Featuring Takeshi-San, Restaurant Espoir, Casuarina Curry Restaurant (Macpherson), Smile Martabak (Funan), Alley Wei (Tampines Mall), Tanamera Coffee (Marina Square), D'Penyetz (Admiralty), Mahmud's Tandoor (Bugis)
Darren Teo
Darren Teo

Service was quick and friendly. Get a seat before queueing.

Noodles with Chicken Soup ($5.80) was warm and comforting with lots of veges and a good portion of QQ noodles. But for the price, expected some bits of chicken.
Youtiao ($1.80) with Soybean Milk ($2.20) was hearty and pretty filling as the youtiao came in quite a big portion. Youtiao wasn't oily and was fluffy, paired perfectly with the soybean milk.
Almond Soybean Milk ($2.60) is great for anyone who loves almond. Get it cold for a refreshing and cooling drink.
Pan-fried Chicken Pau ($4.80 for 3 pieces) was quite a disappointment. Expected a more crispy exterior but it wasn't, and it was more like a steamed pau instead. The filling also leaned towards the pasty kind, which I did not appreciate. Can skip this.

Blue Swimmer Crab | Sambal Romesco Sauce

This was a dish that ultimately failed to impress us. For starters, the tagliatelle was less firm than what we expected, and also different from the Aglio Olio spaghetti. The sauce was reminscent of chilli crab sauce, albeit much less on the sweetness, but it didn't illicit any feelings of 'wow' or even an 'ooh'. Felt that the crabbiness of the dish was also muted. All in all, would not recommend this dish.

Tiger Prawns | Garlic | Capsicum | Asparagus | Sun Dried Tomstoes

Don't expect the classic rendition of Aglio Olio and its associated taste here; the version here is heavy on Malayan influences infused by the spices added, together with a medley of capsicum and asparagus adding a nice crunch and freshness to the dish. However, the prawns were the main star of the show - 5 plump and juicy prawns which had a firm bite to them and really made this a standout. Also appreciated that the spice level could be customised when ordering.

Came by for brunch to try out this Indonesian cafe chain that I've been seeing around. For drinks we had the Flat White and Chai Latte, both had a rich aroma and tasted great. For mains we had the Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio and Ayam Gulai Padang. Aglio Olio was really tasteless and prawns weren't fresh. Not recommended. Ayam Gulai Padang was Spiced Chicken served with rice, boiled greens, achar, and a spicy gravy. This was much more palatable, but I wouldn't get this at usual price. Total spending was about $28 for mains and drinks. Very worth it with Burpple but the food quality isn't up to par. Strangely, the menu onsite also differs from their online menu.

Decided to pop by to try Takeshi-san as I remembered seeing quite a bit of publicity on it on social media. Plus, Burpple has a 1-for-1 sushi roll deal here so why not.

They have a $5 drinks for Happy Hour 5-7pm daily as well as all-day $5/$6/$8 bar bites so we started of with those. We had the Umeshu, Suntory Highball, and the Lime Sui Gin Soda for drinks which were pretty okay for their price. As for sides, the Mozarella Sticks were lightly-battered with a nice cheese pull, made even better by the accompanying spicy sauce. Chawanmushi and Crispy Salmon Skin weren't worth it, can skip.

Now for the Burpple Sushi Rolls, you have a separate menu of 4 sushi rolls to choose from. We had the Spicy Tuna Roll and Salmon Teriyaki Roll. Honestly, nothing much to shout about; just average and I'm pretty sure they were specifically made to be costed at $10 each, otherwise I don't think it's worth $20.

We also ordered the Garlic Fried Rice with Wagyu Cubes. Fried rice was nice, lots of garlic flavours within, but there were clumps of plain white rice scattered throughout. Wagyu cubes were so-so and just forgettable - not what I would've expected from wagyu.

Furthermore, our wagyu fried rice took so long to arrive and when we got the staff to check, she told us that it was sent to the wrong table by mistake. Did no one realise or said anything? Welps, at last they gave a 30% discount for the wait time.

Overall, don't think I would return.

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Came to Curbside Crafters for the craft market but was pleasantly surprised to see a sign for Mahmud's Tandoor just outside the entrance. Had seen it trending on IG few years back and had been wanting to visit ever since.

The OG Tandoori Burger ($12) had a thick tandoori chicken patty that was juicy and bursting with flavour from the spices. With the onions and mint yoghurt sauce, every bite was a tantalising array of tang, mintiness, and slight heat. The fluffy brioche bun held everything together in a delicious package. Yum.

Get the Masala Fries (+$3) too - thick, crisp, and bursting with potato goodness, the masala spice also gave it a uniquely flavourful kick. Don't forget the harissa mayo dip which was superb as well as the trio of sauces at the counter for you to choose from (I had the mango chilli which was surprisingly good, like a spicy-sour chilli).

Overall, would return to try their other offerings (the crispydoori is first on my list, as is the loaded masala fries). They also have a range of slushes too like Chai Slush which I would get for sure!

Thick and chewy pancake encasing a sweet melted chocolate and salty gooey cheddar cheese, with a generous sprinkle of crunchy peanuts, this was so sinfully good.

This was pretty good, with a spicy kick to it. Enjoyed it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

D'Penyetz Smashed Chicken ($12.50) had a succulent and crisp chicken thigh coated with an addictive batter, accompanied with the usual staples of greens and tempeh. I tried level 4 and it was so so spicy, still tolerable but marred my enjoyment - beware!
Grilled Chicken ($12.90) was excessively sweet and my dad did not like this at all. Could really tell the difference between this and Riverside Indonesian BBQ's fantastic rendition.

All in all, would return to try out their duck/beef versions as well as the varying spice levels, but ultimately this is pretty pricey.

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Adventurous and always looking for new flavours on my tongue!

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