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Sloppy Chicken Burger was grilled with sriracha and shredded carrots and cheese! Buns were toasted and soft ☺️ Chicken was tender and juicy.Buttermilk Orange Ale Wings sauce was really nice, zesty and delectable! Overall cafe gave off great vibes and service was amazing! Students get additional discount too within a certain time period. Will definitely head back to try other burgers 🤩

my friends don’t think maggi is worth $5 but i gotta say this bowl is hUgeee with a lot of ingredients! and it’s p good too

Bravely bashed the forest for burpple: intestines were surprisingly quite good. It's got no foul smell, the texture is slightly chewy and has a bite, not my favourite tender kind but it's not bad

Herbal pork ribs were very dry this time

Stir fried beef tastes nostalgic and was alright apart from a new very chewy slices

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I don't eat these things normally so it's hard to judge if it's well executed

But noodles were average, soup was bland, the only flavour comes from the sausage and the black pepper spam

Below average

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omg i think…i prefer this over their fried chicken nasi lemak. never knew teriyaki sauce would go so well with nasi lemak

It's quite pricey, the ingredients come in plates that you take for a fixed price. It looks damn little but it's actl a normal portion so don't over order like I did.

It's pretty decent overall, the ingredients are cooked well, there's some rare ingredients like long yellow daylily. Lots of garlic, the seasoning was somewhat mild as expected of a school stall, and not too spicy even at medium spicy. Not too spicy for mala, people who can't take heat at all are still going to struggle though, probably get xiaola in that case

The rice had passable spices but the texture of the rice itself is way too hard for briyani. Mutton was tender although there's bones and that really affected the enjoyment.

The fried egg was creamy in the middle as usual, very high quality Kampong eggs

The coleslaw looking raita-substitute was not bad, but the curry potatoes lacked flavour.

Overall it's alright


Fat Saigon Boy is truly a warm comforting place with good Vietnamese food!! I always can’t decide between the baguette and pho 🥰 baguette is SUPER crispy all the time coupled with juicy generous portion of nicely charred grilled pork! Also love the chicken pho - umami soup based with smooth chewy kuay teow noodles and the chicken is ALSO grilled and has the wok hey to it!!! Love the sides too - pulled pork nachos 😍 coffee abit sweet for me - never gotten it again since that one time

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im gonna get maggi goreng pattaya from now on…the omelette is👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 and maggi goreng WHITE somehow tastes sm better than the normal red one. less sweet maybe?

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the prata & curry are like extra good in the afternoon omg the prata was overflowing with condensed milk and the prata was crispyyy

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Freshly fried and served warm! They were generous with the cheese and mayonnaise and the quality of them were good as well. Portion is huge and good for sharing arming 4-5 people.

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