Good Hawker

Good Hawker

Featuring Yong Xing Mian Jia Can Shi, Ding Ji (Bishan 284), Food Pavilion (Clementi 443), 892C Woodlands Kopitiam, Hwa Xing Bak Kut Teh (Yuhua Market & Hawker), All Family Food Court, Ji De Lai Chicken Rice (Chong Pang Market & Food Centre), Hao Ji Handmade Pau 好记手工包, Hua Zai HK Style Roasted Delight Rice & Noodle (Clementi), Serangoon Nasi Padang
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Big prawns were quite good.

The broth itself tastes the same as the ones with the normal prawns. It's not extra briny from the big prawns

The broth is very strong. It's quite intense, but quite salty. It's kind of like if you stewed the normal soup down. In which case it's not as creamy from pork or briny from prawn as I rmbed

Overall a decent bowl, definitely not worth the travel

The skin is different from the usual. It's abit transculent and the bite is pretty decent, better than your average nonsense

Filling was alright also

Overall it's a passable dumpling and quite above average

Always rmb to add egg

The beef patty is surprisingly decent. That's rather high praise from me, for a hawker stall. Quite tender, there's some bite, and good beefiness. However the bread is bad, too dense and dry and that ruins everything even tho the rest of the ingredients were all satisfactory.

Also it's difficult to eat, it's hard to get a bit of everything in one bite cos it's so high

Service: asked the dude what's in a mountain burger and he didn't understand my question. It's as if he expects everyone to know that mountain means double patty??

Having it again, there's really no areas of weakness. It's nothing mindblowing but it does its job very well
Also noticed there's more ingredients than noodles. One of the rare places I'll recommend adding noodles to balance out the ratio

Feels like a change of hands, the food is very different. This beef tripe is delicious, with some bite and good marination.

The first bite of the fat cap stunned me w it's flavour. However the rest is more what you would expect. For this price, I have to say this is reasonably palatable alr. Still chewy but at least it's somewhat tender and there's muscle texture. Unfortunately there's also sth like a tendon that's very very chewy

Overall it's decent for what you're paying

There was still a little bit of smell but it's very reasonable already. It's got the softest chew, the texture is seriously impressive

Worth a try

It's the artisanal soy inc version but, it lacks a bit of body. Maybe cos it's a little bit diluted

Still a very decent version

Glad I gave them another chance. Turns out they're just inconsistent, not lousy

Siobak was quite decent today, and their char siew is not the super tender kind but it's got a nice fatty bite

Very decent

They really are good

The braise is thick, and well balanced. It's clearly different from most, with a pleasant sweetness coming through. Ingredients were cooked well too

One of the better ones definitely. Worth a try if you're in the area

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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