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From the Burpple community

Recalled visiting the coffeeshop at Blk 323 Bukit Batok Street 32 for the now-defunct Gorilla Curry that also houses Changi Nasi Lemak (since moved to Longhaus, which is located at Upper Thomson) quite some time ago pre-COVID and the coffeeshop had seems to have been renovated in recent times. Not very sure if any of the tenants previously have still stayed on after renovation, though the dimsum shop previously located here has also seemingly disappeared after the renovations. That being said, the coffeeshop now has a couple of new stalls — that includes Pollo Western (a typical western cuisine stall that interestingly carries a Cheese Pork Cutlet on the menu), as well as that of Prawn KKM & Tang Hoon. Taking the space that is half the size of a typical stall, the stall is located beside an outlet of Blanco Court Fresh Fish Soup — the menu at Prawn KKM & Tang Hoon features a variety of Tang Hoon dishes that features different types of seafood, as well as Koka Noodles. For those who are more into rice dishes, Prawn KKM & Tang Hoon also serves up a variety of Thai-inspired rice dishes such as Basil Minced Pork Rice, as well as more generic ones such as the Chicken Wing Rice.

Whilst one would have noticed some of the Thai-inspired cuisine that Prawn KKM and Tang Hoon offers, the Prawn Tang Hoon here feels more like a rendition of its own rather than Thai-inspired; there is a distinct lack of savouriness from the fish sauce that is typically used in the preparation of the Thai rendition of the dish, but the springy glass noodles here seemed to have been stewed with ginger and pepper for a touch of spiciness that runs at the back of tongue; nothing too overly spicy that those with moderate tolerance to spiciness cannot handle, but it does build up slowly. It is surprisingly refreshing this way when compared to the usual Thai renditions that we have tasted elsewhere — the fried minced garlic helping to further enhance those flavours even further. Prawns that came with the dish are decent in quality — definitely big and probably even aplenty for this price; does come with a natural sweetness but there are definitely fresher prawns elsewhere, while it also comes with chili that is pretty similar to the one that usually comes with chicken rice and adds a zing with a touch of heat for those who do not find the dish spicy enough.

Prawn KKM and Tang Hoon does have a pretty interesting concept — a stall that attempts to serve up dishes that are slightly off the norm from the usual coffeeshop offerings that we are used to. Whilst one would probably expect them to serve up Thai renditions of the Tang Hoon given what they have to offer on the menu, it is interesting how Prawn KKM & Tang Hoon serves up their very own take on this. Wouldn’t really say I will go all the way out here just to have it again, but it is a decent choice available for those who live around this neighbourhood after all.