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Found this place in Leisure Park Kallang with a very bright, woody and green vibe interior, serving Hainanese dishes.

Their Hainanese pork chop available in a few options, including the curry, mushroom and of course the traditional one.

Their traditional Hainanese pork chop topped with the reddish sauce, accompanied with pieces of wedges on the side and rice.

The pork chop itself has the tender texture inside, with the cripsy skin outer side.

This place is also consider much quieter so you really can chill over with their traditional coffee here as well.

Female staff was utterly rude. Pulled the table apart to prevent us using two tables (pre-arranged) even though the entire restaurant was literally empty and filled with empty seats. Meat and you tiao was cold and it is nothing compared to its other outlets. I would not recommend eating this

Quiet little corner at leisure park kallang. desserts were good! Recommended to check this out

It has been more than four months since I last claimed a burpple beyond deal! Was at Kallang Leisure Park and decided to check out Fang Patisserie (this has been on my wishlist for the longest time!)

They are located near the checkout counter at the cold storage! (We initially couldnt find them too, but read another burpple review captions and managed to locate it!)

Claimed the 1 for 1 cake+ drink set! Paid $14.70 in total for these 4 items here:
-Moon - Mango and Jasmine with an oreo-like crust
-Blossom - Yuzu and Matcha
-Iced Matcha Latte
-Iced Mango Passion Soda

Super love their pretty desserts! Iced cold drinks are a must for the hot day! Will be back to try more of their other bakes and cakes!

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Crispy and flaky pastry stuffed with kimchi

Somehow a weird unique flavour

Coated with honey soy sauce, the mexican drumlets are full of unami and amazing kick of heat

Consist of freshly fried Kakiage Tempura and a deliatw fries Salmon patty, topped with mayo and doused with Honey Soy sauce. Nestled between a corn-dusted sourdough bun

From Tea Tree Cafe
Creamy vanilla ice cream paired perfectly with a warm and crispy Belgian waffle.
Simply delicious!

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There was a MAJOR CHEESE PULL of mozzarella, edam, cheddar & feta it was lowkey hard to eat because of how much cheese there was tying each slice together🤭🧀 The crust was also really good. Tomato sauce used is on the sour side. Only thing is what’s so gourmet about this place they deadass serve plastic cutlery…

Hidden behind cold storage - it’s a little pastry shop that has really nice tarts/cakes!

We tried the matcha, royale, dwayne, and lady! All of them were yummy and not too sweet. Lady was the best in my opinion as it’s unique, little tangy.

Tea came with free refill of hot water as well.

It’s a really small place with about 2 tables to fit 8 ppl, but it doesn’t get too crowded as most ppl do takeaway. It’s right at the checkout counters of cold storage, so it isn’t very quiet.


I really loved how the raspberry and sesame went so well together. There was sesame mousse, sponge, raspberry paste and a biscuit at the bottom of this pastry. The ratio of raspberry to sesame was just right, with the sourness from the raspberry helping to complement the sweet sesame parts. Sesame parts had roasted and earthy notes while having a strong sesame flavor. I really enjoyed the different textures and flavors of this cake. Would return for the unique pastries that aren’t too sweet and so creamy and delicious!

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