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Rather underwhelming or maybe just not my cup of tea, this salad was really just average grilled eggplants with the usual thai salad spices. Lacking dried prawns as well but at last the portion is good to share

Supposed to look much better but chef was very nice and invited me to shower the prata with condensed milk myself.

Quality banana heated to a soft creaminess in the middle while the prata was incredibly crispy on the outside, unlike any other since their dough is specially prepared and even their own crew don't know the ingredients

Seems like the kanom Jin noodle with mashed prawn curry is long gone so I got this instead. The prawns were huge and meaty, but otherwise I feel this peppery dish can be achieved in less atas places. To be fair this would cost 30+ in most Thai eateries anyway so nothing to fault them on. The acidity from the fermented chili sauce really cuts thru the oiliness though.

Portion is good to share for two, and it isn't heavily seasoned so that u can enjoy it with other side dishes

Part of various lunch and dinner sets

One of my favourite dishes in Singapore. Practically a must order in my opinion at the 2 Michelin starred聽@lesamisrestaurant聽in Singapore 馃嚫馃嚞
@chef_sebastien_lepinoywraps the superb French langoustine tail in sliced courgette, keeping it super juicy and succulent. The Langoustine they use comes from the French town of Loctudy and is extremely sweet and flavorful. Served with an elegant olive oil emulsion and聽@kaviari_paris聽Kristal caviar, this is a great example of bringing out the best in good ingredients

You heard it here first! They just brought in their own custom named glass tumblers. $35 for one and you get a free coffee and 10% off coffee when you bring it thereafter! Heads up! The brand is Sol and they are quite light but supposed to be relatively tough still. The drinking opening is left open. Silicone cap vs keep cup's plastic cap.

Ordered the Mazemen Koru ramen with cheese sauce with the last $8 in my wallet hoping to have a taste of delicious Japanese ramen. But I ended up not finishing it as it was too thick and mushy to swallow which almost made me have a gag reflex. It was a total let down down for me being a huge fan of cheese but this was something I could not swallow. Service was slow despite me being the only customer in the shop.

Orh Nee Macaron ($3.00/pc or $19.00 for gift box 聽of 6 pieces) Made with coconut dusted almond macaron shell, filled with candied pumpkin, fried shallot and coconut yam cream.
Tasting Hosted by @antoinette_sg and @brandcellar
Location: 30 Penhas Road, Singapore 208188
#antoinettesg #burpple #burpplesg #cny2018

Their ice cream never disappoints 馃崷馃崼 馃構 And getting double scoop is rly worth it too ($8 for double scoop, $4.80 for one scoop). After all these years, so glad that the taste is still consistent. Yums!

A humble tiny little shop serving yummy food

Extra $1 for the udon.

馃憛 馃挱: 馃構
The udon were a little too soft for me but the strong & fragrant flavours still won me over. The onsen eggu was runny and kept the udon moist (in a way). I liked the buttery taste in the 1st few mouthfuls after mixing the bowl up.

For food lovers who prefers a less rich taste, this combi might get a little overpowering 陆 way through.

The Lor Mai Gai, braised pork ribs are recommended. Steamed fried dumplings are meat and not bad. Prawn cheong fan ok. Filling of liu sha is good but the bao is hard especially the bottoms. The chicken skin fish cake stuffed thing is their signature and not bad.

Ban Chan so good you can eat it on its own

And yes they are free flow side dishes !

Just with the variety and quality of the ban Chan that this family style Korean restaurant serves - I Guess little needs to be said about their main courses . Just the ban Chan alone is worthwhile for anyone to make a trip down . Who cares about the main course hahah?

12 different ban Chans all with distinctively different flavours and textures . This was really the highlight of the evening for me .

And yes - the main courses were also good and very value for money .