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Friday for Fried chicken?

Freshly made to order; whole, wings or boneless chicken. Choice of spicy or soy garlic sauce. Can't decide? No fret! Go for Half & Half and enjoy the two distinct flavours. Psst... the spicy sauce 🌶 might be too spicy for a non-chilli lover.
Fried chicken at S$16.90 (Half Whole Chicken) or S$8.90 (6pcs Wings)
Where to dine?
53 Boat Quay, Singapore 049842
More outlets:
Bugis+ & Compass One
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Crab & lobster cream pasta [$23.50++] A garlic cream sauce based pasta filled with crabmeat and lobster chunks that's rich, creamy with a subtle aroma of garlicky fragrance.

Highly recommended to share this as the thick and creamy sauce might get a tad overwhelming after awhile. Generous portion of lobster chunks and crabmeat that came with a springy delicate texture, though their seafood-sque flavour was overshadowed by the garlic cream sauce. .

So hot right now.

Wishing for a bowl of Red Rudy (S$4.50)
Check out the @RWSentosa RWS Street Eats which is happening this week, with dishes from Southeast Asia countries such as Singapore 🇸🇬, Malaysia 🇲🇾, Thailand 🇹🇭, Indonesia 🇮🇩, and Vietnam 🇻🇳, plus Chefs flying in from overseas.
RWS Street Eats 街边小食
Venue : Malaysian Food Street, Waterfront, Level 1
Date : 12 - 20 August 2017
Time :
Mon - Thu : 11am - 9pm
Fri - Sun : 11am - 10pm
18 August : 11am - 4pm
MRT 🚇 : Harbourfront (NE1/ CC29)
Note 📝 :
Transport by Sentosa Express : From Exit E, Take monorail 🚝 at level 3 of Vivocity and alight at Waterfront station, S$4 per ticket
Transport by bus 🚌: Board bus 🚌 RWS8 from bus stop 14141 outside Vivocity at S$2 per ticket.
Transport by foot : From Vivocity, walk along the Boardwalk and head towards Trick Eye Museum. Free admission.

Good things must share!

@quandoo_sg X @thewestinsingapore Cook and Brew 4-course chef's cravings set dinner.

I had the beef carpaccio, turkey meatballs, COD and THIS AMAZING steamed carrot cake by @chefannaolson (It was so good that I polished the entire plate)

Dinner came with a bonus view, and did not cost an arm & a leg.

Housebalked Cakes

If you close your eyes and take a bite of this Ondeh Ondeh Cake, the only thing that gives away the fact it isn't the actual "kueh" is the texture. In terms of aroma and flavour, it is amazingly and intensely spot-on.
Joanna Fong, one of the co-owners of AEIOU, is the self-taught, in-house baker and the array of cakes she produces is impressive.
I asked her a lot of questions about this because I found it irresistible - the moistness in particular, was a huge plus for me. She shared that it took many rounds of experimenting with different recipes to get it the way she wanted. Her drive to make her Ondeh Ondeh extra fragrant has her incorporating not one, not two but three kinds of coconut. When she revealed this nugget of info, I could only stare at her and nod in wonder as I stuffed my face on more cake.

My Fave Putu Piring

In the flurry of freshly-steamed snow white flour cake bleeds a deep brown heart of caramelly sweetness.

Skinny Apple Tart ($10++)

I was already feeling full when the Skinny Apple Tart appeared. Its aroma was heavenly - the result of being freshly baked to a golden-brown crisp along all its exposed delicate edges. Constructed with exquisitely thin puff pastry and equally fine slices of green apples that had been seasoned with plenty of sugar, I knew, no matter what, there would be space in my tummy to fit this tart. Especially when it came with a pool of peach coulis and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, both made in-house. Definitely the dessert to have when you're here.

I'm All For Eggs

Plainly speaking, I like my pratas anything but plain.
Tried an egg one ($2.50) at "Cafe O" yesterday and found it really quite satisfactory.
Overall, it's fluffy as the layers of folded dough didn't clump together in a dead heap, and also lightly flaky and crisp in parts - a combo which is incidentally, my preferred texture for pratas. Size-wise, it's bigger than average. Instead of the usual dhal, or mutton and fish curry, this came with a thick-in-a-slightly-starchy-way chicken curry gravy.

Lunch Bento Box That's Still Such Good Value After All These Years

Nanbantei's $13.80++ Lunch Bento Set is damn good value for money (even more so nowadays since everything else is getting so expensive in Singapore). Why do I think that? Well, what you get is a compact box with neatly-arranged, well-grilled skewers of chicken and leek, quail eggs, meatballs, bacon-wrapped asparagus and pork with shiso leaf, as well as a couple of raw vegetable sticks plus an accompanying miso paste dip. The other half of the box is filled with a thin layer of rice blanketed in separated sections of seaweed, mushrooms and minced pork (the latter two have a yummy sweetish taste from the sauce used).
Included in the set is a bowl of piping hot miso soup that's served at the same time as the bento, as well as a petite dessert of chilled red bean with a single button of mochi that always automatically appears when you're nearing the end of your lunch.
The impression I have after coming here for close to two decades is that nearly everyone who visits in the middle of the day, tends to order this. There's proof of its enduring appeal.

Truffle Risotto.

Funny how I loathe mushrooms but embrace anything flavoured with truffle. The risotto here is on point with that quintessential al dente bite, chunks of boneless chicken wing, dehydrated oyster mushroom "chips", a quail egg yolk sitting in a lattice of crisped Parmesan, and a mouthwatering aroma that precedes its appearance.
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"Gambas" ($25++)

There's magic in that olive oil I tell you. Having had tonnes of roasted garlic soaked in it for 2 days before being used to cook this "Gambas", it carried a light yet distinct flavour and a rounder, unusually creamy consistency, plus a smidgen of heat from some South American chilli spice.
Even after we had eaten all the prawns (which by the way, were super sweet and fresh as @olacocinadelmar gets their prawns delivered twice a day from a local supplier), we were dunking our complimentary crisp-crusted bread in that fragrant oil. And when those ran out, we actually asked for more.
Yes, it is pricey but this "Gambas" is prepared in a unique way which gives it a taste unlike the many others I've had. So, it's worth a try.

Pork Katsu Don ($15.90+)

With brown rice!
Not exactly cheap but the pork was oh-so-tender😍
Super clean and minimalist cafe which I loved😃