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Went to Five Oars Coffee Roasters about 3 months ago and ordered their Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($18), Iced White ($6) and their Five Oars waffles ($18) - image will be shown in the next post😍

Had a good experience there as it is a chill ambience and waffles were good!😇 Fish & chips however were just normal😅 However, overall ratings would be an 8/10 and would visit again to try other items on the menu!!

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When u order corn fritters with poached eggs and you are blessed with not 1 , not 2 , not even 3 but FIVE dips and a piece of halloumi on top to seal the deal , your breakfast has made ur day . Such a wonderful spacious resto with good food & great friendly staff

My favourite cafe of all time, and always my go-to in times when I need good cafe comfort food.
It’s my personal preference to order my sunny side up over-medium but they make good egg styles here; I’ve seen what my friends ordered. You can also choose to add hashbrown, bacon, avocado etc - prices range from $3 - $7 for sides. I added cajun chicken breast for $7.
For the bread, you can choose between having brioche or sourdough but I always opt for the latter - best sourdough bread I’ve had in Singapore.

My must-order when I visit any yakitori place.

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When it comes to sashimi, all I have to do is eat as PB will do all the ordering according to his liking!

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Miso grilled pork cheeks. 👍🏻
Looks like our satay! Haha.. the miso sauce by the side was intense. Lovely with the shredded onions

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Chef’s recommendation - Century egg tofu

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Always queues for days at the ever popular Five Oars, and no surprise since the vibes here scream Melbourne in both the interior design as well as the food.
The coffee here is good, as is the brunch-centric fare usually, but maybe we ordered the wrong dish, as I couldn’t quite shake the feeling of disappointment with the greasy rosti and viscid mushroom cream sauce. The saving grace was the slab of thick-cut bacon, but because all the ingredients were rich, it really needed at least one component with more acid to cut through the heaviness.
Hot tip - take a photo of the queue system QR code out front so you can scan it beforehand in the future instead of having to loiter at the entrance like a chump).

Taste: 3/5

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The dessert menu at Five Oars changes at night and we were slightly disappointed that we were unable to order our favourite french toast! Hence, we decided to try something else and the Five Oars Waffles caught our eye. Five Oars uses sourdough for their waffles and this gives the waffles a distinct slight sourish tinge!

Aside from that, the other amazing part of this dessert was the espresso drizzle, which was fairly concentrated and packs a good coffee punch! We have never tried waffles with coffee sauce before and this was certainly eye opening. Furthermore, what looked like whipped cream is actually mascarpone cheese, which was lightly sweet and goes well alone with the waffles too! We suggest not to mix the espresso sauce and the cheese together though, because the coffee will overpower the delicate taste of the mascarpone.

Priced at $18++, it is a little steep for dessert although the serving is large enough (see the 3 waffles?) to be shared amongst 2 to 3 pax. Hopefully, this will be enough to ease the burden on your wallets a little.

It was our first time visiting Five Oars for dinner on a weekday, and it was certainly much easier to get seats than on a weekend. We got a table immediately even though we went during the peak dinner period (7 pm), so this may be an option for those who are deterred by the queue!


We are back at Five Oars again except that this time, we are here for dinner! Note that the dinner menu, which starts at 6 pm, is different from the brunch menu, as most of the brunch items have been replaced by dinner-like food (e.g., pastas). We haven't tried the pastas at Five Oars before and we decided to get something more unique - the Granchio Rigatoni!

It was our first time trying rigatoni pasta and when we first saw it, we thought it looked like an enlarged version of the penne, albeit slightly flatter! The pasta was prepared al dente and it was pretty firm; to be honest, we thought the pasta could be a little softer. The rigatoni was served as a tomato-based dish, although we like that the base has been spiced up quite a bit with cut chillies! Do remember to mix the sauce and pasta before eating, because the chillies are not distributed evenly and you may encounter higher levels of spiciness in some areas! Lastly, the dish was topped with a reasonable serving of crab meat, which always goes well with tomato base.

For $24++, we thought it was a great dish and the serving is enough to make you full too, as the tomato base was slightly thick and the pasta was fairly generous!

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With so many cafes along the same street this cafe could be easily missed. We decided to visit as queues elsewhere were too long, but definitely did not regret this decision. Food came quickly after order; good sized portions and fulfilled our brunch cravings. Def comfort food on a rainy day.