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This chain brand was established in 1953 as 'Wang Jiao', and rebranded as 'Wang Cafe' in 2006, with the halal-certified spin-off 'Heavenly Wang' established in 2012.
Their rendition has a homemade broth infused with coconut milk, dried shrimp, and laksa leaves, carrying savoury milky spicy flavour.
The crisp bean sprouts and smooth thick rice vermicelli noodles lend grainy vegetal sweet flavour, while the bouncy hard boiled chicken egg lends eggy sweet flavour.
The springy fish cake carries sweet savoury flavour, while the spongy tofu puffs soak up the flavours of the lovely broth. No blood cockles here, instead, there's crunchy deshelled prawns with sweet savoury notes.
Heavenly Wang
@ Alexandra Retail Centre, 460 Alexandra Road #02-35
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Truly enjoyable bowl of lobster bisque with chunky slices of lobsters inside, a great pairing to my XO Honey pork ribs for dinner

Very succulent and tender pork ribs with savoury sauce and tasty keropok chips.

Portion looked a bit small when the food first arrived but after finishing everything, it was definitely more than enough. The meat was cooked well, patty was good and the truffle fries were savoury, would order it again!

Oyster 3/5
Water Spinach 2/5
Shima Toast 3/5
Mee Hoon Kueh 2/5
Firefly Squid 2/5
Scallop 2/5
Prawns 2/5
Donabe 3/5
Binka Ubi 2/5

($16) My friend she didn't wanted to order this but she initally wanted to try tonkatsu one and I literally wanted to try it out too. So she decided to try this and we just spilt and shared instead. So the steak was well cooked but the overeasy egg is not runny at all :") but the sauce really nice to eat thru. I thought tonkatsu was really best selling on their menu but this steak & eggs was not bad tbh.

($15) I didn't really regretted to travel over from north east to south west for this. My friend just judged me so sliently most of time for this but I don't really care or bother abt it. But their sando was not that bad tbh was so worth to travel for trying once a while if you're bored with other brands out there also selling sando as their bread was not that dry as I expected and pork (tonkatsu) and napa cabbage was quite crispy and crunchy to chew through. The aonori mayo sauce was slightly too creamy for me and not much tbh.

($12) The batter was slightly too much and was quite crispy and crunchy to chew through. The sauce (used same as tonkatsu) complemented well with mushroom fritter too. It's slightly oil so it was good to share with family and friends.

4⭐ Found that there's a Sando shop near office and this is the 2nd time here. Ordered the Charsu sando this round without adding on the waffle fries. Love the pork brlly, it's so tender and juicy. Portion is very filling.
#Sando #Charsu

Hake Fish (S$15)
Paprika battered hake fish, cheddar, mint salad, green goodness tar tar, blueberry chilli jam
Love the flaky meat with sweet jam cutting through the taste.

Tonkatsu (S$15)
Dingley dell pork belly, house-made tonkatsu sauce, napa cabbage, goma-ae, aonori mayonnaise

Addon S$4 for a side of tater tots

Umedoshi Yuzu Fizz (S$7)
Dried sour plum (umedoshi), yuzu, tonic water

Shimizu Lychee Cooler (S$7)
Shimizu (white peach), lychee, orange bitters, soda