Boon Lay / Lakeside / Jurong East / Clementi / West coast

Boon Lay / Lakeside / Jurong East / Clementi / West coast

Featuring Damansara Chilli Pan Mee 辣椒板面 (Jurong Point), Lee's Confectionery, Gokoku Japanese Bakery (Jurong Point), PocoLoco Microbrewery (Snow City), McDonald's (Jem), Kind Kones (Forum The Shopping Mall), Masizzim (Westgate), Yolé (Westgate), Cat & the Fiddle (Westgate), Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (Jem)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

First time at Vision Exchange area! Didnt know that there were so many restaurnts here!

We tried the korean food at AHTTI Korean Restaurant!

Ordered the following food items:
-Seafood Soft Tofu Soup with Rice - $15++: This was stated as mildly spicy but it turned out to be quite spicy for us, even when we do take spice quite well! Came with egg tofu, clams and a crab. Was looking for prawns in this bowl of soup but sadly there was none
-Stir Fried Squid and Pork Belly with Rice - $15++: Very nicely marinated, and came with PLENTY of sauce (which made it abit slightly salty)

They are actually famous for their fried chicken! However, we found the portions of chicken too much to be shared amongst just 2 pax as a side. So come in a big group if you want to try their fried chicken!

Their menu is also slightly cheaper for lunch time!

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If you have been wanting to try @kindkones_sg , now is the time!

They have opened a new outlet at @westgatesg and there is an ongoing buy 1 get 1 scoop free promotion from now till 21 Jul 2024! (Do note the cone is not included in the 1 for 1 offer)

100% Natural Plant-based Ice Cream! Does not contain any dairy milk or egg. Great for those who are lactose intolerant!

These are the flavours we got:
-Signature Blue Planet: Coconut cashew vanilla base coloured blue with butterfly pea flowers and with fluffy matcha cake!
-Pandan Gula Melaka: Fragrant pandan coconut base with sweet gula melaka swirled in!

Tip: You can also request to taste test the flavours before confirming your flavour selection!

Luckin Coffee collaborates with Sesame Street! Look at these adorable and vibrant paper bag and cup!

This is my first time trying Luckin Coffee! Downloaded the app awhile back when they launched, but there was high traffic in the mall such that somehow we did not get the SMS OTP to activate the account, however the welcome new user 99 cents promo coupon lapsed after awhile. Didnt bother using the app again since I missed out on the 99 cents deal.. but guess what, recently the app sent my account a $0.99 coupon (termed FRESH START) lol! Guess there are many other ppl like me who downloaded the app but did not manage to use the $0.99 coupon in time before expiry because of technical issues earlier during the launch (and also because the queue wait always v long).

Ok, not like the queue wait was very fast this time. It was about 30mins wait still!

Got the coconut matcha latte! For some reason, I thought it will be coconut smoothie kind of fresh coconut. But it seemed to be more of coconut milk kind, which made the match latte thicker and slightly more sourish than usual, so it was not totally to my liking. I think I would have preffered the normal iced match latte.

Anw, so if you are like me and is a new user to Luckin Coffee.. Now is the time to download the app to enjoy the 99cents deal and also get your hands on the adorable sesame street packaging!

#LuckinxSesameStreet #ColorYourSummer #luckincoffeesg

Enjoyed the 1-for-1 on 3 slices deals using the Burpple Beyond app (i.e. buy 3 slices get 3 slices free)!

These are the flavours we got:
-Apple Crumble Cheesecake
-Blissful Blueberry Cheesecake
-Classic New York Cheesecake
-Toasty Burnt Cheesecake
-Salted Caramel Cheesecake
-Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecake
-Sweet Strawberries Cheesecake
-Devil's Chocolate Cheesecake

These cheesecakes are great for house parties!

Have went past Bok's Kitchen by Hidden Chefs a couple of times, but finall trying it recently!

Here is what we ordered:
-Char Siew Rice Bowl ($11+): This was the signature item! Most customers' food review for this place always featured their char siew don! So we had to get it to try! This char siew don is not like any other char siew don! Firstly, it comes with a sous vide egg. The char siew came with charred edges with a pinkish shade. The rice is also not just white rice, it was flavoured rice that appears slight yellowish brown! We couldnt pinpoint what spice the rice was flavoured with, but it tastes abit of indian spices to us? LOL However, as a fan of non-fatty char siew, I would have preferred it it was less fatty!

-Fish and Chip ($16+): We got a fish and chip too as didnt want two filling rice bowl, and we werent in the mood for pasta that night. You can opt to top up $2 for sweet potato fries too!

