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Located along Lorong Kilat, Kim's Family Food is well known for their kbbq & extensive korean food options within the area!

Perfect for the rainy weather, their Sundubu Jiggae definitely hits the spot. This tofu stew comes with a base of kimchi stew, giving you that spicy tangy kick while it's broth is absorbed like the slices of silky tofu.

Pair it with their hot pipping bowl of pearl grain rice, this comforting bowl of soup is coming to order whenever I visit!

Mochi waffles are good. I ordered 3 scoops of ice cream - mochi, hazelnut chocolate and chendol. No special comments for the ice creams but the chendol taste isnt very strong. Nonetheless, its more value for money compared to brother bird.

first bite to this noodles were amazing too I loved the pork belly so much that umami flavour that blended so well with the savoury noodles!!!! didn’t expect this at all

Overall loved the experience, the food, the vibes!!! Highly recommend!!!

we loved these the most wow the fresh huge juicy scallops grilled in that sinful generous hot mentaiko sauce… so so yummy and I truly savoured each moment each bite πŸ₯²

Awww it was such a beautiful mindblowing moment at Ajiya :”) went there for the DIY okonomiyaki but wow the other cooked dishes blew our minds….

Okonomiyaki: we chose octopus, smoked duck & cheese / it was interesting and fun making it myself (with the chefs constantly watching out for us - slightly stressed HAHHA but they were rlly sweet to give us advises too and make sure we don’t burn our food…) but the whole process took about 10 mins to cook and you can design your own shape & spam all the toppings. Taste wise yummy but fared slightly lower in comparison to the other dishes

Grey ish and murky, this definitely isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing item on the menu. Being quite a fan of century egg, I swayed the husband into ordering this. No regrets! The century egg tofu was serve chilled, in soupy century egg β€˜gravy’ that has a subtle taste of century egg. And if you’re wondering if there was any odd/ rancid smell, nope, there wasn’t! The tofu was soft and tasted as expected. The generous dollop of roe added some crunch to the soft, creamy mouthfeel. The century egg certainly accentuated the overall taste and texture of the otherwise lonesome tofu. We were pretty impressed with our side!

Easily spotted along the road, this eatery was fully packed when we arrived around 7pm on a Friday evening. We got ourselves waitlisted in the queue and waited for 45mins (also the max waiting time advised by the staff due to the dine-in duration that was capped at 45mins)

Be prepared to soak up the smell of kitchen works when you dine in this cosy Japanese house. The live/DIY cooking means that the live action (and smoke) gets right-in-your-face-clothes-and-hair literally. I hate to stink after my food so the food has got to be worth it. Im glad to share that it does! For the novelty, friendly service and rather generous portion of oko (priced approx $17.90++ for the Ajiya combo oko, with a 10% discount if choose to DIY. Otherwise, you’ll be waited upon by their in-house oko chefs). The Ajiya combo allows you to choose 3 toppings - I picked tako, belly pork and smoked duck while the husband went for scallops, bacon and belly pork. Portion size of the proteins could be a lil’ more generous. Holistically, considering the rather substantial portion of cabbage and batter, it all adds up to a rather satiating meal.
Once done, you’ve the liberty to drizzle your oko with any amount of Japanese Mayo (kewpie!), oko sauce and bonito flakes! These condiments are available at no additional cost and they’re free-flow!

Worth a try if you’ve got time and don’t mind smelling a lil’ post meal.

Tip: Head early! The waitlist stops once the max #pax is reached before the β€œsecond” seating begins. During our wait, we saw disappointed diners walking away. They’d arrived perhaps 20-30mins after us.

Don’t bother with the yakiniku sides tho. I think they’re priced a tad steep for the portion (you get better deals and an assortment of dips at Yakiniku like!)

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The selling point of Chicken House is their kampong (free-range) chicken which are less fatty and thus healthier to consume.

Such chickens are not very commonly available so if you prefer a guilt-free chicken rice experience, this is for you.

Indeed, there is literally no trace of visible fat underneath the thin layer of that marvelous yellow chicken skin.

I have always thought that kampong chickens are lean and tough due to their regular "workouts" however, my drumstick was succulent and flavorful.

Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2021/05/chicken-house-succulent-yellow-skinned.html?m=1

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Meaty goodness packed with freshness and flavours. The portions are hearty and more than sufficient to feed 2 to 3 pax along with other dishes. Their staff is very attentive and helpful in ensuring that nothing gets overcooked over the sizzling hot griddle. All we have to do was to eat at ease while they helped with the BBQ meat.

Boneless Beef Short Rib + Pork Belly + Marinated Pork Collar 》$50

Price is a bit on the high side and it is best to come with a bigger group to share and split the amount. They were full house during my visit and it is recommended to make a reservation before heading over.

The recent rainy weather makes me crave Korean stew so much. Sundubu jjigae is made with soft tofu as a highlight ingredient submerged in a deep-red spicy stew with ingredients such as seafood, meat, mushrooms, onions, and vegetables.

My soft beancurd soup arrived sizzling hot chock full of ingredients and mildly spicy with seafood sweetness. The texture is on the light side but still comforting, nutritious-tasting and slurp-worthy 》$15

A typical Korean restaurant usually serves up to 6 or 8 side dishes but here at Kim's Family Food, they are very generous to serve 12 side dishes to each table. We had a variety of staple banchan such as apple salad, vegetables, kimchi, beansprouts, fish cake, pickled cucumber, egg, anchovies and mushrooms. The banchan was served almost immediately in generous portions and it's refillable.

Double Chocolate Muffin ($2.50)

Not that dry but moist aftertaste. Got strong dark bitter chocolate flavour. Got a variety of different flavour for their muffins.

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