Been a long time since I've eaten at this restaurant, and the quality is still pretty good! Here are the dishes I've tried:

1️⃣ C&C&C&C&C Pasta ($25.90 for main size) - yes their pasta name is interesting, but basically its filled with ingredients starting with C. This cold dish boasts of creamy seafood flavours coming from the crabmeat and lobster bisque! Pretty decent dish that is worth a try.

2️⃣ "Hainanese" Pork Tomahawk ($32.90) - I was surprised how meaty yet tender the pork cutlet was! The sauce that it's drenched in definitely reminds me of Hainanese chicken rice chilli, and the addition of fruit jam definitely made it interesting. It does not get too surfeiting because of that! However, there is still a slight pork smell that some may not like.

3️⃣ Waffles & Roe ($9) - an interesting dish, with deep earthy flavours coming from the waffles and seafood savoury punch from the ikura roe. This is a mix of sweet and savoury flavours that will open up your palette!

With their menu changing every 4 months, you can see the innovative elements in their dishes. Will be back to try more dishes next time!