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In search of a family-friendly spot with delicious and hearty meals? Kei Kaisendon at Great World City has you covered with their Burpple Beyond Set for 2.

Delight in two main dishes of your choice, four sticks of yakitori, two bowls of comforting clam miso soup, and two cups of refreshing green tea. For the mains, try their Kei Signature Kaisendon—rice crowned with fresh sashimi and ikura.

What are you waiting for? Feast with your family for half the price today!

Enjoy a tranquil tea time break at The Dark Gallery's Great World outlet, and settle into its cosy ambience.

With Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deal, treat yourself to their Single Origin Chocolate Platter, Sliced Cakes, Hot Single Origin Dark Chocolate Drink, or Chocolate Banana Graham Ice Cream Bar to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

Since March 2016, Madam Yang's rendition has drawn a good queue during peak meal times, stretching up to nearly an hour at most.
The star is the flavourful soup / broth, simmered with soy, herbs, and duck bones for over 2 hours. The slippery smooth wide flat kway teow / rice noodles complements with mild grainy sweet flavour.
The pig offals are thoroughly cleaned, and likewise simmered in the same delicious broth till tender, absorbing the sweet salty savoury earthy herbal flavour.
Selected a mix of small intestines, large intestines, dried tofu puffs, braised chicken egg, and braised duck meat.
Kway Chap
Boon Tong Kee Kway Chap Braised Duck
@ Zion Riverside Food Centre, 70 Zion Road #01-24
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A popular store here at ZRFC.

There was once I came here for lunch and queued up from the traffic light outside of the hawker centre. That was how popular it was during its heyday.

Now the queue not as long anymore, but this plate of CKT can still eat la. Still got queue but not as long anymore, but still need to wait 20-30mins at least.

Wok hei is strong. And the entire plate of CKT was wet & flavourful.


@up_____town is a quaint cafe with stylish designs and power plugs around for people to work in, this is one place you can consider to have your work done or a chill time with loved ones!

The Iced Latte ($6.50) came in a large volume, though I really wished they put less milk. The coffee itself was really aromatic with a very smooth nutty flavour and that was really pleasant! Will ask for less milk next time 😂

The Earl Grey Dirty ($9) was interesting, due to the blend of earl grey tea, coffee, cinnamon and biscoff crumbs. Indeed it was a party of flavours in my mouth, but sadly the coffee was overshadowed by all the other flavours. The Earl Grey definitely comes through strongly, followed by aromatics of the cinnamon and a subtle richness of the coffee. Earl Grey fans, this is for you!

With the cool vibes, I think I would still come back if I'm around the area. The large cup of Iced latte would last me through the work or conversations I'll have!

Generally my go-to place for a cup of hot chocolate. My choice of 75% Tanzania is slightly bitter and mildly sweet.

Fresh and huge prawns in a flavourful broth packed with umami goodness. The broth is rich and robust with a tinge of natural sweetness from the seafood. The dry version came with noodles doused in chilli sauce, topped with braised pig skin and shallots 》$12

Yes; we are incredibly late to this game but whilst we have been around checking out new eateries around the island, one place that we had never quite been to is COLLIN'S. While we had checked out COLLIN'S previously in their very early days when they had operated out of coffeeshops (there was once or twice that we have had them in a coffeeshop around Marsiling quite a number of years ago), COLLIN'S had pretty much become a very different concept from how they had originated. With COLLIN'S now being a brand that is more easily found in shopping malls after the re-branding of the coffeeshop COLLIN'S locations as Common Grill by COLLIN'S, COLLIN'S is pretty much a big player in the local F&B scene serving up western cuisine that would appeal to the masses. Their menu comprises of sections dedicated to Appetiser and Salad, Pasta, Meats, Seafood, The New Sharing (i.e. sharing plates), Woodfired Pizza, Kids’s Meal and Dessert during our visit made to their Great World City outlet in February 2024, while their beverages menu includes espresso-based specialty coffee, teas, soda-based beverages, juices soft drinks and bottled kombucha — these are aside from the alcoholic beverages that they also carry on the menu.

Our impression of COLLIN'S has always been not too great since their days of being a coffeeshop establishment days since we had always preferred another now-defunct western stall in a neighbouring coffeeshop very near to the one that the COLLIN'S location at Marsiling was operating at. This is why we were actually quite surprised to find that the COLLIN'S Fish & Chips was an item that we found quite to our liking. COLLIN'S describe the dish to come with elements such as Shoestring Fries, Grilled Corn, Mesclun Greens, Bi Feng Tang crumble, homemade Tartar and Chilli Crab sauces I their menu. Our order came mysteriously missing out on the Grilled Corn though this worked out for us well since no one was really looking forward to having corn at our table anyway (ikr 😅). One thing to note about the COLLIN'S Fish & Chips is that the item isn’t quite the old-school English-style Fish & Chips that one would often be associating the dish to especially for places that are serving up proper western cuisine; the slab of fish at COLLIN'S comes with a panko crumb exterior though this would prove to be essential for the Bi Feng Tang crumble to work. We liked how the portion of fish being served up is of a good size for its price; the fried batter is crisp and also not being too thick while the fish did not carry any distinct muddy or fishy notes here — quite on point especially given how it also did not seem to be particularly greasy for a deep-fried dish.

The Bi Feng Tang Crumble here likely refers to a fried, crispy crumble version of the relish that one would associate with Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Prawn / Crab dishes — the original Typhoon Shelter-style dishes often comes wok-fried with garlic, shallots, black beans and chili, though in this rendition it does feel more like garlic, shallots and dried shrimp to give the fried fish and extra note of umami and savouriness. While the tartare sauce provided that rich, creamy mayonnaise-like flavour with a zing that went well with both the fries and the fried fish, it was the Chilli Crab sauce that came as a highlight for us — there is distinct notes of tomatoes against chili with shreds of white crab meat that one can find; an absolutely delight that we ended up pairing most of the items on the table with. The fries were well-executed here; these were crisp, well-seasoned with salt and were not greasy, while the mesclun salad here was also worth mentioning for the dressing that they used seem include a slight citrus-y zing from possibly lemon that made it really appetising to have. Considering how COLLIN'S is a brand that one can find at multiple locations across the island, we would say that the overall experience of the dishes from COLLIN'S would likely differ from outlet to outlet — much like the same that one could expect from other commercially-run establishments all across the island with locations all around major shopping malls. That being said, we probably might be consider dining at COLLIN'S if the circumstances prevail, considering the experience we have had with the COLLIN'S® Fish & Chips at their Great World City outlet.

A sinful messy plate of greasy black gooey noodles loaded with beansprouts, cockles, fishcake, lup cheong and lard. The noodles were moist and leaned more on the sweeter side with a tinge of wok hei 》$6

Another highlight is their Hakka Ravioli! 🥟 With bouncy pork & fish filling, the blend of Sze Chuan sauce & Habanero oil 🌶 made it so aromatic. The crispy yam added a delightful crunch! 😋

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Hakka "Lei Cha" Chopped Salad is my kind of GREEN! 💚 The drizzle of Matcha Vinaigrette dressing was super refreshing! 🌟Coupled with freshly chopped greens such as haricot, preserved radish & endive, as well as peanut 🥜 & tofu, this was such a delightful dish!