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Turns out the more normal/original flavours were the best. Haha.

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Their apple pie did not turn out as good as the other pasties that I have tried. The pie was hollow under the skin and missing apple bits that are usually found in apple pie. I would suggest giving this a miss to explore others 》$2 (Buy 4 Free 1)

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Baked version of the char siew bao that came crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The filling was savoury sweet with a good chew and complement well the flaky pastry. It tastes very similar to those I usually get across the border in JB and this can be my substitute near home 》$1.50/pc (Buy 2 Free 1)

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Buttery and crispy exterior filled with rendang chicken, potato and egg inside the puff. They are quite generous with the fillings (esp. potato) with the right amount of spiciness while keeping the pastry light and flaky. This is definitely a hidden gem located in a corner of Sengkang selling freshly baked pastries from the oven 》$1.80/pc (Buy 4 Free 1)

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Left: Angus Striploin Steak Jyu @ $16.80
Right: GO-star Jyu @ $20.80
+ set containing seaweed soup, truffle chawanmushi and salad @ $5.30

We got excited about the collab with Ghib Ojisan and wanted to give it a try. Had to order delivery as this is not available for dine-in.

The angus striploin steak jyu comes with angus striploin steak and beef in ginger soy sauce. The former was a bit bland and had to try it with various sauces. It's also a bit on the tough and chewy side. The latter was great and flavourful.

The go-star jyu comes with beef short plate, beef boneless short rib, angus ribeye steak and beef tongue. While there's lots of variety, similarly, the meat was a bit overcooked and a bit tough.

The truffle chawanmushi that came with the set was the star of the meal. The truffle taste was really coming through and goes super well with the dish.

Overall still quite a good meal and would prefer to dine in the next round.

nice!!! lots of cereal and beancurd was indeed crispy. beancurd came in big pieces too

it’s not bad, but the monkey head mushroom’s texture could be better

personally prefer their stir fry version more! the sambal sauce was not spicy at all and there was too little sauce

the most flavorful prawn noodle.
the taste never gets old.

(#3 prawn noodle $6.50)

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SUPER YUMMY ESPECIALLY modern duke’s pudding and naughty and nice !

had the PRIME SPARE RIBS SOUP ($9.70) & CAI XIN ($4.50) with MEE SUA ($2.90)