Good Hawker

Good Hawker

Featuring Yong Xing Mian Jia Can Shi, Ding Ji (Bishan 284), New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck (Queen Street), Koufu (West Mall), Lai Heng Teochew Handmade Kueh (Yuhua Market & Hawker), Food Pavilion (Clementi 443), Erich's Wuerstelstand, Xie Kee Hokkien Mee (Bukit Timah Market), Tien Lai Rice Stall (Taman Jurong Market), Li Fang Congee (Yuhua Market & Hawker)
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

3 wanton, abit more char siew, and a lot more noodles than the 3.5nett portion I presume

But still small portion, esp 3 wantons is quite sad I think

Their rice portion is quite big, most ppl probably just need half of what's given

Soy sauce ckn was alright, the char siew had a strong slightly funky glaze but it wasn't the most tender

Not too bad overall this time

The chee Cheong fun is somewhat smooth and very soft, not everyone will like the texture but I don't mind it, but there's no reason to put it on a pedestal either

Waiting time was reasonable on a weekday evening, once I ordered I queued for something else and got my ccf within 10mins

Char siew was firmly the sweet kind which I didn't like, it's alright. Pork liver was creamy but not that impressive either

Overall not bad at all, if it's not too crowded it's worth a try

Previously it was disaster, had it this time during dinner so it's better, at least it's not cold

The char siew glaze was great as before, there's a bite, it's not the super tender kind but the texture was pleasant

Siobak was slightly crispy, but still quite greasy even tho it's not as bad as it was before(I requested for a less fatty part)

Rice was nice, it's got a mild umami

Overall pretty decent this time, worth a try if you're in the area

Tbh for a moment I barely realised it's mutton, that's how much their herbal soup is able to cover the smell.

There's something about their beef stew that gains my appreciation the more I have it. It's really quite unlike anything I've had, yet still very familiar and in perfect balance. Unique and lipsmacking, don't dismiss it just because of the gimmicky-seeming firepot

Pork ribs were nice as usual

Pork trotters had a light but strongly herbal braise, it's ok but the hair turns me off

Stir fried ckn cubes were absolutely delicious, I was very surprised. Very umami and a great bouncy texture

Kangkong was soft and the curry was mild

Filling was decent, not too strong and slightly sweet. The crisp was not bad but it's not as strong as it looks, nor does it last as long. Inside was quite hot at first but it cools down quickly. Vinegar was sharp but quite mild when you dunk the dumplings in, idk why either

Overall it's decent, and relatively well executed because there's not too many great places, but it's not top tier

The skin is thicker but that's just as well because the turnip filling is intensely savoury. It's really good, there's ample crunch as well.

Chili has a strong tang which goes well w this cos it's intense enough

To be honest I didn't expect much from this place, they're the only place to serve this so I thought the novelty is enough to keep it going. However I'm very surprised by the quality of the food, there's good reason why they're a stalwart here

Thin, very chewy skin without any flavour. The chew isn't unpleasant though, it's not bad at all. It's just a vessel for the red bean paste, which was not too wet and rather earthy, not the overly sweet kind.

Overall it's pretty decent, and definitely unique.

PSA Telephone order for min 10pcs, if you buy without reserving min 4 pieces, but there's no guarantee they won't be sold out.

Can't rmb if I reviewed this alr but I rmbed this being delicious and it still is. It's not too strong but somehow the spices are very addictive, quite refreshing really overall

Highly recommended

Would travel for food

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