New on Beyond: January 2024

New on Beyond: January 2024

Anticipate more exciting Beyond deals with Burpple Beyond this January! Get 1-for-1 offers at your favourite merchants only with our exclusive membership program.
Burpple Guides
Burpple Guides

Dive into a flavour symphony at Cafe de Paris with their tempting 1-for-1 cake and tea set!

Savour the exquisite layers of a specialty mille crepe cake, pick your preferred regular specialty cake, and enjoy the delightful harmony of two French teas served in teapots or opt for soothing honey teas.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with The Madman & Co, where the world of flavours comes alive with their exclusive 1-for-1 burger deal, now available on #BurppleBeyond!

Discover the thrill of grocery shopping at The Madman & Co, where the ordinary is transformed into a culinary escapade.

Savour woodfire-grilled Japanese Wagyu Burgers, such as the Molotov Cocktail with Mexican Hot Chillies, and experience inventive creations like the Grilled Japanese Unagi Burger, taking your palate on a thrilling global adventure.

Treat your taste buds to a delightful harmony of flavours with Tuk Tuk Cha's Burpple offer: 25% off on two tempting desserts, the Golden Toast or Shibuya Toast. Enjoy the savings of $6 on this sweet escape!

Take a nostalgic sip with Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea's iconic Yi Fang Fruit Tea at Canberra Plaza!

Immerse yourself in the essence of early Taiwan, reliving historic memories and savoring warm hospitality. Crafted with love, it features homemade Organic Cane Sugar, Seasonal Fresh Fruits, and absolutely NO concentrated juice or powders. Experience the true taste of tradition with Burpple Beyond's tempting 1-for-1 offer!

Savour the sweetness of exclusive 1-for-1 deals for Burpple members at Dunkin’ Donuts in West Mall! Delight in a pair of your favourite donuts and beverages, saving a tasty $6.20. Don’t miss out on this tempting offer!

Photo by Burppler Doreen Tan

Sip into royalty at Marina One with Yan Xi Tang’s 1-for-1 beverage offer, exclusively for Burpple Beyond members!
Treat yourself to a choice of beverages like Premium Ceylon Tea ($3) or Lychee Golden Pearl Jasmine Tea ($4.50). Indulge in the unique flavours of their signature Totaro Milk Tea Cream with Pearl & Red Bean ($5.80), where creamy yam blends seamlessly with rich milk tea, complemented by chewy pearls and sweet red beans.

Photo by: Burppler Doreen Tan

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Unlock a delicious deal!
Indulge in 20% off online orders at Hey Bo, located in Marina Bay Link Mall, exclusively for Burpple Beyond members. Savour the goodness of healthy bowls at an irresistible price. Order now and treat yourself to a taste of wellness!

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Embark on a safari adventure at Ten+!
Enjoy exclusive 1-for-1 deals on Selected Main with Burpple Beyond membership. Escape the city bustle and immerse yourself in a unique camp-like dining experience surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness. Ten+ seamlessly blends the finest of Western and Eastern cuisines, complemented by a range of refreshing beers on tap.
Unwind and savour the extraordinary at Ten+!

Photo by: Burppler Nicole Kan

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Embark on the ultimate feast at Onkei Tonkatsu with their $39.90 Burpple Beyond Set! Dive into 2 delectable Ebi & Rosu Katsu sets, Tori Karaage, Fried Oysters, and more. Treat yourself and a companion to a delightful dining experience!

Pic by: Burppler Julius Lim

Experience double the delight at Kei Kaisedon! The $32.90 Burpple Beyond Set for 2 offers a delightful spread, featuring mains, Yakitori, Clam Miso Soup, fresh Salad, and Green Tea. It's a 1-for-1 treat you simply can't resist!

Indulge in the richness of North Indian flavors at Shamiana in Serangoon Gardens! Capture the 1-for-1 main dish deal, featuring the aromatic Chicken Tikka Masala or the spicy-sweet Prawn Vindaloo.

Pic by: Burppler Jaime Lee

Amplify the joy at Overscoop’s latest spot in Clarke Quay! Delight in 1-for-1 on their divine Waffles or Croffles – a sweet deal to elevate your dessert experience.
Psst! Don't forget, their Clarke Quay outlet is also pet-friendly!

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