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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

‼️NEW CBD LUNCH SPOT‼️ @minchengbibimbap serves mains from just $6.80 with free flow rice and sides!

Mincheng Bibimbap originated from Chinese Korean Ethnic (North-Eastern of China) serving chinese - korean cuisine focusing on bimbibap style - they have over 400 outlet worldwide!quantity and taste is quite decent with a bit of a unique sauce flavoring (savory smoky type from their house sauce which are directly imported ✨

for a quick delicious lunch meal - below $10 this is as good as it gets💯!

check out their newest outlet at @funansg ✨ go earlier as the queue gets long!

Tried their Naengmyeon (cold noodles), pork bibimbap, seafood tofu soup all at $8.80‼️👍 with free flow seaweed soup, kimchi and rice!

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‼️Last Month to get @seoraesg Grill & Chill set ($142), with portion tbh suitable up to 4 pax even😂
comes with:
• Woosamgyeob (Beef Shortplate) 150g- choice of Spicy, Non-spicy or Black Pepper
• Hangjeongsal (Pork Jowl) 150g
• Yangnyeom Moksal (Pork Collar) 200g
• Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles)
• Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake)
+ choice of alcohol 🍻😝
• Terra Beer (330ml) - 5 Bottles or Makkeoli / Soju Tower

💗 Best of all their free flow banchan station 👍👅
💗 they give two different type of grills as well for different cut meat 🥩
💗AUTHENTIC charcoal grill experience

📍@plazasingapura , @nex.singapore , @northpointsg , @compassonesg , @jemsingapore , @tampinesmall

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👍Last two weeks to get the Golden Chikin Tansuyuk Combo ($49.88) at @seoulyummy 💗 Very good value for 2-3 pax with a golden bucket of korean-chinese fusion boneless chicken in sweet sour sauce 🐓 filled with star tteokbokki too🌟

it also comes with classic Korean soft tofu stew of your choice, along with seaweed fish roe rice, an appetiser of your choice and two refreshing mocktails. worth it✨💯

Get the seafood stew which comes with generous amount of prawns, clam and there is octopus inside too 🐙! For bigger group, the pancake will make a good filling but for 2 pax go for their honey soy chicken 🍗 which surprisingly didn’t disappoint at all 👍

💡: outlet at @plazasingapura got really crowded with a queue by after work hours and alot of ppl got this set too 😊✌️verified by the majority when see a good foodie deal 👀


💡: Rooftop and courtyard dining space overlooking Orchard and @amiaddicted.sg pottery studio space with surrounding greens 🌿 priced affordable with selectable course items + complimentaries✨
📍: 181 Orchard Rd, #06-10 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
💰: $60+ for 2 pax course menu

comes with choice of 2 cocktails and desserts (there is only 2 dessert options in the menu fyi haha so try them both in one shot✨)

i love the starting complimentary shot of grape makgeoli ✨ they didn’t have too especially when the pricing is really very affordable for the quantity and quality of food ‼️💯

Highly recommend to try for the price and experience 💗 thanks @kimchi_dining and @buldokmarketing for the kind invite and hosting ✨

🍆 Gaji Ganjeong 💯charcoal tempura eggplant✨ husband finished it all 💗

🥩 Arongsatae and Dogani - ‼️A lot‼️ i think can feed 3-4 people actually, over 6 hours braised beef heel muscle & Tendon till soft and tender - soooo soft 😂✨

🍜 Jeju Pork Noodle - generous cuts of thick pork belly in light jeju style broth (bit too bland for me though 🥲)

🥔 Gamjajeon 💯This is a top favorite! so so crispy - it has a western touch to the traditional kimchi pancake with the sour cream-like Siberian onion truffle mayo and coating of parmesan cheese 🧀🤤💗

something new from the usual Pocha restaurant is the Truffle Jjang ramyeon ($12.88) which is surprisingly not too bad✨ The seafood tofu stew has a good kick 🌶️ and a giant tofu inside 😂

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Duroc Pork Set ($45.88) comes with pork belly and pork jowl which are super fatty! you don’t need oil on the grill 🔥

They have fuss-free Party sets (~ $76.88 / and $89.88 comes with alcohol soju ) and Happie Meals ($41.88 / $54.88) are pretty value for money for groups.

Finally tried @noodlestark.sg 🫢 yes i have finally decide to queue for it 😂 got their signature Jja jangmyeon 🍜 and mandu 🥟 ! the portions are hugeeeee 😮‼️

personally maybe i had high expectations, the JJM was too thick for my liking :/ decent amount of squid inside but could be bit less sticky?

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Iris Lim

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Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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