Kallang/Geylang/Paya Lebar/Eunos

Kallang/Geylang/Paya Lebar/Eunos

Featuring Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu 百年酿豆腐 (Albert Centre), Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle, Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee, Sin Heng Claypot Bak Koot Teh, Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow, Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant, The Skewer Bar, Albert Street Prawn Noodle (Old Airport Road), Yan Ji Seafood Soup (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Ah Yee's Soon Kueh
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Good news for EASTIES... because @ahothideout has opened their 3rd and LARGEST outlet at Kinex Mall (near paya lebar MRT)!

They serve one of the best mala in Singapore! I travelled all the way to NTU to have it last year! 😍

What is so special about their malaxiangguo here is that they fry their ingredients!! The top ingredients that you HAVE to add for your malaxiangguo is the potato, lotus root, dory fish, and scrambled egg!! The potato and lotus root are sliced till super thin, almost like chips!! The scrambled egg you will need to remember to add on the order when ordering from the self-ordering kiosk! Another thing that I like about this place is that all the ingredients are charged at the same price! You need not worry about taking more/less meat vs veg, just choose what you love! For non-mala eaters, you can also pick the oriental stir fry option!

Besides malaxiangguo, they also have the soupy version here! Choose from mala collagen soup, collagen soup, or tomato collagen soup! Featured here is the tomato collagen soup!

Top favourite items for me is the potato and lotus root slices, as well as the scrambled egg!

Get the peanut and coriander from the counter to add on to your malaxiangguo to make it more fragrant!

Grand opening is on 1 December! Check them out!
📍A Hot Hideout
KINEX Mall #01-45
11 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437157

Made a trip to Paradise Dynasty last week before the membership vouchers expired!

Here is what we ordered:
💫 La Mian With Pork and Pork Wanton in Signature Pork Bone Soup ($14.3++): Comforting soup broth!
💫La Mian with Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette ($12.80++): This was super super malaaaaaa numbing spicy!! Too numbing spicy for me to enjoy this dish!
💫 Radish Pastry ($8.30++): This is my number 1 favourite dimsum snack to get here!!

Birthday Freebies 🎂

Next up is @mr.coconutsg ! You can get one free drink (any size) or ice cream / yoghurt as long as you sign up for their free membership! Just type in your mobile number at the self ordering kiosk to order and claim! Redeemable in your birthday month! (Do note toppings for drinks are chargeable. My favourite drink to claim is the avocado coconut shake!)

Second time eating at Chic-a-boo!

Got the 2 piece chicken set ($9.80) and 1pc chicken 1 pc fried fish set ($9.80). Both set comes with a choice of 1 soft drinks and 2 side dishes! Picked sweet potato fries, curly fries and onion ring!

Having tried both flavours, I hereby declare that I prefer the hot and spicy flavour for the chicken! Their fried fish also taste almost like long john silver's, but theirs is more fried and more chaotah brown!

Very filling meal and at an affordable price point!

Korean Style Jjangmyeon from Old Airport Road Hawker Centre Wooga Jjajang 01-84 !

Rarely do I see korean jjajang myeon sold in hawker centre/coffeeshop, and this was done right!

Slurpy chewy yellow noodles, with flavourful black sauce! I liked that they used minced meat here, good for ppl like me who do not like super fatty pork meat!

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Tried Do Qoo at PLQ mall!

More dessert choices at Paya Lebar now!

You can either order fixed bowl or create your own customised bowl here! Most dessert bowls are at the price of $4.30. Got the Yours Taroly ($4.30) which had the yam pudding jelly, yam cubes, aloe vera, grass jelly and soy pudding base!

I feel like there is much more dessert topping choices here than the other dessert shop at Paya Lebar Square!

📍Do Qoo
10 Paya Lebar Road
B2-16 Singapore 409057

Discovered a new tze char gem place to visit!

