we love cheap and good hawker food
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

One of my childhood spots for fish soup. The fish is reasonably plump and juicy, with no fishy taste at all. The soup is clear and tasty, not too salty, but has a savoury flavour from the preserved veg (?) and shallots. It comes with some veg (not lettuce!), and the rice has a nice texture, not too dry nor mashy. I love rice that is well cooked so that is important to me haha

Quite a yummy chendol! The red bean is soft and mashy, with a nice mild sweetness. Chendol was nicer than I expected, it had a natural Pandan flavour and not too gelatinous, quite soft and somewhat melt in the mouth. Gula melaka was sweet and shiok, coupled with the coconut cream. A great cold sweet treat to beat the heat, and it’s evident that many felt the same too - the queue during weekday lunchtime was longer than I expected!

First of all what a steal?! So cheap. The chicken was pretty soft and tender, not bad but we had a really nice one at yuhua recently (hup hong) and we felt that hup hong’s chicken was juicier. We like that the soy sauce is not too salty or sweet, and they give achar here too! Overall a pretty decent option that I wouldn’t mind having again~

The roast pork (shao rou) had a nice ratio of lean to fat, some were quite lean but not dry, and most important was not overly salty. Some pieces were quite juicy esp those fattier ones, some pieces had crispy skin.
The rice reminded me of Malaysian rice I have no better way to describe it LOL

Char Siew was lean and had a rather sweet marinade, it’s not the nicest but still decent, tho I prefer their roast pork. I wanted to eat char siew wanton mee initially but decided on this bc the char siew from the wanton mee stall was way too bright red for me.

Anyway there’s vegetables served with the roast meats and rice!! The bao cai and carrots were nice, very homely and I love that she bothered to give us proper vegetables instead of the measly slices of cucumber that other stalls give.

The was also lotus root soup, it was quite watered down.
Lu rou dan q standard. It’s not flashy and outstanding like other roast meat stalls but there’s an old sch/home cooked taste and charm to it. And the auntie is super nice!! I almost didn’t have enough cash but she was so chill about it, said I could come back another time to pay her. Thank goodness I had just enough so all was good :)

Enjoyed this! I liked the brown rice, it was cooked well such that it was moist yet not mushy. The main source of savouriness was from the shrimp, which they gave quite a lot of, as well as the caipo. Here they use xiaobaicai, not mani cai. I particularly liked the leeks which were v flavourful. Also had beancurd like other stalls. Peanuts for the crunch.

Stole a bit of the add-on taukwa my bf got, it was alright but very huuuge, could be stuffed with more filling.

Overall, I liked that it's tasty and healthy, not too salty. Would come back when I'm in the north!

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Gulurou was meaty but it had a v sweet tomato sauce, not a fan. Brown rice was not mushy, soft yet chewy.
Egg was tasty, spinach was normal. Overall it’s alright, idm eating this again but defo not the gulurou. An average caifan for me, but it somehow does see some long queues during lunch hour.

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Yet another place on my to-go list that is closing, so I had to quickly go try. Didn’t expect much given the mixed reviews but I thought it was not bad, enjoyed my lunch.

The chicken is lean yet soft, I can’t say it’s v tender but it’s not dry. I’ve had smoother chicken though. The skin of the chicken was v tasty, that’s where the marinade went.
Rice is p fragrant, could smell the aromatics like ginger/garlic infused into it. Texture was fine, it has a bite to it and rice grains were separated, yet not dry.

The sauce is viscous and sweet like honey ish and not salty?? Not what I expected soya sauce chicken’s sauce to taste like. Chilli is sour and q refreshing, with a mild spiciness. Soup is not v nice.

Overall I thought it was not bad and I would recommend you to try before it closes permanently! Portion was also quite reasonable for the price, place was well-ventilated. A shoutout to the servers who were v efficient and managed the queue well.


My FAV rojak of all time!! Ok it’s not like I’ve had that many rojaks in my life because honestly I just keep going back to this. The sauce is very flavourful and well-balanced, calamansi is prominent and I liked the use of ginger flower which gave a unique aroma. It is well integrated with the ingredients, comprising cucumber, youtiao, lettuce, beansprout, turnip, pineapple, taupok, and jellyfish. I love that there is jellyfish, it’s not common. The rojak is liberally topped with roasted crunchy peanuts.

I don’t like century egg but my bf does so I ate a bit of the whites, it was surprisingly palatable.

TLDR my fav rojak ever

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📍Liang Zhao Ji 梁照记 DUCK PORRIDGE
90 Whampoa Dr, #01-07, Singapore 320090

Pretty decent duck rice! The duck meat was alright, some cuts were more tender but nothing was dry/tough, in part due to the savoury sauce which wasn’t too goopy or salty. Generous serving of cucumber at the bottom, which was refreshing and helped to cut through the savoury flavours. I surprisingly liked the hard boiled egg, and the braised tofu was v nice, soft and fresh and tasty.
Rice was alright, moist and sauces but not particularly fragrant/flavourful. Soup was fine too but also nothing special.

Overall thought this was only slightly above average at best (I rly liked the taukwa and nothing was offensive). Wouldn’t specially head down for this but I wouldn’t mind having it again.

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The dish has a nice sweet savoury taste, very homely tasting! Onions all perfectly soft and stewy, some of the veg (carrot & onions) even had some char to it. Rice was not bad, sticky and moist. Pork belly was shabu-shabu thin and was very soft, quite fatty so I had to remove a bit of fat. The set comes with half a ramen egg, crunchy pickles, some pork floss small side dish, and miso soup with tofu and seaweed.

Overall I enjoyed it and would be back to try the bittergourd, which was not avail when I went - they were super swamped with the long queue, so they hadn’t cut the bittergourd yet. Auntie was super nice and apologised, and recommended this as the waiting time would be shorter as her husband would be preparing the batch soon.

Foong kee is back!! Beautifully roasted meats as usual. The queue speaks volumes. The charsiew is nicely caramelised, tender yet not too fatty. Roast pork has a crisp skin, meat is surprisingly juicy given that it’s quite lean, and isn’t too salty. Rice is average, but paired with a savoury sweet sauce, and refreshing sliced cucumbers. Come before 12.30, because you’ll have to queue for a bit and they sold out by the time we left at about 1.30pm on a Sat.

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I asked for only meatballs and lean pork bc I don’t eat innards! Porridge was of a soupy, slightly starchy consistency, it was tasty but yet not very strongly flavoured which I didn’t mind. The lean pork was decently tender, but I preferred the marinated minced pork balls. Added an egg for $0.50, I always like eggs cracked into hot porridge as the egg gives additional flavour and richness.

The fish porridge my friend got is decent, with a generous amount of fish slices and slivers of ginger, just that the fish is not rly plump and has small bones, so I would recommend the pork porridge!

They serve the food to your table which is rly nice considering how elderly the stallowners are! Overall I was satisfied with my meal, but I don’t think that it’s something super memorable. Portion is small, and there’s no youtiao in the porridge. A simple, no-frills porridge stall - come support before they close for good end Oct!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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