Meat Free Day

Meat Free Day

Tired of eating heavy meats for your meal? Or looking for some healthy meal? Here are all the places in Singapore that suitable to all vegetarians friends.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Located inside the coffee shop just beside Aljunied MRT Station, this vegetarian stall has been serving the neighbourhood for many years.

Lots of ingredients already on display early in the morning.

Sauté has recently introduced their latest Korean-inspired plant-based food concept that specialise with Korean cuisine at Tampines 1. So now you can enjoy some decent meatless Korean foods in Singapore.

Strongly recommend their Kimchi stew with rice. Comes with 2 side dishes.

The kimchi stew is tasty and spicy enough to enjoy with the rice. You may add on with egg and cheese like me to enhance the taste.

Back to this new hawker centre again to explore more new stalls.

As I was looking for something light and not too heavy, I came across this thunder tea stall with their budget meal.

The “Pu Mi” thunder tea soup basically comes with usual 5 types of vegetables and the soup, plus with the puffed rice.

Mixed everything with the soup and you would enjoy much with the flavour.

A popular stall in the morning for their vegetarian beehoon, which usually formed a long queue at the front of the stall.

Everyone would come here to buy packages of beehoon for their breakfast.

The beehoon set comes with the standard veggies, and you can add-on additional fried items to complete your meal.

98 Vegetarian Food has a long history serving vegetarian foods in Ang Mo Kio for many years since 1981. And they still continue to serve until today at this coffee shop.

Popular for their white bee hoon in the morning, that serve with some ingredients. You can add on some fried items to complete your breakfast here.

They don’t just serving local style of foods here, but also western cuisine like this pizza.

crusty slices of pizza topped with pieces of lion mare.

For individual portion, their rice bowl is perfect for a fulfilling meal.

They have a few options of rice bowl and the Nyonya Curry Mutton Rice is one of it.

Each rice bowl usually comes with the broccoli, corns and cherry tomatoes.

I was hoping the curry could provide more, but the thankfully the rice wasn’t too dry.

A comfortable space with air-conditioning to enjoy vegetarian foods in their outlet at Bukit Batok.

Almost full house when I came on weekend lunch time. They offered wide range of meatless items on the menu.

If you coming in group, I really recommend to get this plate of cereal tofu. Topped with generous amount of cereal. The tofu is fluffy and taste well with the cereal.

Located at the 3rd floor of Fortune Centre, Seva Cafe is one of the vegetarian restaurants you can find here.

Although the name may suggest an Indian cuisine only, but they actually served much of Asian cuisine.

I went for their nasi briyani, with comes with a bowl of curry, rice, cucumber, cracker and long beans.

The curry consists of potatoes and pieces of mushroom meat. Spicy but not too overpowering.

This dinner special item only available on Friday night, a perfect bowl of warm and spicy soup for this raining season.

You can choose the spicy level, the normal level is good for me. Comes with few pieces of tofu with spinach.

It was a raining day when I was here, so I go with something warm like this golden pao fan.

They used short grain rice here which is braised in the umami-rich oceanic broth, topped with sauteed king oyster mushrooms.

There’s also a small bowl of crispy rice to give you the texture in the soup.

Small portion but definitely good enough considering you still have other course items to enjoy.

Elemen is popular for their meatless set menu, which consists of either 5 course during the weekdays or 8 course during the weekends.

All course set will come with this appetiser and your choice of salad.

The appetiser is this platter which 3 different taste bites, which has a specific order of eating it from left to right.

As for the salad, there’s a few options to choose from and one of it would be this Japanese tofu with century egg. Served chilled and soft.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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