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Throwback. Basically a Zinger with onion rings. Also came with pickles, smoky white BBQ sauce and hot sauce.

Finally tried SBCD @sbcdsingapore and I must say, although the price point was high, the food quality served was excellent.

The LA Galbi Combo Meal ($42.90) may be expensive, but the amount served can fit about 2 average eaters. The LA Galbi itself was the show stopper, as the meat was so well seasoned and grilled. With a good smokey flavour, the meat was tender and succulent and I loved the sweet and savoury marinade used. Absolutely excellent! The tofu stew that comes with it is of a smaller portion than ordering it by itself, but it was definitely flavourful and very comforting. The seafood was very fresh!

We also got a Korean Seafood Pancake ($27.90) which was thick but crispy on the outside and fluffy within. A good sharing dish but I wished that there were more seafood ingredients used!

The side dishes served were all excellent, especially their kimchi which wasn't too sour and had a satisfying crunch. I was surprised to see a whole fish served as a side dish as well!

Definitely a good Korean food place to visit once in a while!

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Out of the few restaurants in ARC, this place has never attracted me for no reason. But so surprised when I finally tried it (was forced to by colleague lol), as it’s not bad at all!

First time trying a rougamo and I loved it. Ordered the basic pork variant, and the buns are super flaky, matching really well with the savoury and juicy pork filling. This is surprisingly filling as well though the size looks quite unassuming

They have set meals but have been ordering their rougamos so far


📍 Qin Ji Rougamo
460 Alexandra Rd, 01 - 33, Singapore 119963
Floor 1 · Alexandra Retail Centre

#burpplesg #qinjirougamo

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Woke up and decided to try a different variety (only on size lol) of kaya toast today

Not sandwiched and presented differently, this bread has kaya spread on top. Despite being thick, the bread is still nicely toasted yet still soft. Enjoyed the generous spread of kaya, though can be quite jelak after a few bites. Pair with teh or kopi!


📍1970s Best Coffee
79 Telok Blangah Dr, 01-10, Singapore 100079

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4.5⭐ A favourite among my colleagues & I. The stall opening days are erratic so it really depends on luck for it to be open. Each bowl of noodle or beehoon is served in claypot. There are only 5 to 6 choices to choose from and I have ate almost all except the mee tai mak as I dislike the texture of mee tai mak. Ate the lala beehoon this time and it's filled generously with lala and fried egg. The soup is extremely flavourful with hint of hua diao wine.

4⭐ Although I have been working around the area for more than 2 years, it's my first time eating lunch at Colourful Day Cafe. We came here for team lunch and I ordered the Rendang Chicken with Blue Rice. The rendang chicken is quite special as it's fried and then the rendang curry is drench over it. It's slightly spicy but still within my spiciness tolerance level. Peanut and ikan bilis are cripsy and crunchy.
#ColourfulDayCafe #ChickenRendangRice

Throwback. I'm not sure if this stall still exists. Their dry version was lovely so I tried soup. I don't know why. Bad idea.

Egg Tart 3/5
Kouign Aman 3/5
Canele 2/5

Had the dry banmian for at least 10 times and still find it nice. I seldom have banmian in the past till I tried this. Standard is consistant I must say. The sauce and homemade chilli really makes their banmian stand out. The noodle are cooked just nice, not too soft nor too hard. Portion is just right for me too.

Duotou clams absolutely devine, will return with whole family

My first time trying this permanent flavour. I thought it wouldn't work, but uncannily it did. Strawberry and chocolate, who knew?

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