Singapore's Best Nasi Lemak

Singapore's Best Nasi Lemak

From foolproof nasi lemak in Boon Lay, to a rave-worthy option on Ann Siang Hill and even a grilled lobster option in Tampines — here are the 11 best nasi lemak spots in the country!
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File this stall away for future food expeditions to Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. The highlight of their Nasi Lemak (from $3) is definitely the incredibly fragrant basmati rice sporting a delightful coconut aroma. Accompanying that is a perfectly fried egg with a runny core, crispy ikan billis and kuning fish, as well as a well-marinated fried chicken. Cover it all in their sweet and spicy sambal chilli — sedap!
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If there's one thing Changi Village Hawker Centre is known for, it's nasi lemak stalls. Served here is everything you'd expect from the perfect plate of Nasi Lemak ($3.50) — fragrant jasmine rice, a fried egg, piping hot and crispy chicken, crispy ikan bilis and addictively flavourful sambal. Get additional sides like the fish fillet or hotdog for a dollar each.
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Journey to the west for this stall in Boon Lay. The rice here is good enough to have alone with their sweet and spicy sambal — served warm, with the perfect amount of moisture. However, the Nasi Lemak Chicken Set ($3.50) elevates the basics with a chunky, juicy chicken wing fried to a delightful golden-brown, a fried egg with an oozy yolk and anchovies. If you're feeling peckish, add a begedil ($0.50) or otah ($1.50).
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Mark this one down for a simple yet hearty breakfast with the fam. The formula is simple — think basic Nasi Lemak Set ($2.50) with deep fried fish fillet, crispy anchovies, fiery chilli paste and a fried omelette to blanket the pandan and coconut-infused bed of rice. Add extra sides like luncheon meat or otah for just a dollar! Convinced? Great, now all you have to do is join the queue.
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Jot this spot down for a quick and easy way to sort out your nasi lemak cravings — served on wax paper for easy disposal. The Ponggol Nasi Lemak (from $4) comes with crispy wings, aromatic Thai Hom Mali grain-rice, fried egg as well as homemade sambal sauce. Choose from their selection of delicious sides to add on like the spicy Eggplant ($1.20 per portion), crispy Chicken Skin with Curry Leaves ($1.50 per portion) and Ngoh Hiang ($1.50 per piece).
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Swing by this Marine Parade coffeeshop if you're in the mood for a well-executed home-style nasi lemak. Choose from three sets (from $4): Set A for fried chicken, Set B for fried fish and Set C for otah, to build upon a helping of rich and tasty coconut rice, fried omelette, anchovies and cucumber. Kick it up a notch with their sweet and spicy sambal.
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Come prepared to queue (at least half an hour) for this famed plate of nasi lemak. P.S. The Prime MInister of Singapore, the Sultan of Brunei and a couple of celebrity chefs have dined at this stall! Treat yourself to the Royal Rumble ($5.90) which has a little of everything — from fragrant fluffy pandan-infused coconut basmati rice to sweet jam-like sambal to a fried yet moist chicken, a buttery bergedil, fried egg, and a nice slab of otak-otak.
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Drop by this Asian tapas bar for glammed up nasi lemak with your colleagues on Circular Road. Order a couple of their sides to share (get them 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond) like the Spicy Sambal Sotong ($7.00) or their Rendang Beef ($6.80). All this to pair with the Signature Nasi Lemak ($7.80) which comes with a truffle poached egg, crisp and juicy wing as well as soft pearly grains that pair well with their sweet homemade sambal.
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Open from 5pm to 7am daily, round the gang up for a late night feast at this popular supper haunt in Sembawang. Their Nasi Lemak costs $4.90 for rice and three sides — think economic rice but with fluffy aromatic coconut rice. Pick and choose from their array of side dishes such as ngoh hiang, spicy stir-fried long beans and sambal brinjal. Look out for their delightfully crunchy ikan kuning as well as their succulently crispy chicken wings that will leave you wanting more ($1.20 for an extra one!).
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Queues move fairly quickly here, and very soon you'll find yourself seated, with a generously-portioned plate of Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Berempah ($12.80). The crispy and juicy chicken thigh is the star of the show, featuring runny sunny side up and fragrant coconutty rice as excellent supporting cast members. Pair that with the sweet but kicky sambal and you're golden. End the meal with their delish Cendol ($3.80) that sees finely shaved ice topped with freshly squeezed coconut milk, homemade pandan rice flour jelly and just enough gula melaka to balance out the milkiness.
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Worth the trek to the East is this stall hidden in a coffeeshop in Tampines Industrial Park. You're here for their Lobster Nasi Lemak ($22) that sees half a grilled lobster covered in grounded herbs, cheese and chilli powder, served with a side of basmati rice, a fried egg. Complete the meal with the fragrant yet fiery sambal chilli — the result of five hours of simmering!
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