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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Smallest portion alr

The veggies were alright, so was the fish. But the Assam is not strong enough. The flavours were generally there alr, but it's just somewhat weak. Plus it's very very oily

Smallest portion alr, just 5 prawns and nothing much else

Prawns were overcooked. Idk what's Indonesian but the aroma is like kamheong. Except made into the curry. Except that the curry is weak. When it cools down, you can hardly taste the spices

If you're going to be have a spice-ful sounding dish, why make it so weak? Plus there's a lot of oil, so it's clearly not for health reasons

Don't bother

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Probably the version with the most obvious pork lard taste I've had. Unfortunately the wok hei and the fragrance of the garlic could have been more pronounced

As it is, it's a decent version that's quite well seasoned, both with salt and sugar

Homemade. It's not as sweet as some others I guess, but it's still quite sweet. Also there's not enough body

This is quite delicious. Flesh was firm, but there's a lot of gelatinous parts and cartilage which was lovely

Good version, it's like zaishun's but abit more firm. Salted fish is just that one piece

Good, but not spectacular. If you come it's for the kailan beef

Absolutely intense. The beef has some marinade that's very strong and quite unique, it's not completely tender and has some chew which could be improved. However it's still very good. Kailan is masterfully charred

The complexity comes from layering different sauces and marinades and wtv despite being a dry version, and is really a restaurant style dish where things are cooked separately then served tgt

Ultimately, a unique dish that's well executed and overall impressive. There's good reason why they charge obscene prices yet still stand for so long, don't compare them to your normal tzechar

Mainly a minced meat patty, topped w small bits of salted fish. Tender w a little bit of chew, pepper taste was present and overall mild profile

Good stuff

One of the very best versions for home style. Bittergourd texture was good, not v bitter at all. Salted egg was mildly savoury and not overly salty, works V well

Chye poh fried horfun. Quite a lot of wok hei, so overall pretty good

The salted egg pork sauce is diff from their other salted egg dishes sauce, which is more dry

This is more a cream sauce, with hints of salted egg and sweetness and very very strong spices, from the chili and the curry leaves.

Now I get why it's highly raved. But it's really more a salted egg kamheong cream sauce than proper salted egg sauce

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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