Lavendar / Rochor

Lavendar / Rochor

Featuring Enjoy Eating House & Bar (Jalan Besar), Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Mrs Pho (Bussorah), Eat 3 Bowls (Lavender), Brotherbird Milk & Croissants (CT Hub 2), Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner, Soi 47 Thai Food (King George's Avenue), June Bakery, Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake (Berseh Food Centre), Easy Noodles Bar
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Prosperity feast meal for CNY!

I love it that the black pepper chicken burger was served hot which made the chicken patty soft, moost and juicy! Crispy curly fries with garlic chilli sauce was also good! Tried the new pink guava fizzy drink and it was actually not bad

Step into this place for a relaxing calming dining experience! They have a very extensive menu here! Choose from baked pasta/rice, pasta, ramen, pan mee , udon soup, orh luak, pizza, burger and sides! They also have a wide range of dessert choices! You can choose from chinese style desserts, durian series, mango serires, hot desserts, pancakes, milk custard, andeven korean bingsu and korean ice cream injeolmi toast!! There is just so many different items to try out here!

Here is what I tried:
-Meat Floss Takoyaki: This tako balls had a crispy exterior and it is uniquely topped with meat floss! There is also tofu in the inner of the takoyaki ball!
-Truffle Minced Meat Dry Pan Mee: Love the chewy pan mee!
-Teriyaki Lion Mane Pizza: Crispy Thin Crust Pizzas!
-Shroom Soup: Super comforting!
-Mango Snow Mountain Dessert: Refreshing mango dessert that comes topped with a scoop of ice cream with chia seeds!
-Sparkling Lemon Ribena Drink

Check them out at the following location:
23 upper weld road, 207380
Open daily 12pm-11pm

This is a good spot to checkout for vegetarian food, or if you are finding desserts after meal!

Was at CT Hub and decided to grab some croissants from @brotherbird_bakehouse ! No queue!

Got the Taro Croissant and Honey Sea Salt Croissant!

Buttery and flaky! ✨

Finally trying the HAPPY BOX ($62) from Elijah Pies!

A Happy Box Dessert Pies Tart as my birthday cake! (Yes, I am more of a TART person than cake person!)

8 different signature flavours all in one box so you can enjoy the best of all world with your family and friends! My family actually separated out each tart into equal portions so that we can try all 8 flavours!

So here, I present to you my order ranking of the dessert pies according to my taste preference:

-Honey Chrysanthemum: This was my TOP favourite! It was so so good! Had it as the first piece, and up until the last piece, I still cant get over how good this tart was! Fragrant chrysanthemum, naturally sweet with honey undertones.

-Yuzu Meringue: My second favourite! Zesty curd with yuzu juice infused, and topped with lightly torched meringue kisses.

-Wild Berry Lavender: This was the pie which attracted me to elijah pies years ago (yes, i have been eyeing elijah pies for a few years now before I finally tried it this year, twice somemore HAHA)! I was initially afraid that the lavender taste will be too strong, hence I did not dare to buy one whole pie itself! Having eaten just one slice, it was the right balance! As it has real berries in it with yoghurt, there was a fruity taste, which balanced out the very subtle lavender hint. So this is actually quite good!

-Speculoos Hojicha: Two of my favourite ingredients all in one!

-Lime Thyme: This was slightly too sour for my liking!

-Nutella: This was unlike the typical sweet nutella, as this was mixed with dark chocolate! Hence, if you are not a dark chocolate fan, this is not for you too!

-Matcha Latte: When I got my box of elijah pies earlier, I spent a long time deciding between Matcha Latte and Speculoos Hojicha (but eventually went for speculoos hojicha)! So happy to finally try this now! Hehe, and luckily for me, the verdict that was out was that I didnt fancy this matcha latte pie! Didnt fancy the meringue pearls layer, and I thought the matcha custard didnt have a strong enough matcha taste

-Raspberry Ripple: I am sorry but this was my least liked tart of all (surprisingly)! While it was the top favourite of some of my family members. This consists of cream cheese with raspberry compote and topped with pistachio. For me, the cream cheese layer was way too thick to my liking, and I dont really fancy creamy tart/cake!

If I will to buy Elijah Pies again, it will be one whole honey chrysanthemum pie!!

Wanted to get this happy box a few months ago, but it was a seasonal item that was not sold all the time, hence when we saw it a few days ago, we immediately carted it out! It is still available now, so act fast!

