Average Hawker

Average Hawker

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Now they're a western-ish stall with beef brisket and pork ribs and wtv

The butterflies prawns were pretty decent, 2nett for 3 pieces. Meatballs were the normal kind, they don't do a homemade version here. Red grouper was quite average, it's cottony. Soup was alright, it's lifted by the aromatics. The bitterguord was very bitter

Overall quite average, I much prefer hongsheng on another row in the same hawker

I didn't think this was particularly impressive, it didn't taste like too much honestly, the texture was decent but could have been more tender. Luckily the soy sauce chili was good
Broth was herbal and somewhat thick, but not too exciting

Bravely bashed the forest for burpple: intestines were surprisingly quite good. It's got no foul smell, the texture is slightly chewy and has a bite, not my favourite tender kind but it's not bad

Herbal pork ribs were very dry this time

Stir fried beef tastes nostalgic and was alright apart from a new very chewy slices

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Meatball was quite unique, it's reasonably tender and there some bite, and quite a bit of integrity. The flavour was of medium strength and it's very unique, there's a hint of funk. Fish slices were thick

Soup has an earthy flavour, which is not my preferred(I like a super clean and umami fish soup). The flavour profile is consistent amongst everything actl

Overall it's not too bad, but pricey

Their pau is quite different from normal, it's got quite a bit of integrity and holds its dome shape without collapsing at all when you break it open. The centre cavity is quite big and it's well maintained too when you break it open. Red bean paste was very gooey and was quite interesting, but not stunning

Overall it's fine, except that one part of the bun was particularly thick

I wasn't a fan of this. Yes the meat was tender, but each meat wasn't marinated strongly on its own. There's no crisp at all either, and everything was just blanketed in a dark sauce. The dark sauce is all you taste, and it's a dark sauce that I've had a few times before, it's not something that's totally unique to them

A lot of people still love it, incl my mum who said the whole roasted duck is very good. Maybe someone else can come here and try, I definitely won't queue next time

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I don't eat these things normally so it's hard to judge if it's well executed

But noodles were average, soup was bland, the only flavour comes from the sausage and the black pepper spam

Below average

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I don't like it, their char siew tastes different, hard to describe

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This is the small portion, the bowl is the size of your chicken rice soup so yes it's really small. The bigger one goes for 2.5nett

It's alright but underseasoned. But free flow green onions though

Queue's pretty long during lunch but it's not crowded at all for breakfast

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The white chicken was not bad actually, but the rice is abit hard relative to the chicken and that's quite a problem. The roasted chicken isn't as aromatic as you would expect.

Overall it's passable, plus it's not deboned so it's annoying to eat


Sotong texture was alright, could have been abit more tender. The sauce is fiery though, because the sotong doesn't absorb much flavour so it has to be. There's a decent depth to it too from the peanuts, though it tastes nothing like satay sauce even if it looks somewhat similar.

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Would travel for food

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