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Quite crispy and the honey and milk were on point, only problem is that the centre is very stretchy, so it's hard to separate and eat. But taste was good


Srsly their mixed grill for 2 feeds 4 well, pls be very very careful when you order. We see a lot of tables of 2 ordering some starter, the mixed grill, and drinks, and leaving a large chunk of the grill untouched

When it comes to the food tho, the ckn wings were pretty good, well grilled. The beef chunks had some very tough pieces. Ckn pieces were slightly dry

Ckn and mutton skewers were both tender. Rice was fluffy

Overall decent and portion was super generous

Not v crispy, and quite bland. You rlly mainly just taste mozz and nothing much else, the mushroom taste is nonexistent

Hummus was thick, the minced lamb was surprisingly decent despite how meh it looks

The bread was decent too, with good chew despite the thinness, and crispy at the bottom

Enjoyable with the right amount of chew and snap, the Fremantle Octopus ($26) was pretty good too. Happy to nibble on them all night long, the smokey octopus offered tender, supple bouncy bites. The accompanying macadamia tahini was bursting with sweet nuttiness and paired even more nicely with a good squeeze of fresh lime.

Another stand-out dish was the flavourful Babaganoush ($14). Adorned with crispy keropok chicken skin, this chilled mezze featuring creamy smoked eggplant dip, earthy kinnogomadare, and roasted sesame seeds is a savoury delight. Just perfect with warm, soft, pillowy Pita ($3/piece).

Revisited Habibi-san recently and it's safe to say their dishes are as unforgettable as ever.

The Roasted Brussel Sprouts ($20) remain an absolute favourite, offering a delightful medley of flavours and textures. Imagine crisp charred buds, dancing in nutty kinnogomadare (roasted Japanese sesame paste), with the added crunch of pickled red cabbage, jalapeños, and a generous topping of umami-packed bonito flakes. It's a symphony of smokiness and sweetness, with just a hint of heat.

For something more substantial, the De Raza Iberico Pork Collar Chop ($42) resembled a succulent char siew in the best way possible. With a beautiful blush of pink, the shogayaki glazed sliced pork was nicely seasoned. Do expect a pleasant chew with the charred exterior and a wonderful balance of meat-to-fat ratio. However, the cut does get pretty cloying towards the end. Oh and not forgetting the roasted pumpkin (sprinkled with furikake), served on the side, was very complementary as well - amazingly sweet and melty-soft.

Lamb chops, lamb kebab kofta, beef kebab and shish taouk, served with oriental Arabic rice and grilled vegetables. The beef and chicken were so-so. I've become a fan of kofta.

Possibly the best pide I've tasted. Great bread and delicious chicken on the boat.

This restaurant was generally authentic and quality. This was the spicy dip.

This restaurant was generally authentic and quality. This was delicious.