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A PRC fried noodle from a stall touting to be Taiwanese hahaha. Average only, but did its job for a post-flight meal.

The Superdry Laksa is definitely not what I had imagined it to be in the likes of nyonya and assam laksa. Not only does it use rice vermicelli, there was also no coconut in it. This savoury noodle dish was aromatic from the spices and herbs, and a subtle hint of sourness and spiciness. It came with Sarawak belacan that packed a heaty punch of flavour.

Chicken Chasu Collagen Ramen and chicken gyoza
Halak Ramen
Broth decent
Slight wok hey taste and smell

Tonito's pasta de cangrejo features squid ink pasta topped with crispy soft shell crab, breaded squid, charred tomato and finished with a dash of lime.

The pairing of the subtly briny squid ink, deep fried seafood and a dash of tangy acidic lime went really well.

Tonito's food can be a little hit and miss. I personally prefer their mexican selections (eg the tacos and quesidillla) over the Peruvian and Argentinian selections. Since our #eatup in December last year, Tonito has revamped and streamlined their menu so some of the featured dishes may no longer be available!

Tonito is an excellent date location and has decent to good food. It's a tad pricey but do check out their #burpplebeyond deals! As usual, special thanks to the good folks from Tonito and Burpple for hosting us!

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Tonito's Mejillon Negra features Chilean black mussels, chorizo and tiger prawns in a seafood bisque infused with Lustau dry sherry wine.

I enjoyed the rich, creamy and savoury seafood bisque which has a nice hint of the spicy notes of the dry sherry wine. Some may find the dry sherry a little too crisp and tart for their liking but I'm perfectly fine wiping up the bisque with their mini baguettes!

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Some of my fellow #burpplers at the #eatup who have been to Tonito previously raved about their signature fish tacos and it was not hard to understand why.

Crispy white fish is topped with tartar sauce and pico de gallo (a Mexican salsa) in a soft and fluffy flour tortilla wrap. I loved how the savoury and creamy tartar sauce combined with the sweet and tangy pico de gallo to elevate the subtly sweet and flaky white fish.

It's delicious but $20 for 2 tacos is kinda a little too expensive for my tastebuds... Portions-wise, it was also rather small... A pity though that it doesn't fall under the #burpplebeyond deals...

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Lots of variety of local delights at an affordable price considering the standards and the service. We had the Curry Chicken w/ Prata ($9.50), added on another prata ($1.50), the Dry Laksa Goreng ($9.90), and a glass of Honey Lemongrass ($2.50). Prata would be good for those who prefer soft and fluffy prata. Curry chicken was delicious, except for the fact that the bone-in chicken pieces were slightly undercooked closer to the bone. Didn't get a stomachache though, thank goodness. Dry laksa goreng was pretty good and lemak, and the thick rice vermicelli used was firm and not mushy. Honey lemongrass came in a small portion though. Overall, $28.06 for everything seems alright considering two of us were so full after, but do watch out for the chicken.

I was quite excited to receive the #eatup invite from Burpple to Tonito, a lovely Latin American restaurant in Changi Jewel. Since the closure of Tono Cervicheria, I have been on the lookout for somewhere serving Peruvian cerviches.

Tonito Cerviche features Hokkaido baby scallops tossed with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sliced onions, ikura and of course tiger's milk. It is then paired with crisp purple potato chips. The ingredients combine to form a refreshing, light, clean and tangy dish.

It is indeed a nice clean appetiser to start the meal but lacked a certain wow to it. I wish they had used a mixture of proteins in it to give more complexity to the dish.

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Went to Coucou Hotpot last week and ordered their Sichuan Style Spicy Soup Base, Bovine Bone with Tomato Soup Base, USDA Choice Beef Shortplate, Pork Belly Slices, Chinese Cabbage, and Fried Beancurd Skin (total $132.90/2 pax after gst and svc charge)😇

Overall ratings 8/10! Would say that the food quality is good, and ambience is very cozy and private👍🏻 They have chinese tea served, and free flow mala mushroom and lu rou fan if if you include the sides buffet😋However, I would say that it is quite an expensive hot pot place😅 Recommended to come if you like a more private dining setting!