🥡🀄️🐲 Chinese 🍲🥟🥮

🥡🀄️🐲 Chinese 🍲🥟🥮

Featuring Timbre+ (One North), Lei Garden 利苑酒家 (CHIJMES), North Spine Koufu, NIE Canteen, Koufu (West Mall), Kopitiam Food Hall (Jem), Lao Jiang Superior Soup (Bukit Timah), Laifabar, Wu Tou steamboat_____ (NTU), Ah Ma Chi Mian (Toa Payoh)
Istayne  Peh
Istayne Peh

Don’t keep this for more than 4 hours in the takeaway box or the rice will start to sour alittle.
Hard lesson learnt.

The prawn cakes were not bad but the sauce can get alittle salty if eaten on its own.

3 noodle options
Store was only opened for 4 days at time of visit, store aunties were quite friendly. Situated at the front-facing edge of timbre+

The yellow noodles was slightly sticking together and fragmented (mildly lumpy) but the chilli and pork rinds oil made the dish much more palatable. The broth was very flavourful and salty without the noodles but rich in prawny goodness.

Not sure is the store named Kung Fu Fish or Fat Cat Grilled Fish 肥猫烤鱼 as on the stamp card (collect 12 stamps for a free Half fish set).

Mala flavour 麻辣 口味, set comes with rice and Chuka wakame (seasoned sesame seaweed salad) ちゅかわかめ which is surprising for a Chinese 烤鱼 store.
Add $1 for sides (like Black fungus)
Add $0.80 to takeaway.

Very fragrant mala sauce made complex by the spices used.

Great variety of ingredients for the price, with 2 scallops, 2 artificial abalone slices, meatballs, tender lean meat, pork liver, minced pork.

Happily asked for more chilli and black vinegar on my Mee Sua, creating a amalgam of spicy, salty and sourish shiokness with an occasional crunch of crispy ikan bilis.

Add some frothy soup to encourage further mingling if the noodles have clumped up from being encased too long in their carrier tray.

Personally would prefer the soup to have less minced pork as the specks can make my throat slightly scratchy.

The food displayed in the open tend to become less fresh where the mushrooms 🍄 become mushy as they soak in the water and raw meats 🥩 smell a little close to dinner time.

Perhaps they don’t have to store the mushrooms in bowls of water.

They nailed the sauce base and the frying imparted a slight char fragrance to the stir-fry.
Good portions for the price.
+ $0.30 to takeaway 🥡

The best Wanton Mee I’ve ever had. Looks like the owner put in a lot of thought into each component of the dish.

Went for the 中辣
The broth is pretty garlicky and thick, heavy on the msg. Great if you want something that packs a punch 🥊 in terms of flavour.
The cashier didn’t seem to charge differently for whatever food items I chose (no matter meats, veggies, or mushrooms) but perhaps it was because it was a relatively slow moving Sunday late afternoon. The only opened food outlets around North spine were McDonald’s, Subway and this restaurant.

Pretty long wait to get served, despite the short queue. Only 2 staff manning the shop and they were working nonstop.

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Choice of noodles: Mee pok, Mee kia, Kway tiao (sadly no more Mee sua)

Dried (personally more appetising) version with dark soy, chilli, shallot/猪油渣 oil sauce mix. Clear broth with lots of seafood flavour and rich in ingredients like prawns 🦐, fish maw, thin strips of homemade ngoh hiang.

Freshest sprigs of romaine lettuce bathing in a sauna of fish soup with floating fish ball, minced pork, fish, lean meat and mock abalone slices.

Though there’s only 1-2 pieces of each item, the wide array leaves one feeling full and satisfied by the end of the meal. The soup though not as rich as certain styles of fish soups is tasty enough to make one sip the bowl dry.

Crispy crust with tender meats
Pairs well with the soupy meal

Orders and payment via QR code online (probably implemented after COVID-19):

[Takeaway] Add $0.50, no soup.

A popular 老字号 in SG with a few outlets.
Liked the herbaceous thick gravy, slightly pricey for hawker centre food but portion is large. Mildly comforting to slurp up if you feeling under the weather with a sore scratchy throat.

Comes with sourish chicken rice-style chilli sauce, shrimp sauce, preserved veg and coriander.

10% off if you pay with the FairPrice app at this Kopitiam

[Takeaway] Add $0.50 and the noodles and ingredients are packed separately on a shelf above the soup.

The price is fixed by the meat selection you make (about 6 options). The noodles and soup base selection doesn’t affect the price.

4 Soup Selections:
Mala 香辣, Tomyum 东炎, Sauerkraut Pickled chillies 酸菜泡椒, Mushroom 菌汤

2 Noodle Selections:
Knife-cut Noodles 刀削面, White Thick Beehoon 米线/粗米粉

The vegetables mix consisting of wood ear fungus, leafy 🥬, beansprouts, tofu strips, kelp strips, coriander, enoki mushrooms, 2 quail eggs and some chickpea-looking peas(?) cannot be customised (e.g. requesting beansprouts to be removed).

The queue for this 火锅米线 store can get pretty long during peak hours (sometimes up to a 30min wait to pick up your order) so avoid the lunch crowd if you can!

You can smell the fragrance from the pickled chilli oil floating above the soup 🍜 from a mile away!

Though I haven’t tried yet but they also sell other 小吃 dishes like Pork buns 肉夹馍, braised chicken feet, chicken gizzards 脆口鸡胗 and pig trotters/ knuckle 馋嘴猪蹄.

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