Was searching for affordable and nice tze char in the Geylang Area and chanced upon JB Garden Seafood Restaurant with raving reviews! Many made comparison to JB Ah Meng (which is just a a few mins down the street) and said this was as nice and way cheaper!

Brought the family out here to try the food!

Here is what we ordered:
-San Lou Bee Hoon ($10.50 for Medium)
-Herbal Paper Wrapped Chicken (1 whole chicken for $28)
-Hot Plate Beancurd ($12 for Small)
-Curry Fish Head ($28)
-Prawn & Pork Omelette ($8 for Small)
-Coffee Pork Ribs ($12 for Small)
-Sambal Sweet Potato Leave ($10 for Small
-Drinks ($2-3+)

The star of the show is clearly the San Lou Bee Hoon! It was not overly chaotah! Much wok hei taste. Tastes even better with the sambal chilli sauce dip! The herbal chicken was also tender, with sufficient herbal soup for drizzling on rice. Sizzling hotplate beancurd was also my other top favourite! Super flavourful black sauce with minced meat and soft tofu! Curry Fish Head portions and ingredients felt slightly little for the pricing though. The coffee pork rib was one of the worst item ordered imo though. The sauce was the watery kind, and the sauce tasted way too bitter. Other places serve better coffee pork ribs.

Come here for the San Lou Bee Hoon especially! Skip the coffee pork ribs for sure!

Will be back again, as it is affordable! No GST and No service Charge here! For 6 adults, the bill amounted to $120 only!

Who else loves grilled fish as much as me?

One of the affordable grilled fish place which we frequent is What The Fish! They can be found at various outlets! The one I always frequent is the one at Paya Lebar Square and Parkway Parade!

Initially wanted the fillet set ($7.80) but it was sold out during my time of visit (dinner time). Henc, I got the Half Fish Meal instead ($10.80) = Limbo Fish Tail with Rice. Was having a sore throat then so I tried the chicken soup mushroom flavour instead!

Verdict? I still prefer the fresh green pepper flavour!

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Segamat Tze Char from circuit road hawker! Saw many ppl ordering from this tze char stall so we decided to try it too!

-Fujian Mee Noodle ($5)
-Sliced Fish Hor Fun ($6)

While the portions looked quite big initially, it was smaller than it seems due to the shallow plate 😂 but it was a good plate of tzechar as the noodles were full of wokhei!! Loved the spicy sambal chilli sauce too! But really not too much ingredients/noodle though the price quite affordable

We were still feeling hungry/mouth itchy after these 2 plates hence we ordered another chicken chop as seen in my previous post lol

79 Circuit Rd, #01-45, Singapore 370077

Second time eating Koung’s Wan Tan Noodles! It tastes different from what I remembered it to be. It didnt leave a superb good impression on me the first time I ate it. After the second visit this time, my conclusion remains the same. It tastes quite pretty average?? Just that the char siew is charcoal roasted so got more taste than the normal wanton noodles. The chilli sauce is super duper spicy though. I didnt mix in all the chilli and I couldnt take it already. The chilli sauce also doesnt taste as good as Hoe Kee.

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Who else always get cravings for chicken chop when at hawker centre? I always get such cravings😂🤣

Decided to give this western stall - Yuan Xiang Western Food 01-67 a try! Got the chicken chop which was priced at $7. Comes with the usual fixed sides such as fries, salad, baked beans and toasted bun.

At the first bite of the chicken chop, i got the taste of lamb and i really do not like the taste/smell of lamb!🤢 most likely the order before mine was a lamb chop. Lol made a mental note to myself to never order from a western stall ever again if they sell lamb chop 😂

Luckily there were still some parts of the chicken meat on the other side that did not have a strong lamb taste.

Thought the amount of fried given was quite little too?

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Back with another Thai Baang Bread!

Got the Mochi Yam Floss this time! 1 box for $3.50! This bread consist of yam paste with chicken floss and chewy mochi! All 3 star ingredients all together! Enjoyed this alot!

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