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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

💗REN white curry - an innovative take to japanese curry with a strong punch of seafood flavor from their generous use of asari clams, mussels and tiger prawns 🤩 though i think the attention is taken away from the curry 🍛 need bit more refinement but a good start!

💯REN matcha toast ($18)🍵 one of the best shibuya toast i had in 🇸🇬 MUST GET‼️👍 they did it all right with the crispy sugar at toast sides, condensed milk dressing, fluffy inside, rich matcha creme and pure hokkaido milk gelato on top ✨ with strawberries 🍓😍 I WILL COME BACK FOR THIS🥰

Truffle Kombu Fries ($12) - generous amount of parmesan with touch of truffle and kombu flavor ✨ cannot go wrong with this 👍

✨Live the Parisian Life by the CBD Street at @breathcafesg by @letartsg 💗✨

💡: beautifully plated brunch menu for sharing at affordable prices✨ with baby breath over your head ☺️
📍: 3 Pickering Street (next to Far east square)
💰: dishes priced from $10 to $20ish 👍

Overrall, the Cafe is still a work in progress with a simple menu to start for their upcoming opening early Nov ✨ ( 🤫 soft launch now!!!) - it’s a good start with decent prices for quality ingredients used👏

✉️: Thanks for the invite @breathcafesg , wish you best of luck and business ahead!😊

Cold Truffle Capellini ($22)
Served with REAL crab chunks, oscietra caviar, kombu and truffle vinaigrette‼️at this price point😮‼️slight compensate in terms of portion size but for high quality ingredients 🥰

🍳 63C Spanish Eggs ($16)
Crispy artisanal spiced sourdough paired with the runny egg mix with chorizo ragu and lentils ✨ this twist to Shashuka works to be more filling 👍

🥪 Pastrami Sammi ($18)
packed with smoked beef pastrami 🥩 paired with their own seasoned onions and pickle radish ✨ one of the bigger portion items in the menu😊

💯 Bacon & Mushroom Quiche ($15)
filling made up of streaky bacon, wild mushrooms, fresh herbs and ‼️THREE KINDS OF CHEESE‼️bechamel, red cheddar & mozzarella👍

🎄 @whiskdom x @thehainanstory christmas collaboration for preorder now‼️ ✨

💡: 15% off EARLY BIRD discount from 15 to 30 November‼️ Be part of their “KAKI NANG” in supporting local hainanese small business owners in their pursuit for innovation and cultural fusion 👍🥰
💰: $68 for the whole set ✨

🎂Swiss Roll Log Cake 💯
@thehainanstory Best Selling Pandan Kaya mixed with @whiskdom brownie bits topped with premium chocolate , pistachio and cranberries for the festive season ✨

🍚 Hainanese Inspired Yibua Blissful✨
sweet and savory mix of mochi with traditional gula melaka and coconut pairing.

☃️ Midnight Goma Snowman Brownie Delight💯
black sesame 💗 with chocolate - double richness🤪

☕️ Hainanese Coffee Dream💯
This is the favorite💗 using @thehainanstory signature kopi gao to make the cream filling. I like that it’s rich in coffee aroma but not overpowering the brownie 🍫👍

overrall, super flavor packed‼️ definitely a happiness dessert package for the sharing season 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦✨

Got to try @thehainanstory satay 🍗 and @bigbigfries crunchy big fries 🍟 at FYP orchard central ✨ didn’t know this local FnB place existed at level 4 of @orchardcentral ! psst @whiskdom is on @burpple beyond here too 😉✨

Did you know that there is a Cafe Kitsuné by Maison Kitsuné in Singapore? ✨

💡: Waited for the hype to die down ☺️ not much queue now haha! prefect quiet spot for a chill solo coffee break! Though not cheap 🙃
📍: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-11, Singapore 178905
💰 : ~$15-20
⭐️ : 3/5

Food —— The cakes were too pricey (~ $12-15) 🥲 so got a genmaicha financier ($5), 🦊 fox butter cookie ($4) and matcha chocolate ($8.5) 🍵 Oof the matcha chocolate is super super rich - almost like a puree 😮 can be shared! genmaicha financier is good ✨ nice fresh baked texture ☺️ fox butter cookie is … a cute cookie 🙂 Really just there for the brand 😂 ambience is really calming and nice for work or reading thou ☺️❤️

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✨From C Cafe to Nimbus Cafe - serving Classic Breakfast and Lunch - with $32 Lobster roll✨

💡: Go for their toasties at $20 for 4 different choices - Salmon Cheese which i got is the most value 👍
📍: 477 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427683
💰 : ~$20-30
⭐️ : 3/5

Food —— Simple Cafe Menu - nothing excessive but not overvalued for what is served. Lobster roll ($32) is one of the more affordable you can find served with decent pieces of lobster with fluffy buttery brioche bread ✨ Will return if there is some promo deals hehe 😜

✨ Famous Vintage Bakery Cafe from Yeonnamdong, Seoul to Singapore’s Bali Lane ✨


💡: limited seats only on second floor, will have to take your own drinks and bakes up (careful!!!!) - not cheap 🥲
📍: 32 Bali Ln, Singapore 189868
💰 : ~$8+ for bakes, $7+ for drinks 
⭐️ : 3.5/5 (will go once)

Food —— tried their signature injeolmi cube ($8.30) which is pretty good which crispy outside and rich soya cream inside - there is two mochis on top 👍💯 Green Apple Ade ($7.50) is not worth … simply soda water with apple syrup - no garnish 🥲

Service —— no service, as it’s self-service concept hence no 10% service charge. 

Ambience —— nice vintage vibes especially on the first floor for the instagram really 📸 but not a place i will return or stay long hmm. weirdly, just not as comfortable on top and menu options are bit limited on the pricey side.

Iris Lim

Level 9 Burppler · 1241 Reviews

Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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