If you are in need of some good desserts, @yatkayan is one place to go to satisfy your cravings. With a huge selection, we were spoilt for choice!

After some deliberation, we settled with our favourite Orh Ni or Yam Paste ($5.80) and Cold MSW Durian Mousse ($7.80). The Yam Paste was very thick, rich and creamy, exactly how a good orh ni should be! It came with a good number of gingko nuts, great if you love them. I love how the coconut milk added extra creaminess and flavour, but this means that it can get surfeiting towards the end 😂

As for the durian mousse, this is definitely approved by the durian lover aka me. It was very rich and creamy, and I loved the huge slab of durian meat which was bittersweet! Quite a big portion for $7.80 and once again, better shared with others! My only nitpick is that it's not cold enough, wished that it was mixed with some crushed ice.

With their quality dessert and huge selections, definitely coming back again!