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Have probably tried all the desserts at LAVO and the Panna Cotta has got to be my favourite. It’s extremely creamy & refreshing, especially after a meal here because of the huge portions!

Fried chicken is life. This dish is so iconic that almost every country has their versions of it. Everywhere you go, there is always a fried chicken you can fall back on if you want some comfort food.

This is my first time trying Yardbird Singapore’s Chicken & Waffles which comes with 5 huge pieces of chicken that will be good for 2 pax sharing. The marination has seeped into the meat, making it very flavourful from each bite, and you can pair it with the honey hot sauce, classic American style. To go with the chicken, it comes with cheddar waffle with bourbon maple syrup and to cleanse your palate, there are cubes of chilled spiced watermelon. If you are there with a bigger group, there is also the whole bird option.

Pork chop with doneness? Yes, please!

I had never tried pork chop with doneness until I tasted Spago's grilled Iberico pork chop, and it was amazing! The recommended doneness was medium, resulting in a tender inside that absorbed all the flavors of the sauce. It's really similar to beef but slightly softer.

Spago offers a 3-course lunch meal with the grilled Iberico pork chop as the main course, and it's definitely worth it. With the rooftop view of Marina Bay Sands, I highly recommend a visit!

Drool: 5/5
Price: $65++ for the lunch course
Location: Spago

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We tried quite a few of their signature items n everything is decently above average but the star item has to be the Wagyu dumpling 🥟.

Porterhouse, Margherita, iberico pork chop, rack of lamb, pasta, grilled octopus, layered chocolate peanut butter cake, complimentary bread with olives

lovee the creamy egg and ham filling! a very substantial slice too, but the crust was q soggy and lacked flavour

Wagyu steakhouse burger ($29) features a wagyu patty, bacon, crispy onion, steak sauce and roasted garlic aioli. A solid burger with medium rare doneness.

Carolina burger ($26) came with a layer of pulled pork on top of the beef patty! enjoyed this a lot

Old fashioned ($24) burger came with shiitake mushrooms and caramelised onions

swapped the usual fries for onion rings and sweet potato (i love this) and also paid $2 for a salted eggs sauce which paired so well with the fries

this delivered the stretchy cheese effect !! came served in a smoky chipotle tomato sauce