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One of the juiciest burgers I have tasted, buns have a fluffy core and a nice toasty crust. Caramelized onions that made it taste even better. $11.50 for a double cheeseburger; don't let its size fool you. The flavour and the satisfaction (filling up stomach space and tastebuds) is worth the money.

I had it on an empty stomach and it was after am intense workout session. Filled me up.

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Prices have gone up slightly but it’s still very cheap! I’ve reviewed this before - it’s not say *super* good but it’s something we keep going back to, it’s good enough. I prefer the black sauce one (this is the white one), bc the noodles are a bit alkaliny and the black sauce masks that. We opt for no charsiew bc it’s quite dry. Fried wantons are crispy and boiled wantons are slippery smooth, not very alkaliny. Noodles are springy and very nice when piping hot! Green chilli is a must.

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Open only from Thur to Sun, I will only pick this period to come to this market as I must have a bowl of “Tong Sui” from Xi Le Ting 喜乐亭 before I leave. Each bowl only $1.00. So good.

Location: Xi Le Ting 喜乐亭, Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre, 31 Commonwealth Cres, #02-70, Singapore 149644

Nostalgic and comforting bowl of Porridge filled with generous ingredient. So shiok.

Location: Hong Kee Porridge, Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre, 31 Commonwealth Cres, #02-89, Singapore 149644


Old school wanton mee at Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre. Springy noodle with lean meat char siew.

Location: Jian Kang Noodles, Commonwealth Crescent, 117 Commonwealth Dr, #02-77 Hawker Centre, Singapore 140117

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Hmm I don't get the hype and wait time. This was only marginally better than hawker burgers. Maybe McDonald's standard. The patty, bun, cheese and pickle were so ordinary. There was caramelised onion but very little. The best component was the tater tots.

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It’s really good, worth my trip to go down.
Feature the Classic beef cheese burger double patty ($11) and Hand Batter Fish burger double patty ($9.5).
The beef cheese burger, the soft bun served with juicy tender beef patty, slow caramelised onion and homemade sauce.
The hand batter fish burger, the soft bun served with fish patty( very crisp outside while inside juicy), cheese, homemade sauce.

Commonwealth crescent market and food centre #02-93.


Old School Wanton Mee filled with Char Siew, Wanton with delicious braised of Chicken Feet. Overall is a nice plate of Wanton Mee but their Char Siew is too hard.
Location: Hao Hao Noodle House, 31 Commonwealth Cres, #02-83 Food Center, Singapore 149644

stall name: 客家老擂茶.
best leicha ever the soup not grassy at all it’s slightly creamy & very nutty fk i’d queue 1hr for this again
our bowl amounted to $7.20. wah but this damn bomb no need sauce also nice fried to perfection meat seasoned damn well but my fav was the brinjal!

I will always order this whenever I am here for a meal. Its actually so good that I will tends to order another bowl. 😅
They only serve 4 types of hot dessert, Green Bean, Red Bean, Cheng Teng and Mak chuk (Sweet Wheat Porridge), all at $1.00 per bowl.
Location: Xi Le Ting 喜乐亭, Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre, No. 70, Singapore 149644

Another Fried Carrot Cake around my hood that served really nice plate of Fried Carrot Cake. Their carrot cake is soft and moist, fried till fragrant with a little char. It's also on a sweeter side which is what i like too.
Location: 亮亮 Liang Liang Fried Carrot Cake, Commonwealth Cres, #02-69 Market & Food Centre, 31, Singapore 149644

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3.5⭐ Value for money laksa, filled with chicken slice, prawn and tau pok for $5.