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New Cafe to check out in Singapore at Farrer Park - !

Plan a cafe hopping date with your loved ones this weekend!

Featured here are the following food ites:
-Asian Prawn and Clam Chilli Pasta ($22): Prawns were huge and nicely grilled! Love the spicy carbonara sauce, it was not over-spicy, and not over-jelat!
-Truffle Tamago Salmon ($14.50): So so good! Everything was good! Do note that this dish comes with fries too, so dont make the mistake like us and almost order another serving of fries (hehe luckily we could cancel the extra serving of fries order and changed it to another dessert:)
-Lemon Pistachio ($8): Super love their tea cakes!
-Yuzu Lemon Chamomile ($8): Light an citrusy cakes!
-Strawberry Pistachio Tart ($9.50): Loved the buttery crust!
-Galaxy Ade ($7): Pretty purple drink!
-Matcha & Mango ($8): Matcha and mango are my two favourites! Have never tried them together in one drink before!
-Artisan Gelato and Crumble ($6 for single, $11 for double scoop) - We got the pistachio and vanilla flavour: The gelato was served in a very unique cone shaped cup! And it was my first time seeing gelato being paired with granola for sales!

10/10 recommend to check out this lovely cafe!

Location: 681 Race Course Rd, #01-305, Singapore 210681

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@enjoyxiahkm is known for serving the MOST EPIC hokkien mee in Singapore!

Featured here are the following items:
-Super Big Xia HKM: SUPER BIG prawn! The biggest prawn I have ever eaten! The hokkien mee is the wet kind, with super lots of wok hei taste! Comes with squid and meaty roast pork too! Best to eat it with the sambal chilli sauce!
-Nu Er Hong Braised Pork Rice Pork: Another super shiok bowl. Served with substantial braised pork meat, shitake mushroom, braised lava egg and tau kwa!
-SG Style Chilli Prawns with Crispy Mantou: This is a MUST ORDER! Huge de-shelled prawns that are crunchy and fresh! Super convenient to eat it too as they are de-shelled. Comes with 4 pieces of crispy mantou buns to dip into the savoury eggy chilli crab sauce!
-Jumbo Chicken Satay: This is super good!! Where else can you find such jumbo chicken satay in Singapore! Super well marinated and grilled to perfection!
-Grilled Banana Leaf Sambal Stingray: My favourite tze char seafood dish! Enjoy this stingray with Enjoy's homemade sambal chilli sauce
-Wok Hei Cabbage in Fish Sauce: Looks plain, but has lots of flavour!


One of my favourite chinese dessert stall place is @chowzandessert ! This brand is now only located at lavender area!

(The paya lebar outlet is now under another name and doesnt have the white cendol without any toppings anymore!)

Hehe so when i visited the lavender outlet, i knew without thinking what my order would be - white cendol with no toppings! (Hehe the one in my cover photo with redbeans and corn were ordered by my family).

Must come at least once! You will fall in love with their unique white chendol dessert!

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Tasty and affordable western cuisine @bros.gourmetsg !

There is a new eatery at Blk 462 Crawford Lane at Lavender coffeeshop! They serve tasty and quality western cuisine at affordable prices! They have a wide range of menu items ranging from mains, burgers and sandwiches to pasta! There is something for everyone here!

Featured here are the following items:
💫Homemade wild mushroom soup with garlic baguette: A must get starter! The baguette was crispy and fragrant! Goes well with the creamy mushroom soup!
🌟Handcrafted double Pork Gourmet Burger with Fries: This is a MUST TRY! I highly recommend to get this juicy hand pounded burger! The pork burger patty is super juicy and thick! No smelly pork smell too! Loved the toasted fluffy sesame seed bun too! Fries were also crispy!
💫Mixed Seafood Combo: Get this if you are a seafood lover! For this combo platter, you get salmon, dory and calamari! Super crispy large sized calamari! The salmon and dory comes with butter herb sauce!

Check them out at Blk 462 Crawford Lane # 01-29 Singapore 190462

Here is what we tried:
-Kouign Amann ($5): This was crafted in a different swirl shape that we are more used to! Instead, this was circular denser shape kouign amann. First impression, it was quite hardddd (because of the thick layer of caramelized sugar) and sticky to cut!

-Almond Croissant ($5.50): This was better than the kouign amann (when usually I prefer kouign amann to almond croissant). The croissant had a crispy flaky outer layer with thick portions of almond in the interior.

