavour is abit diff from normal, idk if it's just the type of pistachio they use or they use more of the skin

Stracciatella absolutely sucks. Doesn't even taste like milk

The dough texture is meh, too soft and lacking any bite, very mushy. Homemade meatballs wasn't seasoned right either and lacks flavour and bite

I think I discovered a hack. The takeaway dish is instantaneous lmao, I barely took 2 steps. Is it cos it's just kept warm? Tastes perfectly fine tho

It's unbelievable how much you get for 6bucks. I mean you can tell how deep the container is and it's almost filled to the brim.

No more minced pork

The mala sauce is rlly their own thing, it's got a hint of mala spiced but closer to lor mee gravy. Noodles were good and overall quite interesting and nice, but the ingredients were too generous for the price(i mean literally 2 fuzhou fishballs that are factory made plus 1 egg)

Definitely get the minced ckn addon.

Worth a try if you're based nearby