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Had the coconut latte and breakfast set, both were a little underwhelming. The place was nicely decorated though

There's a really cool concept where you can have your food ordered from Deliveroo in a really chill setting! There are quite a number of food options here at this Deliveroo Food Market and best of all, it is a quiet place and is a great way to escape from the lunch crowd. I had the Pork Shoulder Burrito Bowl ($11.90) which is a pretty substantial portion although I find the tender pork slices abit too sweet. The Beef Slices Pho ($10.80) is such a good option as the broth was really robust and it was such a generous portion! Definitely recommended for those that work around the area that wants to hide away from the lunch crowd ☺️

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This cafe is by the same people from Nicole Flowers. As expected, the deco has a lot of flowery theme but this time, to match the black and white colours of the old colonial building that it is located in, the furniture also incorporated a lot of black and white tones. Booking is advisable although this outlet is nowhere near as crowded as it’s two sister cafes. Service is also good and food and drinks are served quickly. Be aware that there is a time limit for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu is different.

Food wise, expect contemporary European cuisine with very artsy names. But the taste is above average and no single dish that we ordered let us down. The squid ink pasta with prawns was cooked just right and you get the umami of the squid ink without the fishy smell. The grilled octopus is another of the more popular dishes. A bit chewy and I cannot really reconcile the taste especially with their sauce which was neither spicy nor savoury. The Iberico Secreto was a good dish. The tiny bits of pineapple accentuated the flavour of the pork and the crunchiness of the meat added another dimension to the dish.

For Instagram fans, do remember to take photos of the white floral portal on the left of the cafe after you are done, the one featured in Life of Straits Times today.

I’ll probably come back another day just to try the beef and the chicken dish.

This young man’s menu, even on the second day of service, was already a polished statement-maker with its Singaporean ingredients-inspired theme.
After Manager Jose did his introductory spiel, things got rolling promptly with a fascinating confluence of hot and cold where grilled sweet corn kernels met a quenelle of frozen corn and butter sabayon in a roasted buckwheat tea with masala chai spices.
Then, an appetisingly balanced cold appetiser of Sri Lankan mud crab with green tomato chutney, diced tomatoes and green apple in a pandan leaf oil-laced green apple juice sauce. While slices of pickled and cooked celtuce (chayote) added crunch, ginger flower and lime zest enhanced the aroma.
Chef Jonathan’s interpretation of laksa was the basis of the next course, another cold creation featuring Hokkaido scallops, kabu and lemon.
The silky-skin duck leg-stuffed dumplings in a duck broth perfumed by a touch of Szechuan spices were tasty but the accompanying bowl of rice managed to outshine it a little. Cooked with “hum choi” also known as “sian chye”, and finished with crispy duck skin, that carb was extremely fragrant and tasty.
I thought his take on 茶叶蛋 (“cha ye dan”) was brilliant! The black tea foam-covered egg sat with lily buds and sautéed Maitake mushrooms on a base of fermented mushroom purée and fermented mushroom juice. Everything about this course was spot-on.
Another winner in my book, the pan-cooked 4-day-aged Sawara (Spanish Mackerel) from Japan. It was just impeccable in done-ness and flavour. And so delightful when savoured with the green rempah purée, green onion fish stock sauce and smoky wok-fried Dragon Chives.
To me, the meat course was a clever East-meets-West dish as the 10-day-aged Irish duck was glazed in tamarind caramel and spice glaze which gave it an Asian taste profile. Yet because it came with citrus elements of kumquat chutney and a duck jus made from roasted duck bones and reduced orange juice, there was a decidedly French influence as well. Loved the black banana purée too.
The palate cleanser reminded me of a more sophisticated version of Solero / Jolly Lolly ice popsicles as it combined a lemongrass sorbet, kaffir lime, green tea and little chewy bits of attap chee. A surprise spicy heat made it all the more beguiling to me.
Coming full circle, Chef @jonathan_gan closed the meal with another hot meets cold creation. This dessert was a love letter to the Jerusalem artichoke as the tuber’s versatility was on full display. To complement the mochi balls, it took on different forms - as a veloute with coconut milk, and a crumble from its skin being fried and tossed in sugar and peanuts, as well as an ice-cream. Without a doubt, dinner ended on a high note.

