Traditional Dessert

Traditional Dessert

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Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

The ginkgo nuts were bitter (from cans?) and the yam paste was a little too sweet. Somehow I find that it lacks fragrance and would prefer to just stick with their signature desserts 》$4.60

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Orh nee - a favourite Teochew dessert made of yam paste that goes well with gingko nuts. The sweetness was just right with a smooth texture. The potion of coconut milk was too much, lacks creamy texture and fragrance 》$3

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Yam paste with gingko nuts and coconut milk. This bowl of silky yam paste is prepared and made with real yam from scratch. The coconut milk goes well with their pure yam paste with bits of yams in there 》$5.50/medium

**There was a change in their recipe during my recent visit. I kind of preferred the previous recipe with slightly salted coconut milk and fragrant shallot oil.

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Taro cubes, taro ball and sago in coconut milk. A simple and comforting bowl of dessert which may be a little heavy due to the coconut milk base but the taro cubes were firm and fragrant with chewy taro ball and sago 》$4.50

A dessert shop that serves Hong Kong dessert with Chinese decor makes it look very traditional in the east. Firm and silky smooth grass jelly with chewy taro ball and mango cubes in evaporated milk. This is light, refreshing and not too sweet which suits both the young and old 》$4.50

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Durian Mousse topped with a scoop of durian flesh 》$5

A rather bland bowl of rockmelon with ice and sago and pomelo. There was nothing special about this other than being a light and refreshing dessert to cleanse my palate. I'd prefer their aiyu mango for a non-durian dessert over here 》$4

An icy mango delight topped with mango cube and filled with handmade chewy balls 》$6.95

Fresh mango cubes, chilled mango puree, mango ice cream and chewy balls. The chewy balls are supposed to be mini glutinous rice balls that turned out not so chewy at all. It has a hard and elastic texture which I guess was probably left in the chiller for too long. Other than that, it was a good and refreshing dessert.

Chunks of fresh mangoes doused in tangy mango puree, coconut, condensed and evaporated milk to give a pleasant creaminess. A simple and perfect place for dessert after dinner 》$4.00/large

My late night kind of supper especially after my night run in town. Firm, smooth and silky beancurd with the right amount of syrup. I still prefer this kind of traditional beancurd over those modern type of pudding beancurd 》$1.50

The ideal snack/dessert to go after a meal at Bedok 85. This stall sells glutinous rice balls in 5 different flavours (peanut, sesame, red bean, yam paste and green tea) with a choice of peanut, ginger or almond milk soup.

The skin of glutinous balls are chewy with a springy mochi texture and the fillings just ooze once they are broken.

They ran out of peanut soup hence we settled with the ginger soup. It reminds me of ginger tea that is mildly spicy, soothing to the throat and keeping the tummies warm.

My personal favourite is the peanut and sesame rice ball. The peanut rice ball is fragrant with a creamy nutty flavour. It also has the right amount of sweetness that is not overpowering. The sesame rice ball was equally good with a warm, smooth and fragrant filling.

The green tea paste in the rice ball is a little sweet and reminds me of those fillings in mooncakes while the yam paste was smooth and lightly sweetened, just like those fillings in pau.

3pcs + Soup - $2.00
4pcs + Soup - $2.20
5pcs + Soup - $2.60
6pcs + Soup - $3.00
Just Soup - $1.50
Takeaway - $0.10

A very light and refreshing dessert to cleanse the palate. As it was served not too cold, I went back to request shaved ice where the owners accede with a friendly smile. It is always warm and nice to receive such a gesture. This is located in the same coffeeshop with San Low Restaurant and we can now have some dessert treat after a tze char meal 》$3.80

Eating is my workout

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