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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

When thinking about desserts near Tanjong Pagar, @beansfactory.singapore's quality desserts come to my mind right away. Affordable and delicious, they are my go-to dessert whenever I'm around the area!

The Signature Grass Jelly ($7.90) comes with a variety of ingredients, and one of their best ingredients is their chewy dough (not sure what to call them 😂)! They were chewy and flavourful and the different coloured ones actually tasted different! I like how it isn't too sweet, even after adding in the milk and black sugar.

The Matcha Beancurd ($7.90) is another good bowl to get, and once again I loved the matcha dough! It had a good matcha fragrance. The sweet red bean was chunky and paired well with the silky beancurd.

Can't wait to be back to try their other variations!

If you are looking for some solid Chendol or Orh Nee, I think the rendition at @hupkafoon really hits the spot.

The Durian Chendol ($5.50) was incredibly rich, with aromatic sweetness coming from the Gula Melaka, and savouriness from the thick coconut milk. Because of this contrast, it is surprisingly not too sweet, but you still get a deep flavour from them! Loved the durian paste as well, as it was very aromatic too. Definitely one of the good variants.

One interesting dessert to get is their Durian Infused Orh Nee ($5.50). With a powerful kick of intense durian flavour, the orh nee taste was rather subtle and instead gave a light earthy aftertaste. We actually liked this alot and would order this again!

The Tang Yuan ($3) was quite standard. Felt like they cooked the dumplings a little too long.

Nonetheless, I will come back here again for their Chendol and Orh Nee!

Back at @kookscreamery for their desserts and noticed that they now have lava waffles! Tried it but felt like we should still stick with their lava cookie and gelato 😂

The Matcha Lava Waffles we ordered were unfortunately too soft? There was not crisp to the waffle and it seemed cold. The matcha cream had some matcha flavour and was pretty sweet. We got the Dirty Matcha with the waffles, and it was pretty good. You get a slight earthy flavour with a hint of coffee flavour. Wished that it was less sweet though!

We also got another Chocolate Lava Cookie, which was as good as always. Dark rich chocolate ganache with soft buttery cookie; this is hard to go wrong. With the cookie we got a Pistachio and Black Sesame gelato. The Pistachio was fine with its creamy nuttiness, but the black sesame SLAPPED SO HARD. The black sesame flavour was so strong yet so aromatic and it had the right amount of sweetness and earthiness. So lovely I wished I ordered another scoop!

The total bill was about $33, which was kind of pricey. Nonetheless, I will still see myself back to try more of their gelato with lava cookie!

ORH NEE WAFFLES?? As Orh Nee lovers, we had to try @creme_sg 's rendition. Overall, we gave the waffles a thumbs up, and the gelato flavours are just alright.

The Orh Nee Waffles were crispy on the outside, and really fluffy within. We love how there was a substantial amount of orh nee cream, and that it was rich and quite full of orh nee and coconut flavour! This was very fragrant and addictive and can be eaten on its own.

The gelato flavours were good, but just nothing to shout out about. The Sugarless Chocolate was indeed very dark and rich, with some brownie bits within. The Raspberry Blueberry Oatmilk was very fruity and tangy, but the texture was a little strange as it was especially sticky. Felt like both gelato flavours were abit too sweet.

Total price was about $16. Honestly, I would definitely go back for their waffles and stick to their chrysanthemum goji gelato flavour! That one was good 😍


Absolutely fell in love with @coldbreak_sg 's Nian Gao Waffle, their quality gelato flavours and their chill ambience! We got their waffles with 3 scoops of gelato and I just wanted more 😍

Let's go straight to their Nian Gao Pandan Waffle as it is what most people are hyped up about. There was a pretty huge piece of nian gao in the middle of the waffle, which gave it a beautiful chewy centre 😍 the exterior of the waffle was mostly crispy and the fragrance of the pandan was inviting. Absolutely lovely.

The White Chrysanthemum Goji gelato was of high standards. The taste of chrysanthemum was strong and aromatic, and I loved how it wasn't too sweet! The Osmanthus Mango Passionfruit was so refreshing. Although the taste of osmanthus is quite subtle, the citrus flavour was addictive. I can eat a tub of this in one sitting! The Pistachio was creamy, nutty and very smooth.

The total bill was $19, which isn't too bad. Definitely will be back for the waffles and to try out other gelato flavours!

If you are in need of some good desserts, @yatkayan is one place to go to satisfy your cravings. With a huge selection, we were spoilt for choice!

After some deliberation, we settled with our favourite Orh Ni or Yam Paste ($5.80) and Cold MSW Durian Mousse ($7.80). The Yam Paste was very thick, rich and creamy, exactly how a good orh ni should be! It came with a good number of gingko nuts, great if you love them. I love how the coconut milk added extra creaminess and flavour, but this means that it can get surfeiting towards the end 😂

As for the durian mousse, this is definitely approved by the durian lover aka me. It was very rich and creamy, and I loved the huge slab of durian meat which was bittersweet! Quite a big portion for $7.80 and once again, better shared with others! My only nitpick is that it's not cold enough, wished that it was mixed with some crushed ice.

