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To my surprise, a restaurant with such a high rating in terms of food quality and service standard, on Google review, I have went though a bad encounter with the restaurant.

Due to all these GOOD reviews and restaurant with good ambience which I may not be able to deny, I have enquired for a private event to be held in the restaurant.

However, the email reply from the restaurant is in such an inattentive and unprofessional manner. You may need to reconsider if intending to hold a private event in here. Dining in the restaurant may be different, but I definitely would not have mine in this restaurant.

On the side note, I can share the email thread which I mentioned if anyone is interested, or in public’s interest.

Had lunch in this cafe/bar near my workplace, and was really satisfied with the food!

The Melba breakfast ($27) had a variety of ingredients and they were all cooked very well and I loved their bacon especially, as it had a good sear without being too hard. Definitely a very filling portion as well!

Tried my friend's beef stew (part of $25 lunch set) and the beef were so flavourful and tender! Lovely pieces to go with the creamy mash under.

A big place to have conversations with your colleagues and friends. Definitely recommended!

A dining concept by @fleursophygroup, beautiful place for beautiful desserts @underderlindensg

Location: Under Der Linden, 5B Portsdown Rd, Singapore 139311

📍: One-north
tried this secluded restaurant a while back and the vibes are to die for 💯 super pretty w flowers all around in a quiet neighbourhood :’) food was q meh tbh haha got the pesto parpadelle pasta ($20++) and the pasta was q soft and not al dente 😢 (although some ppl might like it this style) the sauce was a bit too watery for my liking too. we also got the wagyu striploin with peppers ($18++) - seasoning was nubbad, reminded me of satay. my fav was the heaven’s queen drink ($8++) tho HAHA. it was shiok and refreshing :-) overall i think i’ll j come here for the vibes and to getaway from the crowd 😬
OVERALL: 3.5/5

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The vibe and food service at this cafe was extremely lovely. It was my first time having coffee served in such an elaborate yet delicate manner. I thought the food choices and coffee were ok, not extraordinary/memorable in taste for the price. Dog-friendly which is great for pet owners, but the place was reverberating with barks after a while. A place that I would just come once to check it out, but may not return.

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I love how much attention to detail they put even to the petit fours. For once it came in fours. It’s even better than what you’d get at other fine dining establishments.


Actually liked the pre dessert more than the dessert. Beneath the cream is a tart refreshing sorbet with a spicy kick. This was great as a palate cleanser.


Dessert was a feast for the eyes and the mouth. Strawberry sorbet with a crispy almond pastry and creamy mascarpone. Very decadent and very filling.


Compared to the cod, this was much more hearty and savoury. I liked the texture of the lamb which was cooked pink and tender, though a tad bit salty.


First time having cod with crispy scales a la amadai style. I can only say I wished the portion was bigger. This would be gone in a mouthful if I weren’t trying to savour each bit. The beurre blanc sauce with caviar and ikura was excellent.


The breads were not just a tummy filler, but stars of their own. The truffle buns were my favourite. Soft savoury and fragrant. Baguette were crispy and very enjoyable too.


The scallops were chopped and sashimi style and served in a delicate clear tomato consomme. Very refined dish and one that really wowed.