New Cafe to check out in Singapore at Farrer Park - !

Plan a cafe hopping date with your loved ones this weekend!

Featured here are the following food ites:
-Asian Prawn and Clam Chilli Pasta ($22): Prawns were huge and nicely grilled! Love the spicy carbonara sauce, it was not over-spicy, and not over-jelat!
-Truffle Tamago Salmon ($14.50): So so good! Everything was good! Do note that this dish comes with fries too, so dont make the mistake like us and almost order another serving of fries (hehe luckily we could cancel the extra serving of fries order and changed it to another dessert:)
-Lemon Pistachio ($8): Super love their tea cakes!
-Yuzu Lemon Chamomile ($8): Light an citrusy cakes!
-Strawberry Pistachio Tart ($9.50): Loved the buttery crust!
-Galaxy Ade ($7): Pretty purple drink!
-Matcha & Mango ($8): Matcha and mango are my two favourites! Have never tried them together in one drink before!
-Artisan Gelato and Crumble ($6 for single, $11 for double scoop) - We got the pistachio and vanilla flavour: The gelato was served in a very unique cone shaped cup! And it was my first time seeing gelato being paired with granola for sales!

10/10 recommend to check out this lovely cafe!

Location: 681 Race Course Rd, #01-305, Singapore 210681

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