Never thought I would get good food from a themed cafe, but @actioncitycafe proved otherwise!

The Flamed Kissed Grilled Steak ($24) was all in all pretty spectacular. Although the beef steak turned out cooked beyond the requested medium rare, it was surprisingly very tender and juicy. The knife cut through it really pretty easily! The herb butter on top made it even better by providing additional richness and garlic umami. However, I do hope that there was more of the beef flavour. Nonetheless, it was a pretty amazing steak!

The Healthy Toasted Medley ($24) was equivalent to your full English breakfast but healthier, and it was pretty good too! The sourdough was well buttered and toasted without being too hard and the eggs were quite well cooked.

Coffee here was also pretty decent! The Iced Latte ($6) was pretty fragrant and not acidic at all. The Iced Mocha ($7) was not too sweet and I could tell that quality chocolate was used.

Definitely will be back 🥳

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