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It's a scam cos the board shows "old prices" I guess and it's a lot less than what I actually paid

This is actually pretty decent, but it's not a milkshake at all because it's completely liquid. It's more like diluted honeydew milk than anything(not as bad as it sounds). Also not everything on the menu is available

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I only had a bit but I thought this was pretty decently executed, quite mild though even for this style's standards. The garlic was nice and soft

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The sauce was pretty good, meat was very lean though but acceptably tender for the leanness. There's a bit of heat which is really welcome for braised dishes, and the portion was decent too. Unfortunately I can't recommend this because I prefer fattier cuts, I mean it's literally pork trotter, people know what they're getting into. Not too sour though

The egg was pretty well fried(on the spot no less), and u can tell it's good but I tot abit more soy sauce could have brought out its umami

Surprised how thick the coconut was, the taro taste was pretty decent too. A good rendition

Stellar stuff. The wok hei is real, very commendable from a mini wok when big woks can't necessarily do the same

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Idk if the veggie is always the same but here it's broccoli(comes w rice normally)

The chili crab sauce is nothing like what it's called. It's palatable but not good. However the portion is rlly generous

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Ckn was decent as expected

The steak pasta tho was really good. Tea party really has some solid pastas no wonder they're everywhere. It's supposed to be cream pasta but actl the cream is damn mild, it's more like aglio olio than anything due to the generous amounts of garlic.

The steak pieces were tender and flavourful too, really well executed. The quality of the beef more than justifies the price

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All Good Stuff This time

The brinjal good as usual w the slight mala seasoning
Fish was mild w some heat
Shanghai greens were surprisingly well fried
Egg tofu had nice seafood umami from the well cooked squid

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Idk if they added rice due to miscom because this was a huge portion. It's alright though, their signature tender ckn and the rice was dry enough.

The meatball was okay, it's packed w meat. Amaranth was very impressive though, being imbued with smoke.

The meat was actually pretty decent for the price, in fact it's not overly chewy and had a better texture than some 60++ steaks, at literally 1/10 the price. The texture was acceptable to me, which is more than I can say for more than half of steaks I've tasted, from other western stalls to luxe steakhouses.

I'm surprised to say this but the red wine sauce was really really good, it's extremely flavourful and a lot better than many steakhouse's version. It's no wonder getting this sauce requires an add on.

Amazing stuff, one should really reconsider going to a steakhouse if they can't even beat this

Wow this was extremely good. The ckn was incredibly tender, almost approaching the texture of the egg. I have no idea what they did to it but I'm definitely coming back. What a gem of a stall