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Coffee bombs are the best. Those friends who ate it love it 💪💪💪

Came for dinner with my friend recently, and we ordered the 88 Pork Set C (which came with steamed egg and choice of either kimchi or soy bean stew) and the Japchae. The dry-aged pork belly and pork collar was delicious - it was soft, juicy, and tender all at once! The Japchae was well-seasoned and the taste of the sesame oil really came through - though it was a tad bit greasy for my liking. The side dishes (banchan) were great, and I appreciate the attentiveness of the staff. If you're unfamiliar with Korean BBQ, the staff can also help to grill the meat on your behalf! Overall, would recommend and come back again 🙂

meat portion was substantial and overall a great place to chill and have bbq! set comes with kimchi soup and steamed egg too :)

Portion of meat was big and was nicely grilled by their staff. My favorite was the juicy pork jowl. Kimchi soup was delicious too

We went here for dinner the other night, and ordered the 88 Pork Set B, as well as the japchae. The set came with a steamed egg and soy bean soup, all of which were absolutely delicious. The dry aged pork belly had to be our favourite part of the set though, and the variety of banchan provided was great. The japchae was good too, although it was a bit oily. The staff were great too, and were very attentive to us. Would recommend!

Had a delicious BBQ dinner with my partner here yesterday. We ordered the wagyu BBQ set which came with four different cuts of meat, steamed egg, a fantastic bowl of kimchi stew, and six sides. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised by how diverse and generous their servings were. Our waitress was also extremely attentive to us and even helped us with the cooking when requested.

If you are looking for an authentic KBBQ without breaking the bank, 88 Seoul BBQ is the right place to go! The beef set A’s portion was very generous and tasty too! There were appetisers to keep you longing for the main course which did not disappoint at all!

Popped by on Thursday night and ordered the 88 Pork Set B, which comes with their special 506 dry-aged pork belly, marinated pork collar and pork rib fingers. The set also came with steamed egg and a choice of either kimchi or soybean stew. Opted for the kimchi stew & I particularly liked how the pork bites in the kimchi stew melted in my mouth!

The pork was really tender and flavourful and the portion was just nice for my partner and me as well. Our meal came with the standard banchan dishes - kimchi, potato, hotdogs, etc. which were refillable. Overall, would say Set B is pretty value for money!

The staff was attentive and helpful despite it being relatively busy - you can get the servers to barbecue the meat for you. The restaurant was well ventilated and air-conditioned which made for an enjoyable dining experience! Would recommend!

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Food was amazing! They had generous portions of free sides and really amazing BBQ selections. Tried one of their BBQ set that came with steamed egg and a kimchi stew! Food was definitely value for money given the large portions. 👍🏻

We got the pork belly, pork jowl, and beef short ribs. Staff was very friendly and cooked the meats according to our preference which was nice of them! Our favourite was the pork jowl which came out and juicy and fatty.