With their quality dessert and huge selections, definitely coming back again!

This is one dessert I will come back under the current sweltering heat 😵‍💫 @bingduoduosg serves up several shaved ice desserts and we got the Mango Durian ($8.80) one.

The mango pieces were decently sweet, but the star of the show got to be the durian. It was a big scoop of pure durian flesh, that was so aromatic with incredibly rich flavours. Not sure what kind of durian they used, but it sure is a delicious one!

The shaved ice had some condensed milk within, but do take note that it's quite coarse. If you like to bite on ice, this is for you. If not I don't think it's something you will enjoy too much!

Definitely coming back for their pure durian dessert 😍

As you can tell, I really love my ice cream 😂 desserts are important in my gatherings with friends and I'm glad to be back at one of my favourite ice cream shops!

We had the gelato and waffles at @smittenicecreambar and we were all impressed by their flavours, with their Mao Shang Wang ice cream being the best. It may be a more expensive scoop, but it was filled with alot of durian meat. It was really fragrant and strong, just like how I would like my durian gelato to be!

The Artisan Chocolate also won our hearts. With a rich decadent flavour, it was not too sweet with a very smooth texture. This is one gelato for chocolate lovers! The Biscoff flavour was also not bad, but definitely lighter than the other 2 flavours we've got.

The waffle was very crispy, quite decent.

Definitely will be back!

Straight up, this is one of the best waffles and gelato I've had! All the flavours we had were hits and the waffle was chef kiss ✌️

We had 4 flavours of gelato, with the Houjicha Mochi being the best. It was strong, fragrant and yet not too sweet. Loved the roasted tea taste! There wasn't much mochi, but if you find it, it would be a pleasant surprise 😍

The Ca Phe, or Vietnamese Coffee, was straight up rich with a strong coffee kick. Absolutely loved this, as you can taste the condensed milk as well. The Honey Chrysanthemum was also very fragrant with the chrysanthemum flavour not coming out too strong. One of the best renditions of such flavour actually! Rocher was rich with both chocolate and hazelnut flavours.

Now to the star of the show, their Coconut Pandan Waffles. Extremely crispy on the outside, there was this loud crunch as you cut into it. What's even better is that it is amazingly chewy within! This is quite amazing, considering there is no actual mochi inside. Both coconut and pandan flavours were strong too!

Their gelato and waffles can be abit expensive, as 2 double scoop waffles amounted to $38. However, I am still gonna come back to try more flavours!


A beautiful creation, this Strawberry St Honore Tart ($10) from was as delicious as it looked!

There were different contrasts in textures, from the smooth richness of the cream, to the crispy yet fluffy shell of the macaron, to the crunchy tart crust. I loved the combination of sweet and sour notes from each layer. The taste of strawberry was light yet not artificial. Love it that it wasn't too sweet overall, especially the macarons!

The tart shell was rather fresh with its crunchy texture and was filled with some kind of rich paste. The strawberry was unfortunately sour, but I guess it goes well with the sweeter layers overall.

A good place to go for some speciality tarts and cakes, albeit being quite expensive!

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Was hyped to try @doqoosg's mochi waffles, but they were sold out at the time of my arrival 😭 nonetheless, I decided to try their create-your-own dessert bowl ($4.30) and found it pretty decent!

As for the base I got the aiyu jelly and the soy bean pudding; the aiyu jelly was surprisingly not really sweet with a faint flavour, and the soy bean pudding was your standard Mr Bean, sweet and smooth.

The osmanthus jelly topping was also just slightly sweet with a subtle aromatic fragrance. Lychee balls were just standard. All bowls come with their taro balls, which were nice and chewy!

Tbh I think most of the sweetness is coming from the sweetened milk! Glad that it's affordably priced, not bad of a dessert to share! Will be back to try their waffles 😍

Another gelato shop in the vicinity, offers a variety of gelato flavours that were of quality 😍 We got 2 scoops for $10.

The Earl Grey Sakura was very wonderfully done. The earl grey flavours were strong, very fragrant and yet not too artificial. The Sakura flavour comes in after, making this even more floral tasting! Earl Grey lovers will definitely love this one. Not too sweet either!

The Uji Matcha gelato was very proper, as they even had a cover to prevent oxidation. This was a very unique take on matcha gelato, as it wasn't sweet and the umami flavours were so strong that it tasted almost salty. The quality of matcha used was pretty decadent too! The matcha isn't very strong but definitely still aromatic.

With the beautiful simple interior, this is a place to chill with your friends! Come down and have a try✌️

Jason Ng

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