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I highly recommend the Honey Mustard Ribs. The ribs were incredibly tender and flavorful, with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. I decided to add the chili cheese fries as an extra, and while they weren't too spicy, their unique twist complemented the ribs wonderfully. Overall, it was a delightful dining experience, offering succulent ribs and a tasty side that added a subtle yet enjoyable kick to the meal.

Came on a weekday night and the atmosphere was good - not too noisy

Ordered a medium rare new york strip with red wine sauce. Loved how savoury the sauce was and the meat was also cooked well and tender. Portion was generous.

Service was good as the waiter checked in on how the food was etc. Attentive staff

Highly recommend! 👍🏼

they did their meats pretty well! the ny strip rly stood out and was very delicious. the honey mustard ribs were tender pretty good, but the sides weren't the best. the service was great tho!

New York Strip was amazingly well done, although the truffle fries could have had more truffle and the red wine in the sauce was not very apparent. Prawn aglio was good, huge prawns and generous portion. Good vibes and amazing, genuine service by staff who constantly checked up on us😃

This place offers a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, complemented by its convenient proximity to a nearby bus stop. I decided to try their honey mustard pork ribs, and found the dish to be thoroughly satisfying. The meat was tender and soft, packed with rich flavors . The overall experience was satisfying. With the combination of a cozy ambiance and the choices they offer makes this meat house a place to visit.

Meat lover, dun miss out their Ribeye steak and Pork Ribs.
The food are generally at affordable price and are done beautifully.
The restaurant provide a cosy place to hang out with friends and family.
Definitely a pleasant time chilling/catching up with my friend over at Meat n' Chill !

Quite a nice place to unwind at. Served amazing portions of quality meats and sauces, there’s a lot on the menu.

Quite a nice place to unwind at. Served amazing portions of quality meat and sauces, there’s a lot on the menu.

The Grass-fed Ribeye was perfectly cooked and seasoned, I definitely recommend it! We also tried the Bourbon Ribs which were very flavourful and served in a generous portion. Prices are mid-range and the restaurant gives off a chill and cosy vibe.

Had a delicious dinner consisting of Guinness Stout and marmite flavoured ribs (appropriately named Journey to the Yeast), chilli con carne and fries. The ribs were well marinated, nicely caramelised and tender whilst the chilli was flavourful. The crisp fries went well with the chilli. The portion was pretty generous! Kudos to the friendly waiters and waitresses as well. Overall a lovely experience at this restaurant!

The New York strip steak was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, with a juicy and flavorful profile. The chili cheese fries was good with the right amount of cheese and spice! Overall, a great dining experience and definitely a must-try for any steak lover!

We were presented with a delightful array of choices, which left us deliberating on our order. Ultimately, we opted for the Golden Carolina BBQ pork ribs and the lamb ribs. While the lamb ribs delivered an average taste, the pork ribs stole the show. They were incredibly juicy and fresh, truly a treat for the taste buds. Not to be missed, their truffle fries served as the perfect side – crispy on the outside and delightfully soft on the inside, with a truffle aroma that was neither overwhelming nor lackluster.

The service was excellent, exemplified when I accidentally spilled some water on the floor. To my surprise, a tall and attentive waiter promptly noticed the mishap and promptly cleaned up the area. Thank you very much for your swift response!

Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience. The warm and rustic ambiance added to the enjoyment, and I'm already looking forward to returning for another round of their delectable pork ribs!

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