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new item so so good! must get! for sweet tooths! fluffy sweet and milky!

💯 generous amount of burrata! like that they use flat pizza so that it’s not overwhelming filling!

✨ @elevenstrands has a new, bigger, better menu at their Serangoon Outlet!😍 still maintaining their price range even though a lot of their brunch and western menu is ✨elevated✨created by Chef-owner Terence, the National-stage Winner of the 2024 Pasta Championship Asia and his head chef💕 absolutely nailed the upgrade~ last visited 1 year ago, next time will definitely be shorter than that 😜

We are fans of Nakhon Thai's food but we really dislike waiting in line for up till an hour during peak dining times.

We happened to be there for a late lunch / early dinner and decided to try out something a little different from our usual pad thai and green curry.

Goong Ob Woon Sen or Thai prawn vermicelli is a classic Thai dish. Vermicelli (or glass noodles) and prawns are cooked together in a steel pot with a stock broth, and lots of sauces and aromatics such as ginger, garlic and pepper. This allows the noodles to soak up all the incredible and wonderful flavours from the broth, herbs and sauces.

There is only one right way to do this - slurp it all up at one go! Nakhon does their version well. They added sesame oil and basil to give the dish an additional nutty flavour. It's a tad on the oily side but it kinda makes slurping easier!

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Went to Frienzie Bar & Bistro 2 weeks ago and ordered their BBQ Pork Ribs, Fish & Chips, Carbonara, Chicken Schnitzel, Sirloin Steak, Popcorn Chicken, Nasi Goreng Ayam and a few drinks (~$250/6 pax)!

Overall ratings 8/10! Food was pretty decent but would'nt recommend the Chicken Schnitzel as it was pretty bland😅 My favourite dish would probably be the Ribs!😋 Aside from that, staff were nice to celebrate my mum's birthday by getting the band to sing a birthday song for her, great place for an outing!💯

Went to eat Katong Laksa 2 weeks ago and ordered the Laksa with Muah Chee set Regular ($7.50) and Laksa with Drink and Otah Set Large ($10.50)!

Overall ratings 7/10😄 Laksa was okay but felt that the Queensway outlet is more fragrant in terms of the soup😅 Muah Chee and Otah was decent, would visit again only if I am craving laksa tho

watercress pork rib ($12+)! i always have it with pumpkin rice ($2) which is so hard to find nowadays

From Yahava KoffeeWorks
Freshly brewed iced matcha latte is a velvety-smooth delight, with just the right hint of sweetness.
And freshly brewed long black in a to-go cup, its aromatic goodness fills the air.
Loved the interior!

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From Casuarina Curry Restaurant
Flavourful fried rice vermicelli, tender minced mutton, fried egg and a rich, savoury sauce blend in a delicious symphony.
Umami flavours shine through, leaving me craving more!

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Flavourful overall and good beef, but beansprouts were too raw and I had to pick them all out.

Expensive kopitiam-standard food. Okay the fish was quite a lot, but ordinary. The fries sucked. I guess stick to their chicken.

Wah damn good. But maybe it's just freshly fried.