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unlike other einspanners i’ve had, the cream used here became greasy after a while…wasn’t a fan

The monochromatic shop was empty when I first arrived on a weekday afternoon - the staff were exceedingly warm and took the time to explain each item on the menu. Opted for their signature abseil ($8.50)! The first sip is a mouthful of smooth, silky, sweetened cream with a slight nutty flavour. Tip your head back further for a taste of the double espresso made with colombian beans, shockingly acidic but provides a beautiful contrast. I prefer drinking it as two separate layers but towards the end of the cup, they recommend to swirl in the remnant cream.

I dapaoed the French toast previously and wasn't very impressed, despite me eating it about 5 mins later (I didn't leave it out for too long). I’m so glad I gave it another try, in-store this time! Fluffy steamy toast that with some egginess - it was delish! A little oily but I guess it's fine, it's not like you're eating copious amounts of this. Would repurchase!! But not for dapao, it’s a must to eat in-store!

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📍Le Matin Patisserie, 77 Robinson Rd📍
💸 Avo On Toast: $12
💸 Escargot Escargot: $13
💸 Pain Au Chocolat: $7.50
💸 Wagyu & Bone Marrow Sausage Roll: $15
💸 Oat (Hot): $6
💸 White (Hot): $5
Having heard about Le Matin's reopening at a much more accessible, we were super excited and headed down to try their pastries as they all look so exquisite and delicious🙆‍♀️! They have a good selection of sweet and savoury pastries and we absolutely loved what we got😍. We recommend getting the Avo On Toast🥑🍞 and Escargot Escargot as we felt that the different layers of flavours in these pastries worked really well together🤗. Although a little pricey, the quality of pastries was good and we could feel that great thought went into creating each pastry. Definitely worth a try😄!!

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Highly recommend the signature Pistachio Escargot - a crossiant pastry baked in the shape of a snail, swirled with nutty pistachio custard and rose-scented cranberries. The crossiant was flaky, buttery with a nice harmony of sweet and aromatic from the chopped pistachios and dried rose petals. Definitely will queue again to try the rest.

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Yuzu tart was nice but very small and pricy. Iced chocolate was also nice, not too sweet as I think they used dark chocolate

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