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Break-up Steak

No such thing as “paiseh piece” for this hearty slab, as the guys simply snatched up Pasta J’s hearty Break-Up Steak within minutes (much like hungry ninjas). But luckily I managed to snag half a slice and it was a mouthful of happiness.

The real deal, the medium rare steak ($42.90+/ 250g) was exceptional - nothing like what I expected with the seemingly over-charred exterior. As to me it is all about the juiciness and tenderness, and the Ribeye cut certainly delivered that with the promise of it being so good that you might initiate a breakup or use it to replace your partner after a breakup. (For me, I might marry it…) Pan-fried and presented without any sauce, it also goes to show the confidence owner and self-taught Chef John has for this dish. Kept simple intentionally, John shared that the steak was not dry-aged and instead prepared with his own secret recipe.

Furthermore, the depth of flavour from the meat was enhanced with the three sides. The caramelised carrots tasting much like sweet potatoes offers something sweet to balance while the creamy mash was perfect to mop up the natural juices. And putting in lots of effort, the mushrooms stirred for hours to extract out all the moisture and served with a tad of cream provides an earthy burnt aroma.

Thank you John of Pasta J for feeding us and Burpple for extending the invite!


Living Cafe !!

I ordered the raw zucchini pesto pasta (as a vegan I thought I had to give zoodles a shot at least once ) and it didn't disappoint. Don't expect pasta though, expect more of a delicious salad. This leaves you feeling fresh and not with a food baby at all! It was $15.50, for AMAZING flax seed crackers and guac it was $7.50, and my mom got a mouth watering salmon burger with sweet potato fries which was $15ish. The desserts looks so so beautiful but are very pricey because they are mostly all raw. 8/10 ✨🌹🌈must come here again but I would try the tofu burger

Salted Yolk With Chilli Pork Chop

Had always found the shops in Shaw Centre rather difficult to locate and this one is no exception. Located in quite a secluded corner, Xi Yan serves zi char styled food. Their Salted Yolk with Chilli Pork Chop was kind of a hit and miss, decent, but not fantastic. Could have been better if the meat wasn't this dry.

Chorizo Baguette

Wanted to have a Garlic Kouign Amann for dinner but went for this instead since they were out of my initial order.

I wasn't expecting much, but I found this to be overall pretty decent especially for days I might be craving for something meaty but not wanting to eat too much. The bread can be a little stiff to some, but I would still call it crusty especially since it was toasted before serving. Sure, the Chorizo is a little bit generic especially with a relatively thick casing, but the spicy, cured flavours is something I found comfort in (probably a guilty pleasure of mine though) with rocket and capsicums; the latter adds a little zippiness to cut through the meatiness, yet complimenting the chorizo at the same time; found the almonds a rather unnecessary addition though. Not a bad item for a light lunchtime treat.

Havent had a good wanton mee for ages.

✔️ This one definitely deserve 10-15min queue. 📍Paya Lebar MRT #yybffPayaLebar

Unlike the other laksa.

Assam laksa's broth is made from fish, tamarind and ginger flower. A sour and fragrant soup served with chewy noodles. Garnished with pineapples, cucumber, red onion and lettuce. This one here is without fish meat! What?! Yes. It's almost like a vegetarian Dish. But the broth was flavourful, spicy and tangy. The broth really hit the right spot for me. Though I wish there some "chunky fish meat inside"

Roasted Rice Ice-Cream

Saw someone posting it on Instagram and found it pretty interesting — decided to give it a go despite the slightly high price tag of $4.50 for a cone. While the ice-cream did melt a little too quickly, it was smooth and creamy with a hint of roasted rice flavour; something that was similar to the flavour of rice mochi. The cone actually managed to retain its crunch despite the melting ice-cream, and while I probably wouldn't think of having this often due to its price, I am actually quite glad to have given it a try.

Black Garlic Ramen With Boss Ribs 15.9 Nett

A bit hard to find and so was not very crowded during lunch hours. It's no secret that their ribs are impressive so it's no surprise no one comes for the ramen, however they surprised me with their broth and garlic umami.

That being said, the boss ribs were really the bomb!!!! They are fully justified to call their ribs BOSS ribs. It's the epitome of teryaki glazed pork ribs, i actually cant imagine any way to improve it without changing what it is fundamentally. Almost melt in your mouth tender(cooked for 24 hrs by their own accord), incredibly juicy and smoky due to being flame licked, and the teriyaki glaze was also amazing. Nothing else needs to be said apart from it being teriyaki glazed pork ribs done right. It most certainly surpasses most mid-tier restaurants' renditions even. And with that price, what are you waiting for?

Strawberries & Cream

One of the newer items that was the available on the first day of operations when I visited; this was described as a dessert that comes with strawberry meringue, macerated strawberries, cookie crumbs above a Panna Cotta.

Perhaps it is due to the Panna Cotta being made from a yoghurt-base, the dessert seems to be more similar to a deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake for its tangier flavours within the Panna Cotta. That being said, the elements were pretty complimenting and well-executed; the cookie crumbs and meringue were actually pretty addictive and gave everything a nice bite while the macerated strawberries provide a good sweetness and berry tang to the dessert.

Mandarin Chicken Rice

Tender-boiled chicken, jasmine rice, chicken soup, with homemade chilli, ginger and dark soya sauce

Nestled in the heart of Chinatown is Yum Cha, an eclectic traditional Chinese tea house.

I always rmbed seeing the adverts on TV as a kid and would always be tempted to go. 🍴
Anyway now in 2017, it has maintained its traditional tea house charms and still add on new dishes to keep up with the modern taste.
1. Black grouper served in hot stone. The black grouper is stir fried with a super aromatic ginger garlic sauce and served in a hot stone. 👍🏻👍🏻
2. Mongolian Pork Ribs w black pepper sauce. Different from your typical black pepper sauce, this is slightly tangy and sweet because of tomato. A bit of a dish that's either you like it or not.
3. XO seafood fried rice. The rice was really well fried where each grain of rice is separated. The slightly spicy note of the xo sauce went so well w the prawns and scallops. 🤤🤤
This dishes are all available at yum cha now 😋😋
Thanks to Adam from @yumchasg for hosting us and @burpple for the invite! 🍴
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Wagyu Beef Satisfaction!

250g mountain of wagyu beef @ only $19.95, why not 😋however you gotta like cold medium rare beef to enjoy this dish. It's really worth it