744 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470744


11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm



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Pancakes, waffles, or eggs bennys, this place does brunch right, and without GST as well! Read more at:

The earl grey really stands out with its flavours bursting in my mouth 👄. The cake was extremely moist and the cream cheese was really smooth and delicate. For the Affogato, it was strongly espresso. The ice cream was smooth and sweet with the espresso oozing out of it. It was yet bitter and sweet, the best of both worlds. An extremely good combination for a good ending. One of the best that I have ever eaten. 😊👍🐳🐳🐳

Iced Latte ($5.50)

Iced latte from @refuelcafesg to escape from the crazy-ass heat! Great weekend with a good cuppa ☕️☺️!

I keep returning to Refuel Cafe for the hearty brunches at wallet friendly prices, and tried the pancakes for the first time last week. We arrived at 1050am and were already the 2nd in queue! 😱

The pancakes were good! Paired the fluffy scrambled eggs and choice of sausage, bacon or smoked salmon (we tried all 3 and loved them!), it's a weekend place we keep returning to again and again. Just be prepared to queue cos there's limited seating.

I wish I wish.... that all cafes could be as affordable as refuel!! (8.50$ nett) for their signature stack of 3 pancakes- accompanied by outsourced vanilla ice cream and a viscous salted caramel sauce.
Definitely on the "Better pancakes in Singapore" list!
I so want to come back for more i.e. other brunch items, yet I foresee a tough dilemma between these no-brainer delicious pancakes. Yarmsss 🥞

Baked Chicken Stew ($13.90)

Baled whole chicken leg 🍗sitting in a tomato🍅 based stew accompanied by mushrooms, potatoes and spinach and served with 2 slices of bread cos you'll definitely be mopping up that hearty stew! This dish is definitely worth returning for!

Bacon Aglio ($11.90)

Simple yet delicious aglio olio from @refuelcafesg . The prices on the menu is just welcoming for the quality food served.

Tucked away in a not so sleepy block of flats like any true hipster cafe, refuel serves decent grub at decent prices. Love that they have more on the menu than the usual brunch suspects, like this pesto scramble ($12.90). If only the pita bread it was served with was a tad less hard. They do get really crowded at lunch so best be early!

Wings are delish at the first bite, but gets too much on the 4th wing. Its ALL wings bytheway, for Wings lovers. Greens comes without dressing, its kinda dry.. just eat it with the leftover sauces from the wings! Good to share ($8.90)

Amazeballs pancakes, with butter & honey, best ever! Satisfied my pancakes craving, just today. Greens on the side went well with its dressing. Scrambled eggs are just comfort food.
And the chicken sausage, nth to rave about.. but you get to choose over sausage, bacon, smoked salmon. ($10.90)

It was a good burger, flavorful, but a little dry on the bread. Generous portion of the meat. Corn sides ($12.90)

Warm waffle topped with fresh vegetable salad, scrambled egg and thin strips of pork.

I found this green eggs with flatbread to be addictive and very generous. It can probably be shared if you have a small stomach. The mushrooms, greens and green eggs goes well together. It's also a healthy mix of fiber. I liked the flat bread and it would be great if Refuel Cafe offered sharper knifes to cut through it because it's a tad hard.

Looks like it's the end of the line for my favourite cafe. Had the "It's Salmon Time" from the new menu and it was SO bad. Taste of nutella milkshake also getting worse.... it's been a good time Refuel but time to say goodbye.

It's terrible! The cheese was not very nice and there wasn't any mushrooms!

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