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Beef rendang here is quite good. The beef was soft and tender and not dry. The rendang was ok, it was a little watered down flavour compared to other spicier rendangs I had.

And very pricey as well, the beef rendang ala carte was $12.20.

Take note: the set meals are not avaliable on weekends apparently.

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Old Hen is a quaint cafe hidden in a row of shops that is a short distance away from Farrer Park MRT, and they specialise in their coffee as well as baked pastries. However, as we were visiting in the evening, we decided to get something lighter and we ordered a matcha latte instead. We could taste a slight bitterness in the matcha-based drink, although this was largely overpowered by the milk in the drink. Would have loved it if the matcha flavour was more pronounced. The drink was priced at $6, which was a pretty standard price for a hot drink at a cafe.

We love the insides of Old Hen though, and we thought that the use of the fan covers and fan blades to decorate the lighting in the interior was really special. The interior decorations gave off a pretty chill old-school vibe and it would be nice to have a conversation over coffee here. That being said, there is a time limit of 1 hour for dining in though.

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the place was crowded but it looked so clean and crisp! tried the mentaiko chicken bowl, avocado toast, sesame latte, and white coffee. price is not too crazy, about $50. would definitely visit again

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Service slow but food is good


One of the signature dishes, the dry BKT is a must have here at JBKBKT.

Meats were soft and tender and flavourful, sauce was thick and flavourful.

Served with a small bowl of their signature BKT soup as well, so best of both worlds.

From Mrs Pho
Comforting portion of sliced beef pho in beef broth.
Really a classic indeed.

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From Mrs Pho
One of the sharing item Vietnamese Savoury Crepe.
Chosen quick fried diced chicken as fillings.
Include beansprouts.

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From Mrs Pho
Pick it up and dip the special peanut sauce.
Sliced pork and prawn inside.
Classic item.

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Lovely post call treat on a Sunday. Found the rose chocolate to be more special than the mocha

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Pasta lovers will like this Capellini for its savoury and spice tantalising taste. The kombu adds in a pleasant taste that makes every mouthful delectable. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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