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Every dish was well executed n balanced , not too heavy yet with a lot of excitement and change in flavours with each new dish they brought out. The desserts made it a super ending 😊.

I quite enjoyed all the pungency you’d expect from cempedak in the rich, velvety cream piped atop the slice of Min Jiang Kueh which was more akin in texture to Bika Ambon. The refreshing salted coconut ice cream also went brilliantly with the heavier elements, and all in all, this was quite the successful marriage of beloved local flavours. I’m very much looking forward to their next venture, whether it be a popup or more permanent spot.


It was refreshing to see Singaporean-inspired desserts on the menu. Of course, they came with Focal's own unique twist, such as this riff on kueh salat which sees pandan custard replaced by corn. Each slice is brushed with smoked maple and brown butter glaze. I think a hint of salt as a counterpoint to the sweetness would have made this even better, but the soothing hot corn tea served alongside complemented the kueh very well as it is.


The fatty Hokkaido Snow Pork lent itself well to being grilled on the barbecue. Perfectly cooked, the fat to meat ratio was to my liking, and the unabashedly flavour-forward combination of coffee oil and chicken jus that graced the protein only served to amplify its savouriness. On it's side sat a pile of crunchy you mai cai that had a delicious smokiness from spending some time on the grilled. This was topped with an intriguing dehydrated celeraic "katsuobushi".

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Watching the chef duo meticulously prep the separate elements before assembling the dish from our front row seat into the open kitchen only heightened our anticipation for the final product. Masterfully tossed wok-fried premium Japanese Koshikari rice, fragrant with the aroma of ulam herbs, was the main component of the dish presented in a large claypot. I felt it was under-seasoned however, although that was probably due in part to me not following instructions to break apart and mix in the piece of barbecued Ebodai(Butter fish) . Which personally I feel, would have been a waste as it's exquisitely glorious melt-in-your-mouth texture and buttery flavour would have been muted amongst the grains.

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The duo of young chefs here have a storied pedigree, both hailing from acclaimed Whitegrass and Magic Square, with separate stints in Odette and Naked Finn. Their fine dining experience is evident in our first appetiser - practically an amuse bouche - a powerhouse of flavours crammed atop miniscule squares of crisp brioche. The freshness of the raw fish melded with the lush richness of crab fat spread for an intensely umami single bite. What an excellent start indeed.

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Drawing flavours from around the world and applying it in our local context, @restaurantfocal.sg 's "Progressive Singaporean" cuisine certainly intrigues the palate, what with left-field combinations such as Laksa leaf pesto and Chalet D'Alpage Cheese. The former cedes slightly into the background due to the latter's potent pungency, but nonetheless worked well as a whole on the tender if slightly dry frog legs.


Cempedak was super funky, it goes well w the salted coconut ice cream which mellows it. The Kueh itself was ok only

Overall the theme of the meal was many new unique tastes achieved by creative combinations, which is not just the two original tastes. There's always a certain novel edge to the flavours. This place is something special and the chefs are to be looked out for in wtv new endeavours they find themselves starting

Corn tea from corn leaf and silk(mild), corn custard and glutinous rice. They use all parts of the corn, and what's special is that because of that, somehow it tastes very strongly of corn yet significantly different as well. So special

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Slight crisp, texture is a little chewy or a little hard depending on the fattiness, but what's impressive here is the ckn jus combined w the coffee oil that gives such a unique edge

The you mai cai is also the best I've had, it's grilled to give smokiness and the sweetness was brought out

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More creamy than anything actually, it's not super savoury. An interesting salad, w hints from the quail egg sauce

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The butterfish was rlly good. It's just oil and salt yet somehow the flavour was absolutely intense and suitably briny.

Which went well w the stir fried nasi ulam koshihikari rice that was well crusted on the claypot.

The fish is good enough to stand on its own as a main though

Delicious and creative and everything meshed well

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