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Twobakeboys is a relatively new cafe in the Kampong Glam area. The lady boss (her story for setting up this cafe is really inspiring btw) came over to ask us how the cakes were, and judging from past google reviews, they’re very humble and willing to improve their standards. We used burpple 1-for-1 (damn value), and there are deals for takeaway - they give cute sauce packets to-go! This place is a gem in Bugis and you should drop by if you ever have a crepe cake craving 👍👍
Taste: 3.5/5
Stonks: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 🤩🤩

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Hojicha Crepe Cake ($8) 🍵🍰
A newly added item, the sweetness and smokiness of the hojicha was really brought out in the cream and that was a pleasant surprise! Our main gripe was that it was on the dry and denser side, and it seemed like it was lacking a hojicha sauce to really bring the wow factor

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📍Twobakeboys (Bugis)
Thai Tea Crepe Cake ($8) 🧋🍰
Their signature thai tea crepe cake is SO GOOD that it’s to die for. The cake itself had a very gentle tea flavour and was slightly dry, until we luxuriously slathered the thai tea sauce all over it (swipe to watch us fail HAHA). You must pair them together for the best flavours and fun!

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Heard that Good Luck Beer House now serves noodle. Mr. W used this excuse to tempt me here for lunch after work. Then they only serve noodle after 2pm. So we ordered them sim dum platter and xo carrot cake.

There was a bit of a cultural shock here on xo carrot cake. The one i expected was carrot cake fried in XO sauce which is a very common snacks in chinese restaurants in HK. Crystal Jade here has it too. This one was like a fritter. Tasted good but very different.

The dim sum platter was not bad. Nice for a light lunch.

So much for light lunch, we ended up takeaway some of the dim sum.

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Tripe was super tender.

Mutton was tender too and well marinated. Though it's not as incredible as people make it out to be(maybe standards have dipped abit after covid)

The chicken was what stunned me. It's crispy(crispier than the mutton)

Peanut sauce could have been a lot thicker

This stall is definitely worth a try

Preserved veg w pork. Quite mild, didn't leave an impression. Pork was reasonably tender

There isn't too much meat on the bones, whatever was there was alright but not spectacular. You're here mainly for the marrow and the sweet spicy sauce which tastes exactly like it looks.

Tbh pretty ex if you ask me since there's no meat but it's pretty decent. Don't see this around too often

Get a chopstick to scoop out the marrow onto the bread, and ladle some red sauce on top. Enjoy

Bread is pretty average, not crispy, quite light and just enough integrity to hold the sauce.

The mutton soup is pretty full bodied, quite a few chunks of mutton and they were all reasonably tender.

Very enjoyable and well executed, nothing over the top

Not as good. The flavour isn't strong enough

Also it's pretty silly how they have two locations that are within 1 mrt stop away from each other. Very confusing

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Their location absolutely sucks. It's hidden away from the main road, and appears in the the middle of a building on maps, but unlike most cases this time it's not an error but it's actually accurate. Stand in the middle of jalan kubor and look around, or enter from the main road through the hotel

The crepe cake is abit bouncy weirdly, kinda wobbly. It's alright, the cream doesn't have much taro taste that's why it's served w a sauce. Overall it's alright

Without burpple beyond the travel isn't worth it, damn frigging hot while you're getting lost

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Made with real crab claw meat, the trio of handmade crabcakes were chockful of well-seasoned and moist crab meat, and were sat on a bed of greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate seeds tossed in a refreshingly zingy dressing. The boiled egg and garlicky sourdough bread add heft to the dish and ensure you won't leave hungry.
Taste: 3/5

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