Featuring PABLO (Wisma Atria), Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), Selegie Soya Bean (Kovan), Hiap Huat Cake Shop, McDonald's (White Sands), Chocolate Origin (Jurong Point), 1KS, Châteraisé (CityLink Mall), Home's Favourite, Châteraisé (The Clementi Mall)
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The Horlicks was surprisingly good. There's quite a bit of body.

Chocolate was good, there's more biscuits than marshmallow honestly

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Corn was amazing. It's seriously sth, the corn flavour was very pronounced and it's just a genius combination

Lavender though, I like intense stuff but this was just full on flower, in fact it's almost abit bitter from the flowers. Not particularly wrong but really not my thing, execution was fine

Also quite legit. It's not particularly weird but given how reminiscent of cough syrup it is I didn't want to have a whole scoop of it

Tastes legit. It's pretty good and quite faithful

They change their half their flavours every week

More cake like than normal, but we'll caramelised and quite good overall

Very strong melon taste and milkiness but the texture was way too soft, very difficult to eat and messy too cos it melts so quickly

This is v diff, the milk layer is surrounding a mango layer. The milk layer is alright but the mango layer tastes very fruity without rlly tasting like mango.

Not as good

Pink guava sorbet was strong and smooth, very good

Brown butter and pecan sucks. Brown butter was weak, and pecans is the very dry almost walnut tasting kind. Ew, it's got no flavour

Brown butter financier is an yatsudoki exclusive flavour

Unfortunately it's a tad soggy, not super aromatic either.

The fermented butter soft serve was good as ever. It has that little bit of edge from the fermentation but it works well w the creaminess

Flesh is ok but the skin sucks, tastes really really cheap and messes up the overall texture

Pretty good, but the metal cup sucks. The flavour is there but not too strong nor bitter, it's a version everyone can enjoy. However precisely because it's quite easily accessible it also doesn't stand out as much as their other products, and is quite similar to versions from their competitors like chocolate origins

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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