Between the two mains we tried, the clear winner is the char siew rice bowl! Do give it a try if you are in the area!

216 Boon Lay Ave, #01-01, Singapore 640216

Discovered a new dim sum stall to frequent - Tiong Bahru Pau & Snack !

Have walked past this stall many times, but finally deciding to try it today! The queue for this stall is always long! What I like about this dim sum stall is that the items are sold per piece, and not in a fixed set of 3 or 4 quantity. So if you are dining alone or in small groups, this is the best dim sum stall as you can order just one or two pieces instead of the standard pieces!

Here is what we ordered:
-Char Siew Pau ($1.30): Very soft and fluffy! Seems like the char siew pau is the popular item here
-Lo Mai Gai ($2.20): This is so good!! Is not the usual frozen steamed white minced chicken lomaikai kind, but the real chicken chunks kind. Good that the lomaikai was not the dry dry kind. This is my top favourite item here!
-Egg Tart ($1.40): Flaky buttery crust with smooth egg custard!
-Carrot Cake ($1.40): This carrot cake has lapcheong bits in it too!
-Fried Prawn Roll ($1.20)
-Yam Ball ($1.40)
-Char Siew Sou ($1.40): Though I will love this but it ended up being my least favourite item as it was kinda dry

Location: Blk 252 Jurong East St 24, 01-107 600252. They are just beside the Yuhua Village Market and Food Centre!

My favourite food stall at Taman Jurong Hawker is B.B.Q. Seafood (03-178)! This is always my go-to stall when at this hawker, especially during dinner time! However, their queue to order and waiting time may be quite long on weekend! Visited on a weekday for this trip! No long queue to order and waiting time for food was just 11mins! The stall also started closing quite early a few minutes past 7.30pm as they were sold out! (operating hours is by right 12-8pm on weekends and 3-8pm on weekdays)

We had wanted to order the small stingray portion ($12) but it was already sold out so we had to get the large $16 stingray portion. Also got sambal sotong ($15) to go along! Rice is 50 cents each.

This is one of the nicer sambal stingray and sotong I have had in Singapore. Easily rank as top 3! The sambal is super fragrant and mild sweet and spicy! Not overly dry or spicy. Goes so well with plain white rice! Comfort food!

Visited Chicken Supremo after watching @eatbooksg chicken chop recommendation video!

Be prepared to wait at least 30mins during meal peak timings! The aunty also warned every customer who wanted to place order that they must “wait patiently” 😂

The chicken chop here is only $5! Large portion of chicken chop, fries, baked bean, salad and bun. I felt that the fries portion was quite little though (but cant complain for the price of $5). Juicy chicken chop!

Also tried the black pepper chicken chop ($5.50), the only diff was the sauce. Black pepper sauce was more savoury!

Takagi Ramen has a new Japanese Curry Matsuri Series! Indulge in the rich aroma and exquisite taste of authentic Japanese curry, available in both udon and rice variations.

🔥Curry udon with Ebi Fry ($12.90 nett)
🔥Curry Rice with Chicken katsu ($12.90 nett)
🥤Kuromai Yogurt Milk ($5.90 nett)
🥤Otomiru Yogurt Milk ($5.90 nett)

New delicious breakfast set that is available 5am-11am daily! $10 for 2 breakfast set that consists of the following items:
-4 Assorted Onigiris (choose from tuna mayo, egg mayo, chicken karaage, chicken floss, salmon or kombu tsukudani)
-6 pcs of fried gyozas
-2 drinks (choose between Kopi O Kosong or Teh O Kosong)

Fail proof dining options at Jurong Point. One of my go-to is Legendary Hong Kong!

✨Pork with Century Egg Congee
✨Char Siew Chee Cheong Fan
✨Steamed Siew Mai

Super love the silky smooth congee!

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Found a little gem in Yu Hua!

Checked out Han n Han Peanut Pancake! They specialize in crispy meng jeng kueh here! They also serve other morning breakfast dishes items like toast, french toast and curry puff!

Here is what I ordered:
-Set A ($4.50): Comes with Coffee/Tea, Traditional Toast + Soft boiled Egg
-Curry Puff ($1.80): Super love the buttery crispy curry puff crust!
-Crispy Peanut Pancake ($1.20): Was surprised when this was served. It is the huge piece and super crispy kind!!
-Iced Honey Lemon ($2.70)

A nice place to bring your old folks here, we saw many older-aged group customers and family groups here! Seems to be v popular with the neighbourhood here!

Han n Han Peanut Pancake
252 Jurong East St 24, #01-151, Singapore 600252

IG and TikTok @spoonsofdelights

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