Meat Free Day

Meat Free Day

Tired of eating heavy meats for your meal? Or looking for some healthy meal? Here are all the places in Singapore that suitable to all vegetarians friends.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

It was a raining day when I was here, so I go with something warm like this golden pao fan.

They used short grain rice here which is braised in the umami-rich oceanic broth, topped with sauteed king oyster mushrooms.

There’s also a small bowl of crispy rice to give you the texture in the soup.

Small portion but definitely good enough considering you still have other course items to enjoy.

Elemen is popular for their meatless set menu, which consists of either 5 course during the weekdays or 8 course during the weekends.

All course set will come with this appetiser and your choice of salad.

The appetiser is this platter which 3 different taste bites, which has a specific order of eating it from left to right.

As for the salad, there’s a few options to choose from and one of it would be this Japanese tofu with century egg. Served chilled and soft.

Zuya is one of the few vegetarian restaurants you can find in this area, serving affordable meatless dishes that focused on local cuisine.

Their valuable set comes with a bowl of soup for the day, which I got the red bean soup.

The black pepper mutton was disappointed as I thought it would be spicy, but it was too mild for me.

Located at the 4th floor of Fortune Centre, you would find this vegetarian restaurant right as you take the escalator up.

Consider a much quieter place as the rest, but here all their items on the menu are organic foods. So the price could be more higher than the rest.

Gotten their curry rice which comes with veggies, salad and mocked meat in curry sauce.

The curry is actually very spicy. Soup available for additional $1.

A dish of vegetable on the table is definitely a must especially coming to a vegetarian restaurant. And we went for their sambal sweet potato leaves. Really enjoy the spicy taste of it but not too overwhelming.


Recommend to get this with group of people on table. The yam basket is filled with assorted vegetables to share among.

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Most of the mocked meat dishes here used the mushroom, and available in a few different style of cooking that you can choose from. Either going with sweet & sour or you prefer something spicy.

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They served pretty decent mapo tofu here for the excellent execution of taste. With the tofu accompanying with lots of ingredients.


This vegetarian restaurant could be easily missed out as they are located on second floor at the corner, which the entrance is right just beside facing the Buddha Tooth Temple.

Very suitable for big group of dining here and offering tze char style of vegetarian foods on the menu.

One of the recommendations would be this wasabi vegetarian prawn. You would immediately get the spicy feel of wasabi as you eat it.


Xie Bi A Vegetarian Delights is a vegetarian food stall in this food court at Tampines, open early in the morning serving beehoon and wanton noodle.

Their wanton noodle is a very simple kind of meal to begin the day with. On the top you will find the crispy beecurd, veggies and wanton in soup.


Found this vegetarian restaurant as I was searching for it around the area, and turned up to be a very pleasant meal here.

It is air-conditioned and hide under one of the office building in this industrial area. Which you could easily miss out as the shop view is covered by the trees along the main road.

What I understand is that they has been operating for many years, before moving to this current location.

Serving meatless western, asian and indian cuisine here. The set meals are the best option to grab that comes with complimentary drink.

South Indian Set is one of it that comes with plain rice, sambar, rasam, buttermilk, 2 veg, vadai, dessert, papadam and pickles. They all taste excellent in different flavours and very appetising.

Definitely a good place for those vegetarian who works around here, as you can many meatless options on their menu.

Continue to explore the different vegetarian options in Fortune Centre, and change upon this small shop on level 1.

Gotten their thunder tea rice and I would say the taste is decent and not too overwhelming. Taste great as you mixed all the ingredients and veggies together with the rice.

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Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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