Average Hawker

Average Hawker

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Toppings were fine but sauce sucks. There's no oil so there's no aroma in the sauce, sambal was good on its own but doesn't mesh well with the noodles cos it's just soup+sambal.

Opens quite early I believe. They had a long queue at 9am alr. Closed on Thursdays apparently, was open on Monday

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Noodles were striaghter and harder than normal. Char siew was dry and somewhat tough. Sauce was weak, chili was not the normal but basic. Wantons were average

Ckn claw was mainly just salt

Overall no way in hell this is worth braving the office crowd for. It's an average wanton mee

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Always add egg if you are going to add a lot of ingredients, to make sure the ratio is right
Avoid capsicum, batons are the wrong shape for fried rice
Avoid broccoli, it's soggy

Why is it that their spoons are so small? Ingredients are always dropping out when I try to scoop

Honestly this kind of dishes really depend on the cook and today's dude was not it man. No wok hey, things felt soggy overall and his eggs keep sticking to the wok, I was watching throughout

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Pasta too soft but what do you expect from a western hawker stall. More importantly while it's flavourful enough it's way too oily

Lamb chop had too much bite, but flavour was good. Black pepper sauce was very salty

Everything was pretty decent, noteworthy were the gongbao ckn and the ckn which both carried a nice bit of heat

Previously he seems like he can't understand English, I repeated 2 things 4 times or sth

Today I spoke loudly in mandarin. He acknowledged with gusto and then gets the wrong order


Eggplant, bittergourd, curry veggies
Pretty standard

It's ok, 25% wasn't sweet enough, didn't feel like there's enough body there's abit of the edge

It's got a lot less body and thickness than the other premium seafood soups. The minced pork was the highlight for me previously, and I think it's still decent from the sole fish but abit dry and so it's not special

By no means bad, it's a very good option if you stay in the area, but not worth travelling for

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Pork was crispy from the burnt fats. The marinade was avg for pork and ckn which had the same marinade. Texture was ok

Mutton was lousy, abit sour and tough

Sauce was very weird. It's got this almost dessert like taste, kind of like angkukueh filling or something.

Overall passable

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