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2022-05-04 lunch
Calamari rings - Excellent. Great breading and texture
Chilli cheese fries - Good. Generous portion and the toppings worked well together
Original ribs - Excellent. Very tender, and has been kindly deboned for us

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The ribs were surprisingly soft and flavourful, and had very few bones! Generous portion especially for the chilli cheese fries. The staff were also very friendly :)

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Highly recommend the “walk in the park” pork ribs! The ribs were tender and juicy, while the sauce is spicy and delicious! Also had the steak which came with two sides as well. The steak was flavourful and juicy! The service crew were nice and attentive to my needs as well, asking if I need any other things or even small actions of passing a chair for me to put my bag on it. In all, I had a really good experience in Meat N’Chill!

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I ordered their “walk in the park” (pork ribs) under the Spicy YOLO Challenge. The BBQ pork ribs were the best ribs that I have ever tried at this price range. It was reasonably priced at $25.50, and the portion was good with the selection of two sides. The ribs were perfectly cooked and incredibly soft, to the extent that it fell off from the bone smoothly without much knifework. For spicy lovers, you will fall in love with the robust spicy gravy. Food aside, the service crew is very friendly and attentive to our needs. An excellent place for ribs! Will definitely come back again to try the other ribs. P.S. Please note that you need to sign an indemnity form before attempting any ribs under the Spicy YOLO Challenge and trust me, it is worth it!

Really nice place with pretty decent prices. Had a nice catch up over dinner here (not too loud) and location's pretty convenient too :)

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I tried the Shira Cognac Beef Short Ribs 38, and I must say it is one of the best in town I have ever eaten. The meat is cooked and seasoned perfectly and the meat is chewy, moist and not too dry. it really lives up to the name and title of "The Meanest Ribs in Town". The portion was also appropriate and goes really well with the sides that I have ordered. Will definitiely recommend this brand to others to try. 9.5/10

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I tried the Mango Siracha Rib, a special release by Meat N Chill as it was their 7th birthday. The meat was seasoned perfectly and the meat fell off the bone smoothly and easily, will give it a 8/10. had a really full and hearty meal as the portions are big, alongside the side dish that we ordered ( fries and coleslaw). the staff are really helpful and friendly and even offered to ask if we wanted to change seat as we were sitting under the air condition. perfect place for a dinner getaway with old friends with the cosy and comfortable environment.

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Coffee somewhat made up for the sad brunch though it was served at close to room temperature

The eggs were hard boiled :( Portion of smoked salmon was very small and bread was rock hard. Bit of a disappointment considering I paid $16 for this. May be better off sticking to their baked goods and coffee and avoiding the brunch items :/

Cozy little establishment with good vibes! I had calamari to start and it was really flavorful and not overdone. The ribs were tender and the meat fell off the bone easily. Servings were generous and service was great as well :)

For the starters, we ordered the calamari which was quite fresh. However, the batter was not fried as crispy as we would have liked. Would give it a 4/5. For the mains, I ordered the steak which was very flavorful and juicy, highly recommended 5/5. Staff were attentive and friendly as well, which made the atmosphere very comfortable.

Not bad. I actually prefer vegetable tempura due to the variety. But overall this buffet felt cheap.

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