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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

🍞 Found a Rustic Aussie Bakery with an Open Lawn!✨ their toasties 🥪 comes with fresh tomato soup which is a must with grilled cheese hehe, can go with the half portion starting from $7!🍅

Had a morning brekkie at the newest cafe to the Duxton Enclave 💗butter tgt by @youkneadcakes (homebaker on IG) opened at 76A Duxton Road right opposite Rappu hidden on 2nd floor behind a butter yellow door ☺️
simple menu with cosy aesthetics , reminds me closely of Ceres Haus or Dawn Kissa - each with their own signature bakes 👩‍🍳 For Butter Tgt, go for their cookies and pound cakes 💯
‼️ go early before the crowd to get the best window side seats and choice of bakes before they run out 😂

‼️FINDING HONEY CAKE 🍯 been looking for honey cakes since my trip to Perth✨found one at @piccoloheikim , even though it’s a different take from australia’s 🇦🇺 but it also hits the spot with an asian twist 👍 imagine kueh lapis but with condensed milk and honey 🤌💯

This cafe is a hidden gem as well💕located inside far east plaza selling their own house made cakes (which changes each time) with handwritten description! Though not displayed asthetically but there is a charm to it and very attractive (that banoffee 👀) will be back to try their other brunch items as well 🩷

✨Chilli Crab & Shrimp Pasta for $20, Wkday Lunch for $16‼️

💯was impressed by the prices, quality and quantity of @burp.bishanprk menu on top of their unique location right next to a pond 💗 perfect heartland getaway from the hustle 😊✨

actually really one of the best value-to-menu cafes in Singapore 🇸🇬

💡: though there is construction going on, you can’t hear any noise inside and still accessible~

shoutout to the price point and quantity of food on the breakfast plate💗 for a big chunk of chicken cutlet on a giant waffle!🧇, it costs $15.90++, nothing on the menu for brunch is more than $20👍

recommend their cloud drink creations starting from $8 - which has a smooth cream foam over their house brews selection from coffee to ice shaken tea 👍 The Pandan Cloud ($9) can work as both a drink and dessert 😋

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Its also a perfect place for a simple cuppa coffee which comes with mini madeleines on the side ☕️

They also have a changing menu of fresh bakes 🥐 mainly classic french pastries done well 💯

💗REN white curry - an innovative take to japanese curry with a strong punch of seafood flavor from their generous use of asari clams, mussels and tiger prawns 🤩 though i think the attention is taken away from the curry 🍛 need bit more refinement but a good start!

💯REN matcha toast ($18)🍵 one of the best shibuya toast i had in 🇸🇬 MUST GET‼️👍 they did it all right with the crispy sugar at toast sides, condensed milk dressing, fluffy inside, rich matcha creme and pure hokkaido milk gelato on top ✨ with strawberries 🍓😍 I WILL COME BACK FOR THIS🥰

Truffle Kombu Fries ($12) - generous amount of parmesan with touch of truffle and kombu flavor ✨ cannot go wrong with this 👍

✨Live the Parisian Life by the CBD Street at @breathcafesg by @letartsg 💗✨

💡: beautifully plated brunch menu for sharing at affordable prices✨ with baby breath over your head ☺️
📍: 3 Pickering Street (next to Far east square)
💰: dishes priced from $10 to $20ish 👍

Overrall, the Cafe is still a work in progress with a simple menu to start for their upcoming opening early Nov ✨ ( 🤫 soft launch now!!!) - it’s a good start with decent prices for quality ingredients used👏

✉️: Thanks for the invite @breathcafesg , wish you best of luck and business ahead!😊

Cold Truffle Capellini ($22)
Served with REAL crab chunks, oscietra caviar, kombu and truffle vinaigrette‼️at this price point😮‼️slight compensate in terms of portion size but for high quality ingredients 🥰

Iris Lim

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Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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