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Went to Five Oars Coffee Roasters about 3 months ago and ordered their Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($18), Iced White ($6) and their Five Oars waffles ($18) - image will be shown in the next post😍

Had a good experience there as it is a chill ambience and waffles were good!😇 Fish & chips however were just normal😅 However, overall ratings would be an 8/10 and would visit again to try other items on the menu!!

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When u order corn fritters with poached eggs and you are blessed with not 1 , not 2 , not even 3 but FIVE dips and a piece of halloumi on top to seal the deal , your breakfast has made ur day . Such a wonderful spacious resto with good food & great friendly staff

Ordered the Ultimate Murtabak as well to share on a recent visit and I get why it’s popular. Filled with tandoori chicken, portobello mushrooms, hot and ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese, it’s a really tasty package deal. Strictly speaking, the fish curry gravy (which you help yourself to) isn’t even necessary but it does bring another fragrant facet of flavour to the mix and changes what could pass off as a Mexican quesadilla into a local Indian delight instantly. The Mini version ($9.50+) is what we got by the way, and it was big! I can only imagine how many people the Ultimate Murtabak in the original size would be able to feed.

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What is it about fried dough and curry that gets most of us so happy? I don’t have an answer but when the urge for a Roti Prata rises, one of the places I head to is @springleafprataplace in Jalan Tua Kong. They are such an innovative company - just look at the fancy Prata creations they have come up with over the years. I have tried a couple of them but truth be told, my heart still yearns for the basic Egg Prata ($2.50+). However, I do like to spike it with sliced green chillies for some fresh heat ($0.70+).

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Awesome place awesome food awesome company 😍

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overall rating: ⭐️4/5 stars, gorgeous ambiance and awesome food!! i only wish the broth was more flavourful, tasted like a very diluted knorr stock soup ,, almost water😤 the ingredients can range from $2.90-$3.90 each

🐖pork liver ( ⭐️555555 laughing in thai /5 stars)
mUSTTTTT GET. i’ve never been to a mookata store that sells liver as fresh as this place. not gamey at all and sooooo tender and rich!!!!

🥓pork shoulder and pork belly slices (⭐️5/5)
nice cuts of meat, really fragrant and barely odorous. just the right amount of fat and protein and the marinated cuts are done well!!

🐟shishamo fish (⭐️4/5)
wish the fish held its shape more during grilling, feels a little frozen than fresh to me. but it had a full bodied flavor and when grilled with the pork shoulder fat, the meat and roe just melts in your mouth😋😋

🧀🫕(add-on) cheese dip (⭐️4/5)
it’s a mix of cheap cheddar queso and mozzerella that gives it that gorgeous cheese pull (swipe to view !!). i personally like the taste of cheddar queso, so i’m giving this 4 stars. but don’t drown your marinated meat in it, sometimes the strong taste of cheddar may mask the precious protein 🤧🤧

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My favourite cafe of all time, and always my go-to in times when I need good cafe comfort food.
It’s my personal preference to order my sunny side up over-medium but they make good egg styles here; I’ve seen what my friends ordered. You can also choose to add hashbrown, bacon, avocado etc - prices range from $3 - $7 for sides. I added cajun chicken breast for $7.
For the bread, you can choose between having brioche or sourdough but I always opt for the latter - best sourdough bread I’ve had in Singapore.

My must-order when I visit any yakitori place.

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When it comes to sashimi, all I have to do is eat as PB will do all the ordering according to his liking!

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Miso grilled pork cheeks. 👍🏻
Looks like our satay! Haha.. the miso sauce by the side was intense. Lovely with the shredded onions

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Chef’s recommendation - Century egg tofu

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