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My partner, on the other hand, tried the Bacon & Egg Rosti ($18). This time round, the rosti came slathered with Tomato Jam, almost like a sweetened bolognaise sauce, which threw her off a little. While I didn't mind it, she quickly asked to switch with my leftover plain rosti so I guess it's not to everyone's tastes. The house-cured bacon though, was delicious. Two whole slabs of thick, crisp, sweet-savoury bacon. I don't know what they glazed them with but I wish I could have more.

Overall, their rostis deserve all the hype and more, though do try their plain ones first! Can be a little pricey but I think it's worth a visit or two.

Nestled within the cosy Old Hen Kitchen was Poonsti, our brunch choice for the weekend. Heard lots of good things about their rosti, so this was what we zeroed in on when we made our orders.

I went with the Sour Cream & Chives Rosti ($12) so I could taste the OG rosti quality. Boy, was this good. Decently thick with crisp edges, the potato shreds were seasoned well and still with a firm bite - none of that mushy business. I almost wolfed everything down before I realised there was still the sour cream. Spreading a dollop atop the rosti, the tangy creaminess lent a fresh taste to the potatoes and the enjoyment factor went up even more. This quickly became my favourite rosti in Singapore, no kidding.

Delicious Apple Crumble. Served warm to you! Potion size is for one person

we ordered prawn pasta, salmon and iced matcha, sadly didnโ€™t take any photos but the restaurant was decked with halloween decor which was pretty impressive and the food was good, matcha was nice, really enjoyed the overall experience. water was refillable as well, will definitely go back with the wide variety of choices.

Order the fruitt di mare and risotto rice ball. Overall, it is very flavourful but i find the plate flooded with sauce.

Would be good if they cut down on it

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I got lunch set meal for minced pork basil rice ($9.90 ++) and got choice whether got spicy or non-spicy. They are able to cook without spicy version. I felt that it really quite weird taste without spicy version tbh. Overall taste like the stir fried with pork with fish sauce and no spicy (a bit slightly salty)

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Included frm set meal and need to top up $1 for drink but it taste like authentic thai milk tea (milky and got strong taste for black tea) but diluted (not much taste) once ice melted it off

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We had to try their famous kahlua tiramisu this time round, especially since we didnโ€™t order it previously. They are definitely not playing when it comes to the booze because the rum and coffee flavours hit you super strongly when you take your first bite. The mascarpone was light and we liked that the chocolate taste was cohesive and not overshadowed by the kahlua. While syipโ€™s tiramisu definitely lived up to its reputation, it is quite pricey for a single layer of 3 lady fingers :(

One of their most highly recommended drinks, SYIPโ€™s white coffee combines a double shot of espresso, fresh milk, whipped cream and rich chocolate shavings to create a delicious caffeine boost. The chocolate and cream add a creamy sweetness that doesnโ€™t overpower the coffee!

We had the black sesame latte the last time, so we decided to try their hojicha latte. Unfortunately, while it has strong roasted notes, the latte was quite thin, and the taste of hojicha drowned out the milk. If we were to get this in the future, we would probably have it hot instead of iced.

SYIP is no stranger to cafe hoppers and is one of our favourite cafes in SG for both good food and drinks. Our visits to SYIP have always been very enjoyable, and we would recommend coming during off peak times as we waited close to 30 minutes before tables cleared up for our party of 4.

P.S. @/getfedsg has a code which gives you 10% off at both outlets which we used during out visit. ((Weโ€™re not affiliated to them HAHA))
79 Owen Rd
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