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I thought it was my mistake for patronising Changi Famous Nasi Lemak at an off peak hour, but after having a rather dissatisfying meal, I checked google reviews and alas, there have really been some issues with standard. Firstly, the whole plate was stale and ingredients were cold. Granted the rice had a decent flavour and the sambal was just right (not perfectly spicy enough though), the entire plate was just lacklustre. Not forgetting how unpleasant the vibe of the whole stall was, I should’ve thought twice and went for the many other options there.


Chicken leg with mashed and lingonberry jam (S$9.50)
Available til 31 December 2023

Spring Roll (S$1.80/ 2 pieces)

They have 2 outlets and interestingly not in Joo Chiat but Bedok. Popular during lunch time with queue usually at both stalls.

Come for their bouncy and firm fishballs.

1 for 1 with Entertainer. otherwise I don't feel it's worth it.

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I can’t even begin to describe how crowded 216 market is on a weekend, and when Chris Kway Chap is closed, the queue for Chai Chee Kway Chap gets even longer. Waited for around 1 hour just for my turn, and honest verdict - never again. Granted this was a decent bowl, with soft kway and herbal gravy, and actually very chew intestines. But that’s about it, nothing mind blowing nor worth fighting with the crowd. So queue at your own risk or choose a less crowded timing to try this!


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Chicken tikka bowl is my to go option after trying a few flavours including butter chicken and the mutton one. Generous serving of chicken for the price paid with burrple discount. Prefer to takeaway the bowl than the roll as the rice will last longer if I don’t plan to finish it immediately. Hope that burrple will continue to offer promotions for Rollgaadi 😃

Umpteenth time eating Chef Wei HK Cheong Fun!

This time at the outlet at Bedok!

Love their silky smooth chee cheong fan with spicy heebeehiam chilli! Opted for the char siew chee cheong fan ($4) today!

One of the better chee cheong fan in Singapore, at wallet friendly pricing!

Outlet location: 209 New Upper Changi Rd, FoodHub #01-633, Singapore 460209

Singapore Food Street serves up what could be the last local Singaporean food before ones departs from Singapore. (For those visiting Singaoore)

For the locals like us, this is our last local food before we go for our trip.

Nasi Lemak here was only ok, the rendang sauce wasn't so flavourful, but at least the otah was good.

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The toast crispy and Kaya very delicious, but the curry chicken normal.