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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This was terrible, the cake was so dry and difficult to swallow. I threw away half the piece. Hope it's a one-off

The baguette is lousy. Egg was the worst thing, it's cold and it overpowers everything since they're all mild. Jesus Christ

If u must order, rmb never to add egg. And this was at 11am too there's no excuse

Somehow this time there's a very strong stench, like from dirty pig intestines. The braise is actl q unique, it reminds me of the sweet style but it's not very sweet. Did they change the recipe?

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Not sure if they hardsell me but they made it sound like 200g is the minimum for ala carte.

This was DISGUSTING. I went at 3pm? And everythibg on the plate was literally COLD. If you thought coming at weird times to avoid the crowd is a good strategy, you're dead wrong for this stall

Siobak had a gradient of fat to lean ratio. The fatter end was pretty much inedible. Heavily salted too at the surface. However despite being cold some parts still had a very strong crunch

Char siew had a really solid glaze that's sweet. That's the only aspect that makes me think they're raveworthy. Otherwise it's actl a very lean cut, not very well charred and thus no crunch at all, and the meat itself didn't have the best texture. Just average for something of this leanness.

Sauce was like char siew glaze but with a much stronger savoury slant.

Very, very disappointed. I went to the branch at paya lebar before and was blown away. Yet the original is so unprofessional, serving cold food

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Damn weird, it's got a savouriness from the marinated tomatoes.


They messed up hard. Masterclass mistake:mixing up sugar and salt. This was so extremely salty. Inside wasn't lava either

Their original branches may be good but their popups need much better consistency

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Choice of minced beef, lamb, chicken+pork

The gaminess is strong, but there's another sharp scent that's very unpleasant.

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Their first failure of a pasta I've had. No idea why they call this their signature pasta when everyone knows their seafood aglio olio is good, maybe the best item they have

Their fusion spaghetti is basically tomato sauce. So there's no good reason why they call it fusion instead of simply tomato sauce.

The sauce lacked character, way too sweet, and only tastes of the Cajun seasoning cos they put too much of it. The measly pieces of seafood didn't help, when there's nothing else like veggie of some kind

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Fanciest yoshinoya yet but the dim lighting is really weird for a chain. The design might have improved? but the food just gets worse gdi

Very, very little beef for large. It's very thinly sliced so this must have been like 100g? Beef was tough too, only made bearable because of how thinly it was sliced. Furthermore it's very salty.

Veggie was pretty sad for 1.5nett add on (large beef bowl has the same amount of beef at 8nett). Furthermore it's drenched in mayo, which defeats the purpose of eating veggies? Not to mention this wasn't even shown on the picture

I asked for extra gravy which is the dark sauce pictured here. That was ok, pretty strong. Miso soup was instant but at least it's not terrible.

Last pain point is that there's no more shichimi, it's just a super spicy togarashi(chili powder). Not sure if it was shichimi last time but that would have been a lot better. Oh and also there's way too much rice for this measly amount of beef. In fact there's too much rice probably for one pax to finish


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This was not very good. There's an unpleasant cheesiness to it and the rest want to throw it away. No brie taste too, no creaminess.

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Tried the vanilla oatmilk w sugar? or sth and it was too sweet. Basically they ask you if you want it sweet but pls don't, it's alr sweet enough

However this was terrible. So diluted, idk why it's called mocha. It's like Milo except it sucks.

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Would travel for food

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