The staff did not offer the option to reheat our bakes, so the pastries were served to us at room temperature.

If you are intending to head here to utilise the burpple beyond 1 for 1, do note that it is only available for selected pastries like the above, as well as croissant, pain au chocolat, ham and cheese croissant.

📍16 Hamilton Rd, # 01-02, Singapore 209186
Operating hours: Closed on Mon Tues-Sun, 8.30am-5pm


Piping hot fish head steamboat is perfect for the cold weather these days!

Grouper fish head steamboat: Super flavourful tasty soup! Their soup is made using fishbones! Fresh fish slices with fried yam in the soup! You can also choose other types of fish like pomfret, snapper and song fish. There is also the option to add on more sliced pomfret, tang oh, yam, cabbage, golden mushrooms and even the ling ling soya ring roll! There is unlimited soup refills provided too.

Pork Belly: This is a MUST get! The pork belly is fried till crispy! Super crispy and delicious! The marination is made using their own fermented tofu recipe! I love that the meat cut was not super fatty!

Signature Homemade Tofu: This is another MUST get item! The tofu was super special! It is made using a mixture of seafood, fish and tofu paste! Coated with batter and fried till golden brown! Goes well with the sweet and spicy chilli sauce provided.

Prawn Paste Chicken Wing: Can’t go wrong with this item at all chinese restaurant!

Cuttlefish Kang Kong: Cooked to perfection, the cuttlefish was not too chewy!

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Featuring the cakes I had for my November birthday feasting month!

Visited Whisking Bakes, Singapore’s 1st taro cafe!

I had tried their taro balls earlier, so I was very excited to try more of the other taro items they have!

Visited on a friday late evening time. Was afraid that they might be sold out of the cakes so I called in before heading down! Thankfully there was still ONE of the taro swiss rolls left on the shelve when i reach!

Featured here are the following items we tried:
💜 Taro-Misu ($6.50++): I initially did not want to get this item (was choosing between the orh nee cake or this, but went for this in the end since it was the popular item), but it ended up benign my favourite item! It was not as creamy as I feared it to be. The sweetness level was also just right and it was so pretty! The tiramisu lady fingers is layered with orh nee paste, mascarpone cream and creamy taro milk layers. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to get this if you have limited tummy capacity. For someone who dont super love tiramisu, this was super good to me!
💜 Taro Mochi Swiss Roll ($6+): This was the main item that I headed to the cafe for. But it kinda fall abit short of expectations when compared to the other taro-misu. The swiss roll layers while soft, it felt a tad too dry for me. Love the unique combination of mochi in the middle with yam paste all around. But somehow, the mochi didnt go well all in one together. But still a pretty unique swiss roll to try out!
💜 Taro Latte ($6.50+): You can choose hot or cold version. The latte is generously frothed and below it lies lots of orh nee chunks! This totally reminds me of the orhnee paste you get at wedding receptions!

Cantonese Styled Seafood Cuisine from @jinjueseafood !

Featured here are the following items:
Chilli & black pepper crab ($57 for 2 crabs! This promo is in conjunction with Singapore’s 57th birthday and the promo ends on 31 Aug 2022! For dine in only.): The crabs were served pipping hot! Both the chilli and black pepper sauce were super spicy and shiok! The crab meat was fresh, sweet tasting and super meaty! Plastic gloves are provided for easy eating!

Steamboat with Red Snapper $38: This charcoal fish steamboat is super special! An entire fish is served, and they also have a separate plate of thinly sliced red snapper fish that is served shabu shabu style so that you can also have sliced fish without bones for easy eating! The soup was very flavourful and comes with yam too! Soup was refillable too. Thumbs up!

Lemongrass pork ribs $18: A very flavourful dish that was finger licking good! The meat tears off easily from the bone, very tender!

Handmade crispy stuffed chicken with sotong and prawn paste $18: Very unique item! Crispy fried on the outside and juicy on the inside! Goes well with the spicy sambal chilli sauce given!

Kailan with dried scallop $15: Stir fried crispy kai lan was so good! It is like crispy seaweed! Even non veg eaters will be converts for this dish!

Hotplate tofu $15: This came with egg tofu, minced meat, mushrooms, prawns and green peas. Super lots of ingredients!

All in all, every dish was super tasty! You can’t go wrong with this place! Great for family gatherings!

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