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fragrant rice, grains seperated perfectly. garlic chilli had a spicy kick w a lil sourness; my fam honestly goes to tian tian mainly for the chilli. & that silky chicken lol i hate white chicken but i’d eat this. and paired with that sweet sauce wow yumz👌🏼👌🏼 i cant type properly because i can’t put into words how much i love this

Though there is no lack of shops to satisfy one’s caffeine needs in the Tanjong Pagar district, the takeaway cafe, KYŌ Kohee serves a really nice cup of Matcha. Not saccharine, milky, overwhelmingly bitter, or grassy; their signature Okumidori Matcha Latte ($6.90) was a lovely balance. The sweet vegetal flavour was mixed perfectly with a delicate umami touch and a lingering savoury aftertaste. The smooth concoction (no powdery or grainy mouthfeel) had a surprisingly light and palatable consistency as well.

Seeing that I haven’t had my breakfast, I got their Croffles ($3.90) too. My first time having the croissant-waffle hybrid, I could see what the hype was all about. Their rendition came covered with a layer of syrup, a little intimidating at first, but it really wasn’t all that sweet or cloying. The slightly sticky coat also didn’t take the limelight away from the crispy and flakey texture of the dough. There was a pleasant buttery aroma as well.

Food here is consistently good and service quick. This Caesar salad was served in a hardened but edible galette bowl. Salad itself was delicious with kale replacing the usual lettuce and crispy bacon providing the crunch, but the bowl was a bit of a gimmick. Nonetheless would definitely repeat the order.

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Their best dish here tonight.

Homemade mochi was super soft almost cloudlike. Paired w a mild melty cheese inside and the mentaiko was savoury tho fishy. Crumbly crispy exterior. Amazing texture.

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It's not bad but it's like normal bread rather than normal foccacia. Which means it's way too expensive at this price for this measly portion. The seaweed butter sucks too, u can't taste the seaweed at all

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Decent dish

Unagi bring sweet and savouriness. The sweetness is fortified with the corn and the savouriness is amped up w tobiko. The base is similar to bread honestly

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Generous portion of bacon in the pasta, the wasabi cream was alright nothing unexpected. Parma ham is abit random cos literally just topped the pasta but it does add savouriness.

Overall it's okay

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Disgusting. Literally just pasta swimming in butter, a huge puddle of it. There's garlic chips and about 10 clams, nothing else. I threw the entire thing

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An absolute delight for every bread lover. Warm, crisp bread with fluffy insides and mind-blowing spread is a must for Michelin meals of such cuisine types. Delighted to have the entire roll of bread to myself! This was served along with generous portion of whipped cod’s roe and Kombu butter. The whipped cod’s roe was delightful and savoury. Saltiness was just right - for those who’ve a low threshold for salty foods (like me), this is pleasantly addictive! Kombu butter was creamy and light. I didn’t feel so much of a sin from the buttery goodness. Rather, the addition of Kombu made me feel good abt the probiotics going into my tummy. It’s calorific but worthy!

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The hubbs who isn’t a great fan of desserts was full of praises for this choux pastry! Our dessert was paired with Earl grey ice cream. The aroma of earl grey was light and pleasant, no bitter tasting tea leaves. It was a sweet and light ending to a splendid meal!

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The husband went for the Wagyu steak, in place of the Rhug Estate Lamb as he isn’t a fan of lamb. And this was expectedly awesome! Expectedly cos… one can’t expect any less from a Michelin restaurant right? Pretty much a wholesome piece nearing the end of dinner and a pleasant way to fill the tummy.

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