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($3.80) I felt that iced green milk tea was quite sweet tbh and opt out for less sugar.

($8.90) I felt that pork mixed ham was normal tbh compared to the Banh Mi Saigon use mixed ham got different type of filling. The banh mi bread itself got really crispy and crunchy texture.

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($6.50) The taste for oolong was not that there at all and covered up with milk too much already. legit like full drink filled with milk tea. The pearls (bubble) just like mini pearl type instead of large pearl. The pearls was quite chewy and not that hard. I felt got lactose allergic for milk tea as got bloated throughout whole afternoon time.

($28) We passby the area during evening area. We decided to try it out for first time since we always passby the area most of time. I decided to get their classic pork collar set with tomato soup base for me and golden sauerkraut soup base for my sister. She told me that golden sauerkraut soup base come with a lot of fish inside. They come with iced or cold da hong pao or pu'er tea with your choice and top up for extra $1.20 for other milk tea. We did ordered ala crate items for venus clam ($6.80) [huge serving for 2 pax tbh], taiwanese sausage with marinated cabbage ($7.80) with sweet and sour chili sauce [my sister said their marinated cabbage is not bad and I felt that taiwanese sausage was quite normal], mushroom combo ($8.90) [same as set meal], pork balls (4 pieces) ($9) [not worth to order it bc it was quite small serving] I felt that we did overorder and almost cannot eat finish :") I felt that in my opinion if u don't wanted to eat too much and just order set meal is a good enough for 1 pax consisted of a variety of ingredients such as vegetables (cabbage, spinach, green coral, sweet corn carrots, corn), mushroom (enoki, shiitake, king oyster and black fungi) and misc items (tofu, beancurd skin, pork balls, yam, venus clam). I felt that their soup broth was quite salty towards the end. :")

As the more deductive of my audience have already guessed, Miss Saigon is an offshoot of Banh Mi Saigon, Singapore’s preeminent banh mi maestro. The menu is almost a carbon copy of the mother store, but how about the quality? Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to inform you that standards here at their new digs in Fortune Centre are very close to the original outlet.⠀

Their Grilled BBQ Pork ($8.90 nett) did subvert expectations, as I was expecting slices of barbecued meat like char siew. Instead I got a heaping helping of pork that resembles meatloaf more thar barbecue pork, but the sweet & salty marinade certainly does taste a lot like char siew. As you may expect of something made out of ground pork, the meat was very tender and quite moist inside. The sweet & salty marinade was perfect with the pork, applied in just the right amount for maximum flavour without going overboard.⠀

The baguette was crustier than a boomer on the internet, and each bite sent bread shrapnel flying everywhere. There’s no neat eating with Miss Saigon, so just come in ready to get down & dirty. And while you’re doing the nasty with Miss Saigon, just take a moment to appreciate just how ambrosial & affordable her banh mis are, and scarf down another one.

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- “Chicken cutlet” had a texture that’s more doughy soft than meaty without being too chewy or mushy, a gripe that I usually face with mock meats.
- Breaded coating was crispy and not oily at all which I enjoyed!
- Mock goose bits that resembled pork lard were super crunchy.
- Mee pok tossed in chilli and ketchup, though a bit watery, was smooth with a tinge of sweetness, would prefer it springier and al dente.

decent affordable meal!! q crowdrd because they share the space w yatkayan, but that means u can get the best of both worlds🫶🏼💥

Chunky mixed forest mushroom soup is rich, creamy & aromatic with truffle oil; topped with crispy croutons..

Brownie is firm & moist but overly dense; with well-balanced chocolate & houjicha taste; topped with vanilla ice cream..

Finely shredded potatoes well-cooked to crispy outside & soft inside, drizzled with mentaiko & Japanese mayo sauce; topped with bonito flakes, nori & tempura crunch; didn't expect the ingredients paired well with the rosti; tad oily at the bottom; tastes as good as its sister cafe..

Grilled miso boneless chicken leg is tender & succulent, taste slightly bland with mild tinge of saltiness from miso; pasta is al-dente with distinct garlic taste, mild spicy; topped with tempura crunch, nori & bonito flakes..

Grilled salmon hash sat on top a layer of smashed avocado & yuzu ocha-infused mixed grains; salmon hash is thick & lightly seasoned; smashed avocado add some creaminess with tinge of lemon zest; love the mixed grains which came with distinct yuzu taste which balance out the taste; topped with cherry tomatoes, edamame, bonito flakes, nori & furikake; worth a try..