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The sambal was unique but not particularly good, overall it's somewhat dry and clammy.

The pork lard was absolutely terrible, and it's an annoyance that there's so many little pieces to remove.

Overall it's alright, the soup has meat wantons inside but that's not v good either

Pigtail sells out at 9am. Enough said

3 separate trips down just for them and never managed to get the pigtails. Gdi lol I'm done

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Glad that it's deboned. Honestly don't really buy the hype, it's more cos they have no competition plus they only open in the morning(for god knows why) that they draw a queue from anyone who wants to eat braised duck in the area

The sauce was very light, they give a lot of rice btw. The duck could have been more tender, passable as it was, but sambal was sour and punchy tho

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this place opens until 11am they said, but I went at 10am some days and they were done alr. Not sure about the opening hours, so be ready to try other things if they're not open. Best to reach before 9am

It's pretty good, the bread got this cake like "stickiness" in terms of the chew, and dissipates nicely in your mouth. Very fluffy yet reasonably dense.

The spreads were fine, not very strong

No need to make a trip down, if you're nearby in the morning can give it a try

Yes, the lady doesn't have a good temper. I have to speak up for her abit tho, the customers at this FC are sometimes abit weird and do silly things as well, so it's not entire on her that she's not in a good mood generally. In the time I was here I was also getting slightly annoyed at the multitudinous antics I see

Food review:
The char siew has spectacular bite, when it's of a good balance of fattiness and meatiness and is cooked perfectly, to give the bouncy refined texture. However it's not crispy or well charred at all except for the ends, and the glaze really lacks flavour. Not my thing but it's stil objectively well executed

Noodles were very al dente, without the alkaline smell. Sauce was weak too, much like the char siew

Wantons are smaller and have only meat filling, the shuijiaos are bigger with a whole shrimp inside. The meat filling is umami w the addition of some kind of dried seafood cos of the slight funk, and very good. I prefer the smaller unadulterated meat ones

The chili tho, is extremely tangy and works superbly with the sweet sauce to give an impressive depth to the noodles. This singlehandedly makes this plate extremely special

Overall it's worth a try if you like wanton mee, but except for the wantons and the chili I wasn't super impressed w anything in particular

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Textbook. Every component from the rice to the tender ckn, is very simple and well executed.

Sauce was sweet and savoury, quite mild but works

Soup was peanut and ckn feet, pretty good too

Worth a try if textbook, clean ckn rice is your thing

The egg is 0.5nett, pappadum as well

Everything was alright, generally quite mild, mutton was tender.

Nothing to travel for, it's really quite safe and not very strongly spiced, rice was fluffy. Nowhere near as mindblowing as the tekka branch, best of think of them as completely different

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Char siew was lean and abit dry, rice was normal despite looking like yam rice. Duck was pretty average too, there's a bit of flavour but it's somewhat tough and the skin wasn't crispy

The sio bak is the highlight here, it's got a thin hard crisp and it's very fatty so quite flavourful.

Pork stomach was quite overcooked, it's cracked and is mushy, and pepper soup was also way too spicy to taste anything from the peppers

Can try the siobak, but no need to make a special trip

I think the rest of the reviews are outdated, at least those that complain about the filling being mushy(unless they just had a bad day then)

The skin was very solid, it's got significant bite, it doesn't break easily at all. There's quite a bit of soup too, and the filling was quite meaty and quite big. Quite rare that a place does a savoury instead of sweet version, but this is much appreciated

Overall every element is competent, not worth a special trip but it's good if yo have cravings

Bouncy, and disintegrates when you put it in your mouth

The chye poh was strong, savoury, salty, and very sweet. The chili was intense too, it's the spiced kind but there's a bit of savouriness too.

However it's quite oily, and the chili tends to overpower everything else

Overall still pretty good, just take not it's not the same Redhill chwee Kueh stall I think

As with heartland places, the ingredients were super generous for the same price. I almost had more ingredients than porridge, no complaints

Sliced pork was tender, pork meatballs were quite unique actl, there's some bounce and it's quite big and meaty.

Century egg doesn't have much flavour though, and nothing lend the base much flavour. Base was cooked until there's no grains, somewhat watery consistency too

Not too bad

P.s. the lady boss is old and so does not have a good memory, please don't ask for add ons or customisations

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🍲 Niu Yolk Fried Rice
📍Abundance (@a8undance)
📌 Redhill
💰 $19

One of the most expensive fried rices I’ve had but dang its good. This bowl of fried rice comes topped with beef short ribs and a runny egg.

Loved the fried rice, there was a bit of a truffle taste permeating the dish. The beef short ribs had a melt-in-the-mouth texture and the egg was super sexy. Its a pretty pricey dish but also one of the best I’ve had.

⭐ Rating: 9.2/10
🤑 worth the price: a lil ex
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: maybe