Granny’s Thunder Tea

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From the Burpple community

Back to this new hawker centre again to explore more new stalls.

As I was looking for something light and not too heavy, I came across this thunder tea stall with their budget meal.

The “Pu Mi” thunder tea soup basically comes with usual 5 types of vegetables and the soup, plus with the puffed rice.

Mixed everything with the soup and you would enjoy much with the flavour.

Enjoyed this! I liked the brown rice, it was cooked well such that it was moist yet not mushy. The main source of savouriness was from the shrimp, which they gave quite a lot of, as well as the caipo. Here they use xiaobaicai, not mani cai. I particularly liked the leeks which were v flavourful. Also had beancurd like other stalls. Peanuts for the crunch.

Stole a bit of the add-on taukwa my bf got, it was alright but very huuuge, could be stuffed with more filling.

Overall, I liked that it's tasty and healthy, not too salty. Would come back when I'm in the north!

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Thunder Tea Rice with Soup (S$4.50)
7 ingredients in white rice such as dried shrimp, chopped peanuts, diced tofu, chopped long bean, chopped green leafy vegetables, and chopped preserved radish.
Served with tea broth by the side
Wish the flavours were stronger

Granny’s Thunder Tea