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Our second visit to @magicsquare.sg 2.0 was to have Chef Eugene’s (@abangkau) menu. He’s the first of the four young chefs in this current version of 田 Magic Square.
Manager @itshozay kicked things off that evening, sharing some details about this incubator for the benefit of the first-timers.
Supported by Chefs @jonathan_gan and @pristinamok (@lawjiajun was on medical leave), Eugene presented nine courses based on his interpretation of Chinese heritage cuisine blended with his knowledge of French techniques.
Although it was bracing cold and upside-down, the first item had me immediately thinking of “chwee kueh” (our local breakfast favourite) with its mushroom duxelles, onion consommé and rice pudding.
Number two paid tribute to a dish found in both French and Teochew cuisines - the Aspic Terrine. The jelly which was formed by chilling the collagen-rich braised pork trotter and pork belly, was accessorised with a tiny dollop of red chilli jam for a punch of sweetish heat, and pickled onions and cauliflower. Yums.
One of my favourites from that evening was the Bone Marrow Chawanmushi. Finished with a delicious “pot au feu” broth and barbecued gingko nuts, it had tiny cubes of crunchy bamboo shoot buried in its silkiness. If only second helpings were available…
The succulent frog legs wrapped
in sheets of old cucumber with
mint and chervil were delectable. I liked them even more swooshed through the roasted garlic aioli.
For the fifth course, Giant Tiger Prawns were wrapped in chiffonade-cut beancurd skin for crispiness and extra flavour. Laid on a purée of roasted kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and dressed with a luscious Dijon mustard chives and parsley creme fraiche, it was a dish that showed off the quality produce very well.
Local barramundi was the sixth. Steamed to perfection, it came with a garlic, ginger and aromats sauce, beurre blanc made from the fish’s own bones, as well as wok-fried “nai bai” vegetable, pickled white fungus and chrysanthemum flowers. In contrast to the soft flesh, its skin was transformed into crunchy “chiccharon”.
Chicken was the star in the seventh, and it tasted distinctly Chinese as the slices of tender breast meat were stuffed with glutinous rice cooked with “lap cheong” (preserved pork sausage), “yun cheong” (liver sausage) and mushroom, Surrounded by pickled daikon was a small liver ball which wow-ed me.
To refresh our palates after that, Chef Eugene and his team mates served a unique herbal-style pre-dessert that brought pomelo sorbet, barley amazake and chrysanthemum oil together.
Dinner ended with an astonishing creation of black sesame ice-cream crowned with a meringue made using the beef garum by Chef @markerpenn (Head of R&D at @nakedfinn). Utterly brilliant pairing.
Am looking forward to seeing what the other Chefs have up their sleeves in the months ahead.

Pork cutlet nicely cooked with a nice crust and the meat was juicy. Love the chips and the brown sauce that goes with it too. Pork chop with green peas is very tasty, not overly oily and does not have unpleasant char taste. Plenty of beer options too. #hungryrayshoots #sgfoodies #burpple #sgfood #foodstagram #westernfood #porkchop

Pork Chop + Chips + Mushrooms - $13
Tucked away from the bustling street, Colbar retains the old school deco, even orders were written on a notebook by cashier. Rare sight in the modern city. I had the pork chop, picked the option that comes with chips (wedges) and mushrooms (+sauce). Pork chop was tender but not oily. Sauce was abit salty, so dip sparingly. Pleasant casual dining experience there

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Yay, I ❤️ the term break! Time to recharge and enjoy some family bonding time at one of my all-time favourite spots.
Apart from this aesthetically appealing strawberry 🍓 milkshake in pastel pink (btw, my drink was just plain old ice-cold water), I had my fill of an assortment of food namely steak sandwich, ham, eggs & chips [add-on bacon 🥓] and fried bananas with honey 🍯. Yum!
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The Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken Set ($10) was really fragrant and flavourful! The chicken was juicy and portion was huge, rendang gravy was savoury without being overly oily.

The Bacon Cheeseburger Set($23.57) from Omakase Burger didn’t disappoint with its strong, smoky cheese sauce blended perfectly with the beef patty and Apple smoked bacon for the perfect umai taste! Full review of sweet potato fries and Har Cheong Chicken Chop on our post!


Terry approves!

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I love this place and the beer was freshly brewed.

Relaxed and rustic Ambience. Don't expect too much comfort

But food was good and beer was nice.

Beer is expensive but you get 750ml for that price.

Nice place. Must try once