The saltish beancurd is like a savoury version of a classic beancurd without the syrup but topped with bits of stewed minced pork, preserved vegetables and spring onions in a soya sauce mix. Although it may seem weird, it did not taste as bad as I thought and instead turned out quite appetising.

The texture of the toasted bun with pork floss and egg (烧饼) was fluffy and doughy which makes it quite filling when added with egg and savoury pork floss. The 烧饼 was served warm with a comforting and chewy bite. I also added a cup of soya milk but it somehow fell short of expectations. It was not thick in texture and almost tasteless.

Yong He is a place to check out for late-night snacks but I will not purposely make a trip back unless I am nearby and have no other places to go.

Saltish Beancurd 》$2.80
Toasted Bun with Pork Floss and Egg 》$3.50
Soya Milk 》$1.80

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